Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Feel the Urge to Become a Missionary of the Urantia Book !

Some of those near to me appear to be annoyed with my eagerness and enthusiasm to spread the knowledge of the Urantia Book, though I never ever to attempt to preach or divulge the information about it to any one who is not driven by an innate desire to know more. Of course, I feel it my duty to make it known to those who are capable of understanding  the deep knowledge that it contains. Whether they are ignited with the desire to know more is absolutely their own free choice. If they are not, I do not want to become a preacher for them. But if they are willing to know, I would be extremely happy to talk about it.

Unfortunately, I find hardly any one interested in it. Those who are very near to me and those who happen to hear from me about some truths that I gained from this book due to their physical nearness to me should have felt an urge to know more, just as I had felt when I came to know about it first. But unfortunately and sadly I realize that they are not getting the excitement that I got and am getting when I read to comprehend the great truths revealed in this book.

There are those who are my nearest and dearest who feel the urge to tease me by pronouncing the name of the book in some awkward manner. Some of them pronouce it Oo-ran-thya and some others Oo-ran-shya ! Either way it makes no difference as this word was not there before the book came into existence and the authors never told any one how to pronounce it ! I prefer to pronounce it as Oo-ran-shya because that was the way my mind accepted it when I first read that word.

I am happy that a small number of readers of my blogs do get to know about this book for the first time. A still fewer of them might be visiting my urantia-india website to know more about the book. A couple of them might be there who ventured in to reading the book. I am not sure, though a few of them have communicated that. I have no idea, how many of them could have found some interests initiated within their minds to explore and study the book seriously.

I remember the markedly hostile reactions of some of my dear ones who castigated the book as satanic without ever bothering to know its contents. They are otherwise practicing and pious Christians. How sad ! It hurts me not because they have rejected some irrefutable truths I have found most rewarding for study and meditation. It hurts me, because they chose not to use their God given capacities to separate truths from untruths thereby losing some great opportunities that could have perhaps made them different and worthy personalities. I know what they are losing but I cannot force any one to accept my findings ! I cannot discuss the thoughts of my mind with those who are decisively non receptive !

It could have been much of an opportunity of happiness to me, had I found any one near to me interested in the book as I am. Unfortunately for me, it is not to be like that. I know the reasons, but for the time being, there are no solutions to that.

True, the Urantia Book has given me such great opportunities to understand the truths behind many things that I observe as the way they are on this earth. I now know why human efforts for quick rectification of wrongs do not yield results. I do understand why earth is the way it is and does not seem to proceed the way I would have liked it to be. I do understand why bad things keep happening quite often while  good things are not so common. I realize why trials and tribulations happen to good people while evil minded ones seem to prosper.

The book has told me some important things I should keep in mind. It has told me the importance of keeping patience and I do find the benefits of practicing patience.

But there are more in the book than that. Precious knowledge ! Indeed very useful for those who can comprehend those ! They are not mere knowledge. They are divine words of wisdom from divine sources !

I have already become a missionary of the Urantia Book. And I feel greatly honored and happy about it. But I know it won't make me any special creature any way ! And I am not to aspire to become any such special one ! Again, I am not to force or influence any one. I am to introduce the existence of this book of revelatory knowledge to those in this world who might think it worth to have a look !

The rest depends on how the children of God on earth use their God gifted free-will to make their choices.

While I am writing this blog, I read the writings of another inspired reader of the Urantia Book far away who too have decided to be a self appointed missionary of truths whose short message to me I read with joy. The short blogs of this Urantian truth propagator could be read here : Irrefutable Truths . 

As it happened with all divinely revealed truths in the past, corruption , misinterpretations and vested interest manipulations have already found their way in to this book too. For the time being, such things are bound to take place as God has not curtailed the free will choices of men and some divine beings from deviating from his paths. 

God need not punish each and every wrong doer each and every time because the Universal laws of God keep working in the perfect manner for good people and the the evil doers alike to culminate to result ultimate justice. I understand now what it means !

Please share the bliss of wisdom if ever it lighted your mind from the revealed knowledge of this book of divine origins !

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  1. Thank you for sharing your post with me. I read a little bit in "Urantia" and I must tell you right up front, that, for now at least, it is not for me. Any new book that claims to have been written in heaven by divine authors, must, at least, first stand the test of time. In the post "Irrefutable Proofs", which you referred to, was this statement, "A book was published in the year of 1955. This book has no earthly author. It’s content is of divine nature and credited to different factions of the heavenly host." This so very clearly reminded me of "The Book of Mormon", Joseph Smith, its author, also claimed that his book was of divine origin. Yet it is so clearly full of errors and useless, fictional gibberish.

    You have an urge to become a missionary of your beliefs. By all means, you must, you will never be content with yourself if you do not. In a manner of speaking I have left many Christian Church doctrines (those which I believe are wrong) and I am now a missionary of my new "statement of faith" on my blogs. This step of venturing out like this is probably the most satisfying thing I have ever done.

    I know what you mean by friends and family not accepting what you say, and the thing that is most aggravating is that they argue against your ideas without even bothering to read what you believe. This happened to me too.

    Move forward in faith!

    1. I honor your views because every human being has his or her own view points and free will. From what you have been writing, I understand that you have been in touch with the Book of Mormon, Akashic records and such other esoteric writings that are in circulation for quite some time. I too have gone through all these and I have clearly discerned a number of errors that haven't withstood certain honest probes of my mind. So I have discarded those. But, the Urantia Book cannot be termed in that category. It has been impeccable so far and hence I stand by it. Why is it that way could have been known to you, had you been a bit more patient to read and understand it ! If at all you decide to have a second thought, please try to read the Jesus papers first (that is part-4 of the book).


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