Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unscrupulous and Greedy Businessmen and Business Women : The Nasty Beings Who Keep Destroying the Country's Health !

I do like and admire people who are industrious and who work zealously to create large business groups and enable the collective synergy of people to do good for others.

But I have found that a good majority of such people becoming unscrupulous, greedy, power hungry and sadistic when success begins to pay for their hard work.

The successful business organizations that they had created would have sustained all odds and would have remained as living examples to their glory for years and years unfortunately begin to disintegrate sooner than expected.

The synergy of the people that kept their organizations succeed no more seems to exist.

The glorious business 'Rajas' and 'Ranis' at some time of their glorious progress begin to flutter and fall. 

The wealth, money power and fame they earned through their hard work, good manners and compassion to those who associated with them to bring it all, now start making them intoxicated with greed, arrogance and a tendency to harass and demean those who stood with them all those years. 

They start losing rational thinking and soon start behaving whimsically creating irreparable mental annoyance in people who form their hitherto strong organization making its strength getting weakened waiting to break at any time.

Intoxicated they are with their success, they soon divert their energies to literal intoxication of their choices making themselves devoid of compassion and fellowship to all around them.

They soon start showing undue respect to those whom they think as worthy to grant them bigger success forgetting the advices of those who stood by them all these years.

Soon they think that it is their pomp, money and connections that made their success and start giving more and more importance to keep their new conviction validated.

In that process they ignore those people who worked for them day and night and belittle their contributions to their success.

The compassionate relations that they had earlier now start reducing to corporate relationships having no compassion.

Their organizations start becoming corporate bodies made up of life less corpses acting mechanically on rules, regulations and standards. They no more work as a cohesive and synergistic group of motivated and empowered people.

This group waits for instructions to act as they are no more free to act independently for the collective good.

And what do you call these businessmen and business women who acted like an insane farmer who began to cut the roots of the tree that he planted and nurtured when it was just started giving the fruits ?

And how did they do that root cutting of their successful organizations ?

Cutting of roots is not at all difficult for them. 

Bark at the key rooted personnel and insult them.

Promote and nurture only those sycophantic weeds who were willing to please them.

Cut the pay and perks of those who worked hard to keep the business going and siphon out those extra earnings to fatten the pay and perks of those unfruitful weeds.

Adopting short cuts for success by promoting unethical practices just to be caught and blackmailed later.

And most importantly, forgetting the fundamental principles of love and compassion to fellow beings and mother earth !

Becoming nasty and corrupt beings just like those disease forming germs and parasites calling God's intervention to be destroyed for ever !

Something they could have avoided had they continued to use their abilities for doing good to the mother earth and their fellow beings !

Higher glories were waiting for them. They would have been respected and honoured by all.

But a stint of success for some time intoxicated them to their doom!

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