Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Three Ways of Resisting Evil !

While incarnated as a human being on earth, the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe Region comprising of 3.8 million planets including earth, taught his earthly companions the three possible ways of resisting wrong things or those acts of evil mindedness. These three ways what he described to them were:

1. To return evil for evil : He told his companions that this was a positive method of resisting evil. However, this is also an unrighteous method and hence not to adopt as a preferred choice. To be successful in this it is to be ensured that the person resisting evil has a superior strength to be positive and effective. But this method, though could make a temporary solution, cannot result in a permanent eradication of evil. It might perpetuate evil. This method had been in practice for ages while the human civilizations progressed and 'an eye for an eye' way of managing evil is most commonly adopted by underdeveloped human beings. But upright and progressive human beings should not resort to this method as this is not a righteous method of resisting the spread of evil on earth.

2. To suffer evil without complaint and without resistance: He told that this is a purely negative way of dealing with evil. This method gives the evil doers the wrong notion that the sufferers do so due the fear of their might. This might therefore lead to an increase in the number of evil doers on earth.

3. To return good for evil, to assert the will so as to become master of the situation, to overcome evil with good : He told his earthly companions that this is the positive and righteous method. This method could be adopted by only those with both physical and mental strength and those who are therefore superior to the evil doers. To eradicate evil from earth, it is therefore necessary that individuals develop both physical and mental capacities to do good always. It is to be remembered that the evil doers are essentially those without any real strength of mind and body. A progressive society should adopt this method so as to get rid of evil eventually.

[Adapted from Paper-159 of the UB]

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