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Mr Vipin Kumar Aggarwal - the Beginning of Our Mystical Friendship and My Search for Spiritual Truths!

It was some time in the late Nineteen Nineties that I began to face a period of utter professional slackness in my career as an engineer after about two decades of service in the public sector steel plant at Bhilai. The company was passing through a dull phase of activities. Perhaps there were also some professional jealousies from the side of a few of my colleagues and seniors that they thought it desirable for them to keep me almost  aloof from important professional assignments that otherwise could have engaged me fully  in my work. All these invariably resulted to give me enough time to engage my mind in non professional things of life as well even during office hours !

In a way it was a blessing in disguise, indeed !

There was enough time for me to think , read and explore the world wide web. I also had enough time now to have informal interactions with a few of my colleagues and juniors who used to come to my cabin at their leisure. But Mr. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal was not one among them. 

Mr Vipin Kumar Aggarwal, as I knew, was a dynamic electrical engineer, a bit flamboyant in his youthful times and a couple of years senior to me. He had joined the department I worked after having some illustrious career in a few other departments in our company. We were just casual professional acquaintances and we knew pretty little about each other.

So, I was surprised one day when Mr Aggarwal came to my cabin when I was alone and requested an appointment from me to spare an hour or so the next day for some important  private talk. After getting my nod, he just went away making me wondering about what it could be !

The next day, sharp at the appointed time he came to my cabin and sat down in front of me. It was about noon, may be an hour before our scheduled official lunch recess time. When I inquired the matter, with a friendly smile he made a request which I felt as odd and strange: He wanted me to teach him about my religion and my concepts about God !

In the Hindu predominated organization and region where I worked, people perhaps referred me as a Christian because that is not very unusual in this part of our country. Though no one did that in my presence, I knew it because of the way the majority identified people of other communities when those being referred were not present.

Though India is constitutionally a secular country, writing one's religion and caste are mandatory when one is required to apply for any government job or something similar to that. Thus I happened to be a Christian in the general category not eligible for any government concessions similar to the upper caste Hindus. In India, religious belief has nothing to do with one's official religious status ! The freedom to declare one's religious status officially as per one's belief from time to time does not exist. Religious status quo gets passed on from generation to generation unless one takes the great pains to get it changed officially taking much pains !

At the time of this story, I was in reality a nominal Christian, not paying much attention to God or spirituality in my life. No one who knew me till then could have ever perceived me as a religious person !

So this odd request from this Hindu colleague made me perplexed. Perhaps he was misguided by someone ! I told this to him frankly. He had come to a wrong person to get spiritual education and knowledge about Christianity. 

But to my surprise, he admitted that he knew about my spiritual or religious pauperism and yet wanted me to give him some discourse on Christianity and spiritualism, in whatever way I could. I could not turn down his request some how. 

So, I turned out to become  a private guru to Mr Aggarwal from that day onward. I began my discourses  on religion , spirituality and my concepts of God to my sole and special disciple whom I found out to be an attentive pupil, listening patiently and quietly whatever I said. For a few days he kept coming to me to spend about an hour in my office cabin almost always at the same time observing a remarkable punctuality. 

In a couple of day's time, my knowledge resources stored in my mind dried out forcing me to read my Bible at home so that I could teach my pupil some thing new for an hour the next day.

Though  Mr Aggarwal was a silent listener in the beginning,  he began to question and discuss on the topic in the later days. One day he said that what ever I discussed so far had may things similar to what is written in the Bhagawat Gita- the legendary discourse of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Indian epic Mahabharat. That was the time that I realized that my student was not that ignorant as he pretended to be in the beginning !

As my knowledge of Gita was almost nothing at that time, he brought me an English version of Gita for me to read. The compulsion to teach this insisting  student forced me to read Gita carefully. I was surprised to find some touching truths which were similar to many concepts in the Bible in a broader way.

As we progressed, it became necessary for me to read the English version of the Quran and I was touched by its authoritative style of telling moral and spiritual commands to ignorant human beings taking most of the biblical stories and events as the fundamental theme.  More importantly I was surprised to find the higher level of reverence that the Quran attributed to Jesus Christ.

These striking similarities in the major religions of the world touched me and we discussed these and the failure of these religions to bring peace to man kind. We discussed the chaos being created in the world by the religionists even when the religions taught some thing just the opposite in their holy texts.

Our spiritual studies and discussions this way  continued for some time when for the first time I talked about Satan and his nefarious opposition to God and such things the way it came into my mind.

And that day suddenly Mr Aggarwal declared that he got what he wanted to know. He was realizing something called the activities of an invisible power which acted against God's will in this earth. He told me that now he was in a position to connect certain things and this was some knowledge no guru taught him earlier. He thanked me profusely for teaching him a very fundamental truth, though I could not understand the reason for this kind of a gesture from this gentleman at that time.

Till that day I had never asked him why he had chosen to come to me, an ordinary mortal of no known spiritual goodness, to learn and discuss spiritual things. But now as he appeared fully satisfied in his learning and apparently found out what he wanted to find, I asked him that.

He was very reluctant to disclose the answer to that initially. With my persistence he finally agreed to tell me. But on a pre-condition: I should not treat him as an insane personality and keep what he told as a secret to my self if I found it non acceptable. I agreed.

Then he told me that personal secret of his that he kept almost to himself all through out his life. He told me that he had a few past lives. He has some memories of his past lives and even memories of the way he died in some of the lives earlier and some memories of being guided by 'devdoots' (angels) while he was existed after his death. He also had some memories of the devdoots taking him to the presence of a radiating presence of light whom the devdoots introduced as 'god'. And the god he met in this life after death commanded that he would have one more life , perhaps his last, though he was not desiring it. The life after death appeared more desirable to him.

Very importantly he had vivid memories of seeing his would be parents in his present life before he was born.  He told me, he had verified those and found out those things true from his parents later in his life. In the present life he was not very happy during his childhood days. He wanted to go back to his life after death and so secretly he planned to commit suicide while he was a teenager. But he got some directions in his mind that he would meet a person or guru who would give him some important knowledge later and after getting that knowledge, he would no longer be required to take a rebirth as a human again.

Mr Aggarwal being interested in esoteric knowledge soon become interested in such things commonly believed and practiced in his Hindu community, such as astrology, numerology, etc and gained quite good expertise in these topics as well while he pursued his normal studies to become and electrical engineer.

I listened patiently to his story. To tell the truth, I neither believed him nor disbelieved him. I was becoming a learner and listener. I had trained my self by this time not to judge any one without fully knowing the facts or applying my mind fully over it. It could perhaps be a mere coincidence that during those days I happened to read a news paper report about a German professor visiting India in search of individuals who remembers their past lives and this professor had reportedly studied over two hundred individuals and found some truths in those cases.

There are many things in this world beyond the normal understanding of formal scientists and intellectuals, my mind told me. There exists truths transcendental to material truths that are not perceptible to the ordinary human minds. I was also beginning to understand the existence of God, a supreme intellectual mind in designing and maintaining our world. A curiosity to know more about God was taking roots in my mind.

But some later happenings that happened in a month's time forced me to give some credentials to what Mr Aggarwal told me. First, some of my other colleague have by this time noticed Mr Aggarwal's secret and regular visits to my office cabin and some of them inquired me about it. Many of them knew his backgrounds much more than me ! For some of them, he was a reliable amateur astrologer who could read their zodiacs and describe their past or predict their future quite remarkably. At the same time he used to be quite a worldly man with perhaps some vices for others to talk about. He was  also well built,  handsome, healthy and energetic, capable of undertaking many activities concurrently. So there was some truth in what he told me and yet there were some things not fully understood by me.

He admitted his astrological knowledge and some incidences that happened miraculously as predicted by him. In those days, I never believed in astrology and considered it as a pure pseudo science and I told my opinion to him. However, we decided to examine astrology with a critical but unbiased approach. As a test of that, he told me that he was to face one of the greatest life threatening situation in a couple of days from then and he might not survive death as per his calculations based on his birth chart. His calculations showed a small chance of survival and living for another few more years, but with great physical debility. But while detailing this to me, he appeared very calm and happy. He told me that, he felt happy because he would not have another rebirth as the knowledge he was supposed to gain had been obtained from his guru now. I did not know whether I should believe him or not, but yet I consoled and ridiculed him telling that a person like his bodily health as of then was not going to have any such problems at least so immediately as he told.

But I was wrong. In another a week's time I learnt the news of him getting admitted in the ICU with a massive heart attack. When he was temporarily shifted to the ward, before being taken to the super specialty hospital in New Delhi for an open heart surgery, I visited him. Debilitated and sick with an imminent risk to life, I found him extremely happy in his sick bed. In fact he had made a scene in the hospital with every one to convey the news to me so that I could meet him in the hospital. When I entered his cabin in the hospital, he rose up to receive me with a gleam, quite unusual of any heart attack victim in a hospital bed, disregarding the immobility advice from his doctors. Enhancing my embarrassment, he was non hesitant to declare to all those of his friends and family-all of them strangers to me- about me being his latter day guru and his gladness to go to the other world even if death over powered him then. He even forced me to place my hands over his head and pray for him in silence, some thing that I had never done in my life !

He was moved to New Delhi shortly and he underwent a difficult open heart surgery and survived. When he returned back and joined back in service, he remained as a good friend to me and is still continuing his friendship, though he had forgotten many of the detailed memories that he had before he had the attack.

His astrological predictions proved true. In our later day friendship during the next decade we had some occasions to critically observe some birth signs and predict some future course of events with certain level of accuracy.

All these have considerably enhanced my curiosity to seek and search for spiritual truths while I continued my normal life both professionally and at home. And my continuous search finally landed me in finding and knowing the revelatory knowledge of the Urantia Book.[click the linked name of the book to know more] Though the Urantia Book does not seem to support either the apparent truthfulness of the astrological predictions or the rebirth story similar to what Mr Aggarwal had, I have found out the clues that make such things appear as truthful.

In reality our world is full of partial truths making those who are not fully aware getting to take it as fully true or fully false. It is indeed very difficult to extract the fine grains of truth from a field full of scattered husk and hay of untruths !

I did  not have any intention to reveal the above said story of Mr Aggarwal so soon. But again it was he who sent me an e-mail recently with a detailed description of his memories of god and the other world, a couple of days ago, asking me to publish it through my blogs. After a decade of debilitated life after his surgery coupled with his other chronic diseases of diabetes with extremely high dependency on insulin he seems to believe his second innings of life coming to a near end. He wants the world to know his story and think about God too while they keep pursuing their worldly goals.

While I do not purport to convey the idea of a whole some truth in Mr Aggarwal's experiences, I do support  what he stated as his experiences as true from his side. I now know that human mind as it is resident on the material brain is a receptacle which could receive and process communications from multiple sources and we may not really have the capacity to understand all those sources.

But to me this real life story is an instigator of thought for a few people in this world who are willing to think beyond common material understanding of life.

When I analyse the experience of Mr Aggarwal from the knowledge I now have from the Urantia Book, I can make some conclusions as the following:

1. Devdoots (invisible celestial personalities of varying powers and functions who exist in a non material realm commonly also referred as angels) are real and are not some myths. Similarly there are personalities who are celestial rulers who could be in a way be understood as gods of varying powers gaining their godly powers from the One and Only One Universal Father God, the First Source and Centre of Everything and the Original and Eternal God. While devdoots have a normal invisible existence, they are in many ways superior to human beings in mind capacities. But all devdoots are not perfect followers of God's will; many of them in the immediate vicinity of humans are capable of deceiving gullible human beings, distracting them away from truths. This latter phenomena is particularly true as far as earth and earthly beings are concerned. On earth there are millions of such invisible devdoots who have deviated from God's service to follow a rebel  godly ruler of the lower order now commonly known as Lucifer and a few of his companions of similar order and standing. Under normal circumstances no human being as of now can know the actions of the devdoots (angels) whether they are rebels or not. But the rebel devdoots on earth are capable of influencing pliable human minds under certain circumstances. Since they have chosen to be rebels to the Supreme Godly organization, what they normally try to undertake most clandestinely is to create situations to twist truths so that humans are confused either in believing in the existence of God or know the true God and His will. This becomes more damaging when the rebels continue their nefarious activities while the good ones keep following God's  rules strictly.

2. If devdoots are a reality, Deity or God is also a reality. But for human beings of earth it is also important to realize that the lower level godly rulers of the Lucifer lot are also much like gods and what Lucifer and his lot have been trying in some material worlds like earth have been to establish and project him as god ignoring the fact that their power and seemingly endless life that they have are obtained from God. They stand to lose when the seemingly slow process of God's merciful justice gets implemented in some future time.

3. There is a life after death and there are techniques by which some devdoots are capable of projecting some memories or experiences to human mind under certain circumstances. But rebel devdoots may cause some human beings to realize this in some twisted manner deviated from the real truth. So it is important to know the truth by applying the inner wisdom to separate truth from pseudo truths or false hoods.

4. Rebirths are also a reality but rebirths do not take place again and again on earth. But, nevertheless, an experience that Mr Aggarwal had is still possible when some devdoots perhaps had caused him to believe it that way.

5. Astrology based on the positions of stars and planets and prediction based on those could seem to be true due to various factors. While influences of certain universal gravitational force lines on a persons birth genes could not be ruled out, attributing those to stars and planets would only seem to be true but not exactly true. Again the power of God's ruling above these aspects should be acknowledged. In other words, giving extra attention to know one's future on the basis of astrology is not desirable. It only enhances one's anxiety to life situations and may reduce one's living under full submission to God's providence. Hence not desirable for ordinary beings while a few of better mind capacities may use it to appreciate God's wisdom in universe design.

6. Numbers, gem stones, biometric lines of the palms, eyes, etc  all likewise reflect the immense wisdom of God in many ways. However, none of these should distract a man or woman from his or her normal way of living by reducing them as magical charms determining one's fate.

Finally, let me admit this. I am not an expert to tell authentically what is right or wrong. I have only shared what my convictions are from my present level of understanding. It is very much true that my friend Mr Aggarwal had helped me a lot  to think seriously on the esoteric and spiritual aspects of life together with my life in this earth as an ordinary human being.

Was he my guru or I his ? Now I know that none of us are superior or inferior in front of God. We have only duties and responsibilities to perform, whether small or big ! Our special skills and abilities are no measure of the degree of godliness in us.

We all have godliness in equal measures. It is only up to us whether we take advantage of that to be with God or not !

NB: Mr Aggarwal, after reading this blog has made a special request through e-mail to include the most important message that he remembers as carrying from the other world to be communicated to his earthly fellow beings and his memories about God. Let me reproduce those salient lines in his own words from what he had communicated to me: "......When I reached the other world (I don’t remember how I reached there) I was welcomed by my uncle who had left this world before. (My Opinion : As your first introduction of the other world is by your ancestors, you must give respect to them). He explained me about the other world where everybody was young. The place was like a garden with lots of trees and flowers. No person was either child or old person or disabled like on this earth. People (Souls) were talking to each other and the communication (talk) was not through their mouth but through thoughts.........I turned my neck to see back side where I saw a big oval shape very bright light but soothing light of blue colour. It was a pure light of oval shape (the bigger diameter was vertical) and there was no shape seen inside that. (my conclusion : God does not have any specific shape inside the Light. Different persons may see different shapes in that light depending on their beliefs..)...... And finally, God wants the world should follow one religion, the religion of humanity !...

Note dated,6th Sept 2013: 

My friend Mr Vipin Kumar Agarwal is no more living in this world. He left his material existence on the 23rd of last month (August). I received the news while I was on a short trip to my home state, Kerala. This too was more or less predicted by him and he had discussed this many times with me earlier. I earnestly wish that some day we meet in some future time in some other world of God's plans to pursue our universe career as adventuring personalities !

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