Saturday, June 21, 2014

You Just Cannot Predict How Antagonized People Would React to Settle Scores!

For every action there is and equal and opposite reaction. That is a universal law discovered by the eminent physicist Sir Isaac Newton a couple of centuries ago. But that applies with regard to force and its manifestations of mechanics.

But in the areas of human relations, actions and responses this law could be modified to some extent and stated some thing like this:

Every action of humans elicits a reaction from other affected humans , not necessarily equal but more or less and not necessarily recognized as a direct consequence to the original action.

So if you smile at another human, he or she may respond directly or indirectly often with another smile but not necessarily recognized by you always.

If you help some one you also may get help some time later in more or less measure directly or indirectly.

If you abuse some one, you too might be abused directly or indirectly sooner or later.

If you go to war with a nation and kill its people, your people would sooner or later get killed either directly or indirectly in situations that you may not even recognize as war.

You may think of wiping out a group whom you think as some nuisance to you, but your peace would not last long as the reaction to your annihilation action sets in sooner or later annihilating you or your people.

Be careful before you initiate your acts that cause antagonism in others. Antagonized people would sooner or later react in such a way that you never understand what is happening to you.

When America finally declared one of the high tech war to overpower a big mouthed dictator of Iraq, it might have thought of doing some good to the world as a whole, but invariably landed in to the situation of antagonizing thousands of others turning a few of the others to become potential threats of the future than the earlier dictator who was exterminated.

Trying to exterminate and punish all potential and existing enemies is no solution for any one to live in peace. Had it been so, our world would already have become a peaceful area.

All those who resort to take the sword to cut and throw all those irritant individuals of their lives are bound to perish by similar swords that come in reaction to their actions.

I am not against justified law and order actions of the state against law breakers. But when such actions are taken, it has to be ensured precisely and justifiably even to the satisfaction of the people who are punished.

That is indeed some thing that could be ascertained by higher order minds. 

Lower order humans have more animal traits in them than higher order humans. That implies that all humans might show animal tendencies more or less under situations of compulsions. A very loving and compassionate human being could attack or kill another human being under certain conditions when their mind level falls down to that of the animal kind. When that happens, the human mind loses its capacity to think rationally.

Well domesticated dogs are perhaps the only animal that may not bite the hands of its master that feed them. But they too might do so in rare occasions. Harmless animals are harmless in the general sense, but that does not mean that they fully reciprocate your love and affection always.

In a similar manner, human beings could also be categorized as inherently harmless, circumstantially harmless and potentially harmful. The latter two could cause immense problems to others when they are antagonized. 

But  hidden within the minds of all humans, unlike the animals, is a minute power residue of God that makes humans different from animals. In some humans, the animal mind is fully dominated by this power residue of God. In such a scenario, the humans tend to become all loving, all compassionate and all pardoning just as God.

But the majority of humans, that is not the case. In their case, their animal minds overshadow the minute power residue of God that resides in their minds. Coupled with other natural human mind characteristics of will, intelligence and creativity, humans become greedy, egoistic, revengeful and suspicious in such cases, though not often. But when it happens they tend to become anti-god or devilish. 

You rub them the wrong way, they would get antagonized and revengeful. Their minds would start thinking of ways to teach you a befitting lesson sooner or later. Their fear of the circumstances may not allow them to be explicit or direct to express their animosity. In that case they adopt subtle ways of revenge. 

The world is predominated by circumstantially harmless and potentially harmful peoples. All of them have some scores to be settled with someone. Thus the world becomes a human network of perpetual malice not always discernible to all.

Our world can improve only when love and compassion to others become the primary motto of living. Our governments, our judiciary , our law enforcers, our businesses , our education systems all have to adopt this principle as the primary principle of living. That promotes universal brother hood of man.

When universal brotherhood starts developing in the minds of men and women, they become more and more reflecting the power of God. The world would begin to transform as a pleasurable and enjoyable place for all.

But the process has to start form the higher individuals. They are the ones who could set the examples for others to follow.

They are the ones who possess the potential to overcome their animal minds by their power of the will.

Would it happen?

I am just wondering and dreaming for such a thing to happen.

It is time that we do intellectually some thing to reduce the numbers of our antagonistic fellows around us. Not by exterminating them, but by soothing their minds to remove their frustrations and antagonisms. 

Will you support this idea my friend?    

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