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How is the Urantia Book Different from Other Mysterious Books ?

Through these blogsite pages I have told my readers about my fascination with the Urantia Book and the reasons why I believe in it while a good majority of others do not.

This  earth  is really very vast for us human beings, even though we are all born and brought up in this globe and it is our home planet. Our home itself is beyond our comprehension !

Some of us may be very wealthy, very powerful to determine the fate of others, very intelligent or very talented or even be a super genius . But these qualities are not enough for us to know even a very small fraction of that our home planet has in store.

We are like the super computers our computer hardware companies keep producing now. We have tremendous memory capacity and processing power built up in our dual brains, but have been provided with  limited pre-loaded application software to take full advantage of our organic hardware ! Besides, the operating life of hardware is also not much, for reasons beyond our understanding.

Our modern cell phones are super computers with built in systems to communicate with the external communication waves that pervade our space. But some how such a facility seems to be dysfunctional with the bio circuitry of our brains. Most of us are incapable of communicating with external communication lines that are said to be pervading our space beyond the realm of the radio waves.

Some of those knowledgeable among us recognize this and call this as the spiritual lines of communication. A few of us also have reportedly the capacity to receive and respond  to these channels, at least to some extent.

A physical scientist or a mathematician among us may be in a position to demonstrate or prove some of their advanced knowledge to those who are conversant with these subjects. But those who do not have the essential background to differentiate such knowledge have to believe what those knowledgeable ones say in such things. Those ignorant about these topics cannot judge these things as true or false.

In a similar manner, those who do not have the essential background in spiritual communications may find any one talking about those things as meaningless things or even as some rubbish.

Would it be possible for a color blind person to have advanced knowledge on a stream of science or art that deal with colors ?

Would it be possible for a person without completing his or her high school education, to read and understand a PhD thesis ?

This much I have written because the topic that I want to deal with here in this blog, is some thing that needs to be appreciated against such a background.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you believe in God ? If you say, yes or no, how would you prove the basis of your conviction ? You can argue a lot on both on ways. But the fact remains that your arguments stand  neither proved or disproved. Because, both you and me have limited knowledge in this field. Even if you have a higher knowledge, my knowledge may not match with you to agree with you.

So, your belief in God or disbelief is a matter of your faith based on your level of understanding or mind development.

But that makes no difference to the facts !

Having considered all kinds of arguments on either side and giving my own thoughts on the subject, my conviction is to believe in a Supreme Intelligence and Prime Source of All in this Universe which I consider as My Universal Father God. This first source is Father to all because, everything came into existence due to Him. How it happened may be beyond anybody's comprehension !

The Urantia Book provides me the opportunity to expand my conceptual knowledge many fold . To be very frank, I find nothing whatsoever in this marvellous book that puts a question mark of doubt or suspicion in my mind ! In simple words, all those things explained in the book are acceptable to me as I cannot find some reasonable logics to raise doubts on any of the explanations of this book. Neither I find any kind of contradictions in this vast volume of information revealed to man kind from non human authors of the book. And I cannot even doubt the existence of those authors because the book clarifies the details of the authors as well without any ambiguity.

Then comes the question of the origin of the book. I have considered it many times. Then that too is fully in line with the concepts and knowledge that is provided in this book. So no doubts on that front too so far.

But further curiosity of exploration has revealed that there are many such books that are having mysterious origins and content which deal with the origins of the earth, humans, angels, God, gods, spirits, universe, heaven and hell, soul, soul survival after death, etc., etc.

It was necessary for me now to have a detailed look on all these books.

Let me tell you, with an open heart I keep spending a  good lot of time in exploring the content of several of these books. It included the Bible, the Mormon Bible, the Padgett Messages, the Koran, the Oahspe Bible, Books of the Sanathan Dharma or Vedas, the Bhagavat Gita, the Sacred Texts of Buddhism,  Shree Guru Grandh Sahib and other many such sacred texts. Thanks to those talented people who have been  taking the pains in translating all these in English and making these available online.

My first realization is this: there are innumerable pieces of wisdom and spiritual knowledge in all these books interlaced with history, philosophy, myths and absurd human imaginations. Knowledge and information supposedly passed on from super human sources are also apparent in many of these. Because, it is difficult for even the best kind of human beings to write such enormous volumes in the manner they are presented. The background histories of these books also attribute the sources of such knowledge to mysteries that are just impossible for humans to decipher.
That compels me to conclude the existence of unseen intelligences and personalities beyond the level of our  material existence. I have to accept those as realities that exist beyond our comprehension level.

With that acceptance I reexamine the contents of all these books once again.

The Urantia Book now becomes more and more sensible and acceptable ! It explains the essential details of all those things in a matter of fact manner. No exaggerations, only the truths presented straight away to the extent I can comprehend ! The Urantia Book affirms that it is from a super human source. Some of the other books that I mentioned above are also from such sources.

While it is impossible to find discernible untruths in the Urantia Book, that is not the case with the other books.

That makes the Urantia Book different. Different altogether ! And unique too !

I am now in a position to accept the fact that untruths or misguidance can also come from super human sources ! How does that take place is also explained in the Urantia Book !

With the guidance of the Urantia Book, I am now in a position to comprehend all the other mysterious and sacred books as well ! Truths, untruths, good and bad are fully discernible to my mind  with that guidance !

With the Urantia Book to aid me, I am not at all scared to read and enjoy the writings of all those other books. It has given me the confidence and the ability to do that.

But when the latest guide book is available for mind refreshment , why to take the pains of reading through those old books for the hidden or latent truths ? Perhaps a cursory reading to satisfy my curiosity would be enough.
That is what my intelligent logic tells.

That is what my inner voice also tells !

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