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Why Is It Difficult To Follow the Good Way of Living on Earth Now ?

Before trying to answer this question, I would like to refresh your thoughts on the well known definitions of good and bad.

A good way of living, in my opinion, more or less proceeds  with the acknowledgement of the following:

1. Recognizing the fact that there is a God, the Supreme Creator of the Universe, who is to be revered and remembered always because our life and existence depend on God. The life and the personality which make us what we are, could not have been possible without God, the Supreme Source of all kinds of energy, mind and matter in this universe. Since, the all powerful God has  created such lowly creations like we  human beings , there is all possibility that He has created or caused the creation of various other orders of  intelligent beings of varying powers and capacities for various functions concerned with the vast administration of the vast universe that we have either known or not known yet.

2. Recognizing the fact that our fellow beings on earth being creations of God are our own blood relations or brothers and sisters connected to us through God. Hence we need to love God and our love to God should reflect through our love to our fellow beings, fully acknowledging the fact that our brothers and sisters may not reciprocate our love and concern in the same manner and that is due to the prevalence of ignorance.

3. Recognizing the fact that while we all have varying abilities, activities and responsibilities to perform from time to time, these do not make us superior or inferior to any one and hence we should always be considerate to our fellow beings and never ever try to deprive others of their rights. Each and every one of us is a servant to every other in some way or the other.

4. Recognizing the fact that we have God given abilities and intelligence, in varying degrees. Our intelligence and ability must be utilized to make continuous improvements not only to our physical needs but also to the needs of our minds for living a harmonious life in this world including enjoyment of all reasonable joys and pleasures that God has provided us on this earth.

5. Recognizing the fact that while wealth and power to accomplish many things may be be acquired  in this life, these special privileges should be utilized with care and responsibility.

6. Recognizing the fact that the life in this world is not an end to itself and may proceed uninterrupted in much more advanced and intelligent manner with our individual personality retained intact, provided we are humble enough to listen , recognize and proceed as per the feeble directions that come from God as received in our minds that we have deliberately made receptive to tune in to such directions.

7. Recognizing the fact that harsh realities and problems that bring much pain to body and mind are unavoidable in an imperfect world like ours and such unpleasant realities of life are not necessarily inflicted as a result of any wrath from God, but due to certain violations of universe rules by individuals who chose to follow a life not according to the will of God. Though God has the power to eliminate such problems, in His wisdom He has not so far decided to act against it and we are not to question the wisdom of God in such matters.

8. Recognizing the fact that we have to nurture our  God given qualities of curiosity, innovation, wisdom, doing good and seeking God to higher levels than what were inherently with us.

On the other hand a bad way of living proceeds in the following manner :

1. Not really believing in the existence of a Supreme God or not really concerned with the existence of such a Supreme Being while considering any one who is capable of fulfilling any kind of desires to give some degree of satisfaction to be revered , respected or even worshipped as god, which means a kind of refusal of acceptance of the invisible First Cause and Centre of Everything in the Universe.

2. Behaving as if power and wealth are for fulfilment of self satisfaction with no concern for fellow beings.

3. Believing that those who do not have power and wealth exist for the purpose of doing slavery for those who have it.

4. Believing that might is right or letting a greedy nature to overpower all acts making one too selfish.

5. Enjoying sadism or have a desire to see others suffer or feel happy when others suffer.

6. Enjoying life while cunningly trouble others or feeling unconcerned with the problems of others; believing that life is short and enjoying it as much as possible at whatever cost is okay.

7. Be passive and not inclined to resist bad or support good and live a life of fulfilling self interests only.

8. Having an innate desire to control others and be like a worshipful god.

Now coming to the pertinent question: why is it difficult to follow a good way of living on earth now ?

The answer that I have found for this question is some thing as below:

As a creative head of the universe, God has created both living and non living beings and materials of innumerable kinds and types. The living beings so created are with varying degrees of intelligence which include perfect beings, imperfect beings and beings which are created imperfect but are capable of progressing towards perfection. 

God has also created material abodes or worlds such as earth for the living beings to live and do their activities. There are worlds which are made perfect in the beginning itself and there are worlds which are made through a long process of evolutionary development and all worlds are made up of some kind of materials, not necessarily the materials that our earth is made of. 

All living beings have some kind of bodies and the type of bodies differ in different orders of living beings. Imperfect and progressive living beings have imperfect bodies made of lower level materials. But advanced kinds and perfect living beings have bodies made of super materials or materials which are beyond the normal materials that we in earth know about. Super material bodies do not elicit any response in the sensory mechanisms of our materials bodies and hence we are unable to feel their form or existence under normal circumstances. Similarly, the worlds where other living beings live exist at far distances of hundreds and thousands of light years from our earth that we are unable to know much about them using our present day scientific exploration techniques.

Why did God made all these things like this is a matter of the supreme wisdom of God. But God has some purpose and plans for everything which may not be comprehensible to every one of us due to our limitations of mind capacity to know and understand.

However, God has given us the capacity to make our world towards more and more perfection. God has also given us the fullest liberty for using our creativity and the freedom to take all decisions of life. We are at full liberty to believe in God or not to believe in Him. All necessary intelligence is given for this purpose, though in varying degrees.

To chose good or bad is within our control and God has determined not to interfere with that, though He might occasionally give us some clues or guidance if only we are willing to take note and act on it.

Just as there are many human beings who prefer a bad way of life for its immediate or apparent benefits, there also exists invisible beings who are imperfect but are superior to human beings in certain abilities and mind capacities. But some of these superior but imperfect non material beings could be similar to some human beings who find pleasure in doing evil or bad things. These invisible and intelligent living beings also exist in this universe here and there including our earth. However their superhuman abilities in no way make them equivalent to God. They are simply superior cousins of human beings and could use their free will choices to follow evil just as similar minded human beings. However certain invisible acts of these imperfect superhuman beings could sometimes cause some human beings to get their wisdom and logic corrupted and to believe untruths as truths or doing evil acts assuming those as right.

For example, people who are bad or doing evil things might become materially prosperous and appear as successful to others making the latter to believe that such acts of evil or people who do such things are blessed by God.

But God never permits evil nor favors evil. It is simply our delusion that we understand it that way!

It becomes very difficult for persons who are not so careful to miss the hidden dangers of following bad.

Such observations could also cause many of us in believing in the non-existence of God. Many are forced to accept a logic that is clearly atheistic because their logical deductions and conclusions from limited observations and experiences of this world in a way give them ample opportunities to think that they are right.

But if you observe closely for a longer period, you might also observe some pathetic downfalls some of them have faced on account of their own acts. It is not wise to consider those downfalls as wrath of God, but it could be considered as a result of the violations of the universal laws of God.

The apparent delay that we perceive in getting the evil doers punished by God may also cause one not to believe in the existence of God. This happens because we tend to consider the Supreme God as similar to us in thoughts and actions and we cannot possibly comprehend an infinite God and His wisdom with our finite minds.

Because of the limitations of the finite logic of some human beings, they cannot perceive the assurance of God about the possibility of an everlasting life even after material death for all human beings who follow and do good under given circumstances honestly. This too may result in many human beings choosing evil ways of life and departing away from things which are inherently good and godly. Thus they may forfeit their once-in-a-life-time opportunity to enter into a continuing process of progress and adventure which involves cycles of life and life translations in many other worlds without losing their individuality and the opportunity to transform to a perfected being having a never ending life and a high degree of life experiences. 

So, more than the temporal downfall or cessation of material life that those bad guys faced, it would be another application of the universal law of God that could make them earn the sympathies of the good ones. These bad guys would be no more living while their not-so-materially-prosperous counter parts who chose to live a humble life in accordance with the will of God would survive death with their personality intact. Those surviving earthly deaths would realize about the fate of their earthly fellows who were too prosperous for some short years of their living on earth but failed in retaining their precious lives intact! 

Being good and surviving death, the good ones would feel sorry for the bad ones. The bad and evil ones could not ensure perpetuation of their evil happiness for ever! It was too short lived an affair on earth.

How could they ?

They kept rejecting the possibility of the universal rule of a sovereign God whose laws are perfect and unchanging and they could never use their brains to find those clear evidences that have been all around them !

Just consider this :

Hundreds of people keep visiting this site every day but very few of them try to read blogs like this even when the majority of my blogs are on similar topics.

But only a minuscule of my readers are attracted to such topics ! Their inherent curiosity and anxieties are directed towards matters which are not too important, in my opinion.

When people go after silly things leaving precious things, when people go to chose evil things rejecting good and when people are more concerned about this short earthly life than the possibility of a wonderful everlasting life, I feel sorry for them.

When I find more and more of the so-called spiritual gurus and high priests also of that kind, I feel all the more sorry for the current generation. 

How sad !

[*Based on the revelatory celestial guidance given in the Urantia Book]

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