Wednesday, May 15, 2013

About Creating Hell or Heaven in India !

Have you ever once thought about the good that can happen to you and the society to which you are a part when you do your work with a positive attitude ?

Whether you realize it fully or not, you and me, are all small individualistic links of a greater existence called the humanity. The success of this great humanity to do good to our planet earth in totality depends on the quantity and quality of good services that we contribute to the society as individuals.

Each one of us has to do something good for the others. In turn all those around us are to do some thing good for us. Think of the greatness of that goodness that prevail all around when we decide to do good always !

Unfortunately, we do not live in a society that is prevailed by goodness. We live in a humanity that is perceivably full of evil and negativism. Every day, each one of us is affected by the pains of evil and we keep complaining to God about the evils that are around us making us all in discomfort and pains.

We think that the evils are committed by unseen evil forces that are determined to spoil our lives on this earth. But is it so ? We fail to realize that we ourselves are the perpetrators of evil to the larger humanity. Many of us maintain that we are all clean and do not commit any harm or hurt to any one. It is always the others who do such things. Not by us. That is what we normally think.

But do some introspection. Do some micro level analysis of our acts and deeds every day. It is not difficult to find few such things that we have committed or caused which are essentially negative acts that are bound to cause some similar reactions later affecting us and others adversely.

Now what are the negative and positive acts ? Inherently we know it whether we admit or not. Each one of us know whether we act positively or negatively. When each and every act of us is positive, the society gets charged positively move towards good and brings good to all. On the other hand, when our acts are negative, the society becomes more and more evil and affects every one badly.

Now I would like to illustrate  this taking one of my own experiences:

Once I had to go to a public sector bank for getting a demand draft made for an urgent work. In those days, the banks used to take a few hours to issue the draft after they accept the money and the application, though the work could be finished in a few minutes. One counter clerk takes the application and a form is filled up for depositing the money at the cash counter and once the money deposit receipt is received the clerk enters the details in his PC to print the demand draft. Then it is put up to the concerned officer to sign it. The authenticated DD then returns to the front office clerk for issuing the same to the customer. There are so many customers and the process gets goofed up in between and hence the usual delay of hours for a work that could be otherwise completed in minutes.

Any way, usually things move in this fashion and the customers accept the bank's way of working. But on that day, my DD has not come even after a few hours time. And I was getting impatient. It was very important for me to send the said DD that day itself for some important work. The front office clerk told me that the DD has not returned from the officer's desk after signature and asked me to meet the said officer personally to get the same expedited personally.

So, I went inside the bank to meet the concerned officer. At a glance I saw my DD resting among other papers on his table. I stood in front of this man for about five minutes. He did not bother to look at me. He appeared busy with his routine bank papers. Then I lost my patience and somehow made him look at me. He looked at me as if he was a robot. No human characteristics on his grim face ! I told him about my DD resting on his table for quite some time now. He grimly informed me that he was doing his work and my work will be done when the time comes. I felt like slapping that fellow, but controlled myself. Yet, I had  raised my voice to the extent that most in the bank at that time got to notice the scene.

When I came out, many customers joined with me in accusing the behaviour of these bank employees. They all had their own reasons of ill feelings to this public sector bank.

This bank officer could have showed a small courtesy to a fellow being who was in front of his work table by showing a friendly face. He could have made a gesture of concern by attending to my small work which in any way he was supposed to do that day. That would not have raised the blood pressure of mine, him and many others unnecessarily. That would have caused a positive energy spreading. An energy of goodness to all. I would have remembered him always for his friendly gesture.

But that is not what happened. Quite likely, this bank officer was himself a victim of some negative acts earlier in the day which made him to pass on that negative attitude to all others around him with added effect. Perhaps he received the negative energy from his wife, his boss, his subordinate or any other fellow human being. He gave it to me and I was to spread it likewise !

The whole of the society gets vitiated in this manner.

What I have told is not limited to a public sector bank. It is every where. You come across hundreds of such incidences of negativism arising from the negative attitudes of individuals in the society every day.

Of course we also see positive attitudes now and then. But when the negative acts out number the positive one, the resultant is negative and negativism creeps into the society at large.

There are individuals who are negative, who say 'no' for many things for making themselves noticed by others or making some gain for themselves. Such persons try to en cash from the impatience of others.

Pressure builds up when flow is prevented. Pressure built ups cause untimely explosions. That is the principle of physics. And it is true for human relations as well.

I have written this much to express my anguish over the growing negativism in the Indian society. Each one of us needs to progress in our body and mind so that we develop positive attitudes to act positively.

If the majority of us could practise that, then definitely, this country would be nothing less than some heaven.

Else, hell is in the making here itself !

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