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The Great Indian War (Maha Bharath Yudh) According to the Urantia Book !

The divinely revealed book of modern era, which I have now adopted as my favorite book of supreme life guidance, gives us the opportunity to understand the details of the lost history of our earth in the most matter-of-fact manner without any exaggeration.

This is the Urantia Book- a marvellous masterpiece of knowledge.  [If you do not know or heard about it, I would suggest that you know more about it by visiting the urantia-india website that I have created to spread awareness about this book. If you are a regular reader of my blogs you might have already noticed that my blogs are essentially based on the truths and guidance that I happen to learn from this book.]

The book tells us that Adam and Eve were not the first human pair on earth. However, Adam and Eve were a real couple who lived on earth some 38000 years ago. In reality they were of a different genus of superior people who are inhabitants of some distant worlds. The Adam and Eve who came to our earth were volunteers of their kind who were brought to earth using a de-materialisation and materialisation technique known to the invisible divine administration of the universes.

But human beings of earth were developed using the controlled evolutionary techniques, again under the supervision of the same administration.

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Okay ! The first human beings who came into existence on our earth were named Andon and Fonta according to this revelatory book. Remember, there is no other reference whatsover about this earlier in our known history.

So, this first human couple were twins born to a superior kind of tree dwelling ape like animals, but different from their parents due to some changes effected in their genetic structure.

They were born some one million years ago some where near north west India.

Their immediate descendants are the Andonites as per the book. In later years they moved in large numbers to the east and the west. Those migrated to the south east got intermixed with the inferior groups of animalistic cousins where as those migrated to the north west retained more of their human characteristics.

The struggle and development of each groups of these peoples for the next thousands of years is a great event of human development on earth.

Now a group of their descendants existed near about the same place in the Indian sub continent near the highlands of the north. They were the descendants of Badonan, a great-great-grandson of Andon.

Now let me quote what the book says about this peoples who are now called the Badonites:

" These people were the only descendants of Andon who never practiced human sacrifice.

These highland Badonites occupied an extensive plateau surrounded by forests, traversed by streams, and abounding in game. Like some of their cousins in Tibet, they lived in crude stone huts, hillside grottoes, and semiunderground passages.

While the tribes of the north grew more and more to fear the ice, those living near the homeland of their origin became exceedingly fearful of the water. They observed the Mesopotamian peninsula gradually sinking into the ocean, and though it emerged several times, the traditions of these primitive races grew up around the dangers of the sea and the fear of periodic engulfment. And this fear, together with their experience with river floods, explains why they sought out the highlands as a safe place in which to live.

To the east of the Badonan peoples, in the Siwalik Hills of northern India, may be found fossils that approach nearer to transition types between man and the various prehuman groups than any others on earth.

850,000 years ago the superior Badonan tribes began a warfare of extermination directed against their inferior and animalistic neighbors. In less than one thousand years most of the borderland animal groups of these regions had been either destroyed or driven back to the southern forests. This campaign for the extermination of inferiors brought about a slight improvement in the hill tribes of that age. And the mixed descendants of this improved Badonite stock appeared on the stage of action as an apparently new people — the Neanderthal race.

I have strong reasons to feel that this war should be either the war of Ramayana or the Mahabharath Yudh that are depicted in the great Indian epics.

The Siwalik mountains need to be explored for those fossils.

We need to undertake strong research to connect our missing history from the clues given in this book.

It would be an interesting undertaking for those curious anthropologists.

Hope some one gets interested !

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