Thursday, June 5, 2014

If Customer (Consumer) is King, Supplier (Producer) is God!

A customer is someone who pays for the goods or services that he requires from a supplier, producer or service provider. When goods and services are in short supply, then the situation is advantageous for the producer or supplier. In this situation, the seller or supplier could be choosy and take advantage of the situation to exploit the customer in many ways. The situation is sometimes defined as a seller's market.

On the other hand, when goods and services are in abundance, the customer can be choosy and the situation becomes a buyer's market. In such a scenario, the supplier or producer has to adopt many tactics to win over the customers to buy his products or services. If there are many producers or suppliers for the same goods or services, then the market becomes competitive as the producers compete with many tactics to win over the customers. This situation is specially advantageous for the customer and customer feels like a king as he or she is at liberty to order any thing as he or she pleases. In a buyer's market, the customer is king!

But in reality, both kind of situations are not good for the society or nation as both situation leads to exploitation of some kind. The economic activities in both kind of situations are not self sustaining, but self damaging. Both situations cause much distress to some people and all in the society are not happy.

In the case of short supply, consumers are deprived of some useful products and services that are required for the smooth and happy progress of their lives.

While in the case of over supply, the producers would not be able to sustain their production or service activities as the demand for those keeps declining.

Producers or suppliers have to work hard and use higher efforts and intelligence to create their products or device their services. In most cases, they produce and provide goods and services that are not ordinarily done by their individual customers. Thus, producers are creators and earthly creators are minor manifestations of God's creative power on earth.

Imagine the situation when no one has created the air planes that we fly, the mobile phones that we use for instant communications, the computers that removed our memory limitations, the food that we eat, the cloths that we wear, the buildings that we live, the vehicles that made our travel easier, etc. We would have remained as our naked tribal ancestors who lived in the jungles! If the situation has changed to our current level of material progress and civilization, much credit has to go to those among us who did those creative works. God is the supreme creative mind of the universe and that is why we worship God. Our own fellow beings who participated in the creative acts on our earth on behalf of God are all agents of God in creativity. Applying this logic, I consider all suppliers and producers of goods and services on our earth as God's special agents who are there to help us.

But when we extent that concept a little more, it is not difficult to find that we too are suppliers of goods or services of some kind to some others. Thus it is not difficult to deduce that we are both consumers and suppliers at the same time.

We are subjects of God and agents of God at the same time!

We are both kings and gods at the same time!

We are neither inferior nor superior, but are minor replicas of God on earth! Yes, indeed that is exactly the way we are on this earth.

We may have some superior ability in some field, but we do not have that superior ability in all fields.We need to depend on some one else for something always while many may depend on us always for something.

When we recognize this fundamental truth, we gain the superior wisdom to respect each other by seeing the reflections of God in every other person. When all of us attain that superior wisdom, we all would realize the ultimate truth that we are sons of God.

Then jointly and collectively we love each other, work for each other and collectively worship our father God!

Isn't not a marvelous situation?

Is it such a difficult philosophy to understand? Perhaps not, but in reality, yes!

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