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The Kepler Space Mission Findings of 2013 and the Urantia Book Revelations of 1955 !

When I read the latest revealings of space exploration findings of multi-billion dollar Kepler Space Mission project of NASA, confirming the gradual increase of the number of discoveries about the existence of  planets beyond the solar system, I become happy and sad at the same time.

I feel happy because of the gradual enhancement of our scientific space exploration capabilities which enable us to look deeper into the vast space outside through our modern radio telescopes and other such gadgets fitted on to deep  penetrating space vehicles.

But I also feel sad, because of the inability of our scientists to understand certain inherent limitations of our capabilities, however, hard we try and the  reluctance of the so-called scientific community to acknowledge  certain knowledge revelations provided to human beings from non-human sources which provide such information such as what the Kepler mission has found out now and much more.

Yes, I am referring to those information that our scientists should be very much interested which are revealed in my favorite guide book, the Urantia Book which got published in 1955. [To know more about this book visit my Urantia-India site dedicated to this book] 

This book tells how the universe is being planned, organized, administered and continuously getting expanded in a controlled evolutionary process as determined by the Universal Father God. The book tells us more about suns, stars, comets, galaxies, black holes, super novas, planets which cannot sustain life and planets which can sustain material life such as earth. It also gives us information about huge globes much bigger than earth which are made specially, called architectural worlds, which number in billions  functioning as the head quarter worlds of celestial governments which are the normal homes of various orders of celestial beings, in contrast to the trillions of evolutionary planet worlds which are homes to material beings such as we human beings of earth.

Let me reproduce below a few statements from this book where the super human authors tell us about these:

Irrespective of origin, the various spheres of space are classifiable into the following major divisions:
1. The suns—the stars of space. 
2. The dark islands of space.  
3. Minor space bodies—comets, meteors, and planetesimals.  
4. The planets, including the inhabited worlds
5. Architectural spheres—worlds made to order. 
With the exception of the architectural spheres, all space bodies have had an evolutionary  origin, evolutionary in the sense that they have not been brought into being by fiat of Deity, evolutionary in the sense that the creative acts of God have unfolded by a time-space technique through the operation of many of the created and eventuated intelligences of Deity.

The superuniverse of Orvonton ( The universe region where our earth is located, which is told as approximately one seventh of the total material universe mass) is illuminated and warmed by more than ten trillion blazing suns. These suns are the stars of your observable astronomic system. More than two trillion are too distant and too small ever to be seen from Urantia (name given in the Urantia Book to identify our world, earth). But in the master universe there are as many suns as there are glasses of water in the oceans of your world.

The laws of physical-energy behavior are basically universal, but local influences have much to do with the physical conditions which prevail on individual planets and in local systems. An almost endless variety of creature life and other living manifestations characterizes the countless worlds of space. There are, however, certain points of similarity in a group of worlds associated in a given system, while there also is a universe pattern of intelligent life. There are physical relationships among those planetary systems which belong to the same physical circuit, and which closely follow each other in the endless swing around the circle of universes.

The above information as given in the Urantia Book was made public to human beings in the years 1955 when this revelatory book was published in English language in USA for the first time. However, it is believed that the manuscript of the book was actually given to human beings some time in the 1920's.

So what is being discovered out by the Kepler Space Mission now in 2013 ? 

Let me quote some of the reports of this mission as provided by NASA for public information as in 2013:

" Kepler's greatest contribution is not a single new found planet or planetary system but rather the systematic look at worlds beyond our solar system that it's giving scientists. For example, Kepler observations have revealed that small, rocky planets like Earth are much more common throughout the Milky Way galaxy than gas giants such as Saturn or Jupiter, at least in close-in orbits."

" Kepler-62e and 62f are perhaps the most promising life-hosting candidates yet found beyond our solar system. The planets, which are 1.6 and 1.4 times the size of Earth, respectively, may both be water worlds whose global oceans are teeming with life, researchers say. Their discovery was announced in April 2013."

"In December 2011, astronomers announced the discovery of Kepler-22b, the Kepler mission's first potentially life-supporting planet. Kepler-22b is 2.4 times as large as Earth and orbits a star very much like our sun."

OK, you can find out all those Kepler mission information by searching the Internet. [Else Click this link ]

But those information as of now are only the tip of the iceberg. We have been provided with a herculean task for future discoveries by the Urantia Book authors by revealing to us before hand what is to be expected to be discovered by us in future !

Considering the fact that NASA's Kepler mission has already vindicated what is written in the Urantia Book, I personally feel there is no need for USA or any other country to spend huge sums just to find more such findings but never to reach any where near what is revealed in the Urantia Book.

If it would have predicted  by any tom-dick-and-harry scientist, he would have now become the greatest scientist human being have ever seen. That would have been the media projection and publicity!

But since these information is made available to human beings by those beings whom normal human beings cannot recognize anyway, the poor earthly beings appear confused of what to do ! 

If human beings thought of God with their scientific intelligence, they would have already declared the Urantia Book a mandatory study book in the universities across the world. That would have caused thousands of humans opening up their closed brains for digesting more and more wisdom for a better living on this earth ! 

But unfortunately, I find many eager activities by many humans to discredit this book as a cult book from Satan even ever trying to read it wholly or trying to understand what it says. Of course, why such a kind of situation exists on earth is also clearly explained in the Urantia Book.

But as warned by the Urantia Book, I should not get anxious. Things would take its own time and it would happen in the appropriate time. 

No scientist can make a child born in a few weeks of conception instead of the nine month's time that God has mandated, even when they have discovered all the biological processes involved ! 

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