Thursday, February 14, 2013

Earning Money While Hobbying and Learning Using Internet !

One of the greatest inventions humans have ever made in their evolutionary history is the invention of the computers and the use of computers in global communications and knowledge management.

Even when the micro details of computer hardware and software could be complex and boring technicalities, at macro level they are quite refreshing and simple.

The evolution of computers and the internet happened in my life time and it is still advancing. Millions of the new generation youngsters around the world have made this field as their sole source of earning a livelihood.

For millions of others, there is no source of earning and living  if computers were to disappear from the scenes.

The level of money the new generation computer companies make is unimaginable and ununderstandable by the conventional business men and politicians of around the world.
Even it is beyond comprehension by the so called technically learned people. I am no exception.

But it is somehow a marvellous example to demonstrate the truthfulness of what people say : drops make an ocean ! After all, business is all about making ocean from drops !

In the internet business today, sharing of information and knowledge is the fundamental of doing business and making money.

While a good number of people browse the world wide web of the internet for fun, hobby and some information by spending small affordable sums of money, huge accumulations of money happen in some pockets.

Again what makes the whole thing going continuously is its ability to keep people hooked up with new and new ideas and innovations.

While in the process of being hooked up to the internet casually for some time during my spare time, I have come across scores of instances and advertisements in the world wide communication highway which announce the details of making money casually without much serious efforts.

It appears that there are ample opportunities for people with some time and motivation for making money through the internet without being in the pay roll of any company or on regular employment.

Since money making is not a motivation for me, I have personally not ventured to try any of those seriously yet.

But the other day, it so happened that I got a link sent to me by some of my twitter account [join me here !] followers which opened up an invitation to me to join a site which claimed that it would help in making a few dollars for fun.

As I had some time, I thought of giving some attention to what they wanted to say.

What they explained did not go fully to my head.

But here is the gist of what I understood:

I can become a member of the said dot com company by simply registering with them using the registration page.

All I need is to fill up  my name, my valid e-mail id, a suitable password for accessing the website and a user name which would work as the user id. By filling these information I would be able to sign up to this site.

It was so simple and so, I signed up.

Then they have sent me a validation mail to my e-mail id with an e-mail validation link. Clicking  the same validated my e-mail account and perhaps my existence for them.
Then followed a few mails from them which explained the process by which I could earn very small fractions of dollars by clicking some advertisements that they post me when I sign in to their site using my user name and pass word.

Further instructions followed on completing my profile and the manner in which I should get the money that I would earn in the process from them.
Okay, it all appeared very genuine and reasonable, though I haven't made any dollars yet.

There seems to be ample potential for those who are keen and have the time to study the whole process carefully.

For me it is just a test case to understand the dynamics of the internet business out of curiosity.

But I know there are many others for whom opportunity to earn some money is important.

If you happen to be one of that kind or one of the curious one of my kind, I am giving here a link through which you could also sign up for this site and proceed to make some money at leisure. [Click and Sign Up Here !]

If you find it useful share your experience with others as well.

Best of Luck !

But this blog would not be complete if I do not write a word of caution.

The internet being an ocean of all kinds of information, there are ample situations of danger too in it.

All kinds of fraudsters operate in the world wide web with various kinds of offers and lures.

Opportunities of simple money making is perhaps the biggest lure. I am not sure in what all ways the fraudsters operate.

So beware and be cautious !

It would perhaps be better if we do not get lured in to such things !

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  1. First of I must admire your passion towards knowing new trends that is going on in this all-new world of this Internet revolution era.

    Because I am in to this market era that is why I would like to put my experience on to the desk.

    Beware of such type of offer and promises that exists in World Wide Web. Money making via web is not a easy process rather it needs a lot of effort and patience.

    Business model for those companies (scam-mers) who claims that you can earn money while clicking those advertisements is that they sell your information (for some it’s a potential lead) to the willing client who wish to pay for such information. In this scenario, they managed to get your complete profile with your full details.

    Companies need real audience for their advertisement and not scammers, otherwise money that they invest on will be of no use. It is always advisable to be far away from such kind of fraud activities.

    There are many consequences if you are not doing proper research before joining these Internet programs like-they may use your id in order to create fake account, try to defraud other on behalf of your name and so on. However, this Internet era has created many big opportunities but side-by-side, it also provoked new types of criminal practises. It recommended that by doing appropriate research before joining in any of these online programs you be safe from Cyber Crimes.

    Let us just use a common sense for this advertisement clicking job practise. Why should companies pay any amount to firm who is spamming around? All they need is your personal information and yes, you can find many case studies in web, which describes how they were embittered because of these scammer’s traps without their knowledge of the happenings.

    Use this Internet technology wisely and be safe.

    Thanks and Take Care

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