Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do We Indians Have a New Hope in Aam Aadmi Party ?

Ever since my childhood I have been observing politics and politicians with much curiosity, though I could never understand its dynamics well for many years.

During my teens, I had been watching some of those senior youths who were always in the news with their white khadi uniforms and making voices on all kinds of issues. They all are still in the scenes, many of them achieving their life's ambitions long back by becoming the so-called democratic rulers of this big nation and blissfully continuing in those 'royal' positions.

With enhanced knowledge and experience over the years, I could regrettably realize that none of these so-called political leaders are capable or willing to do any good for the country at large. They somehow have chosen politics as a career for their own selfish purposes to gain offices of profit using a different route that was available and that the majority citizens normally avoided. Other than achieving what they wanted to achieve for themselves, they never had any agenda for the  citizens of the country. But they were not at all ashamed to declare their intentions as 'selfless service' for the people even when they knew that it was not at all in their minds !

I was shocked when an old white uniformed man from the north in his eighties declared his immense joy and satisfaction over his accomplishing his life dream to sit in the Prime Minister's chair at last. He had no agenda or plans or vision for the nation ! He was simply happy that he achieved his career ambition that he had in politics !

What was erroneously in my mind was that these politicians are leaders and representatives of the people whose job was to ensure the welfare of the people. I thought they were unselfish men and women who were extremely committed with many ideas and plans to give the nation and its people unbiased leadership. I could never have imagined that these political leaders have chosen this career for their own self aggrandizements !

Even the kings of the past thought much about their nation and their people. But somehow, in this new system of democracy in this new republic, the  democratic neo-kings are only interested in occupying the kings' thrones and enjoy the privileges and privypurses. They acknowledged the existence of the citizens only during the elections and they had no agenda for ensuring the well being of the citizens.

By experience they learned that by keeping the permanent administrative servants of the nation in good humour, they are only to benefit the most without much efforts. Experience taught them that their kingly positions are much enjoyable and beneficial by being in league with the nations' public servants or officialdom !

So over the years, they have been shamelessly reconciled and compromised in their roles in forgetting the citizens of the nation on whose backing they rose to the positions they enjoyed.

The young nation has been consistently slipping down in its mission, vision and development as it failed to identify polical leaders with selfless commitment and vision to man its leadership positions of rulership. They thought those fiery ones who enthralled them through their oratory skills could be a better choice only to find it otherwise.

The citizens like me are now a confused lot. Whom to believe and trust ? No one seems to know for sure !

Even those ladies whom they thought would be of help have shown them that they could be potential tyrants of modern era if not checkmated !

Whom to trust ? Who would come forward for their rescue ? They cried to themselves !

Anger and helplessness made the citizens of this nation dizzy and confused !

They are slowly and slowly willing to come to the streets to raise their voices against those faceless and grim leaders occupying those kingly positions with the least concern to their woes.

Then came this young fragile looking bureaucrat and his well wishers projecting a modern era Gandhi to raise their voices to be heard by their elected representatives to enact a law that would bring some transparency and accountability in the governmental system.

Hitherto hibernating citizens of the nation joined with them moving out from their shelters, almost spontaneously as if waiting for a call !

Having enjoyed the advantages of a non-transparent and unaccountable system for long, their elected representatives were apparently in no mood to listen to the citizens' aspirations.

That caused the birth of one more political party in India: the Aam Admi Party or the Common Man's Party.

Will the citizens of India trust the new party and its fragile looking ex-taxman founder ?

Those in the established parties have already declared that AAP cannot be any different. After all AAP is also constituted of the Indians, by the Indians and for the Indians. Just as their parties !

But me and thousands like me wish AAP to be different.

AAP is just organizing. It is calling the citizens to be part of it.

With the limited resources they are trying hard to establish their foot prints.

I happened to read what Arvind Kejriwal had written in his book titled 'Swaraj'. I feel proud of this young Indian who sacrificed his lucrative administrative career and decided to lead the citizens to clean the establishment that has gone corrupt.

Whether AAP would succeed in its mission or not, that only time would tell.

But one should read what is written in this book Swaraj. [ Click SWARAJ to read and download this book in English. क्लिक स्वराज अगर आप हिंदी में इस किताब पढ़ना चाहते हो .]

The Aam Aadmi Party has also made their website [ Visit the website of Aam Aadmi Party here !]

Let us hope their mission would do some good for India in the future !

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