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Condors, Fandors and the Story of the Huge Flying Bio-planes of Earth!

Do you know what I meant by bio-planes? Bio-planes are living airplanes or large birds that human beings could use for air transport. We do not have such useful birds at present. Perhaps, long, long ago, our ancestors made use of such birds which got extinct in some remote past.

In this blog, I would be discussing about the evidences we now have about such bio-planes of the past. 

We live in a century that has witnessed massive commercialization of scientific inventions and discoveries that had begun to scores of decades ago. Perhaps, the majority of humans still remain scientifically ignorant. Yet they are all beneficiaries of the progress science and technology brought out for the general benefit of all.

The desire of humans to fly and travel through air got fulfilled only in the past about 100 years time. Air travel has been becoming more and more common as the years pass.

But travel was not so easy in the past. Human beings in the known history have ventured in to international travel so frequently only in the recent past. Crossing the vast oceans was not an easy thing and it took months for those belonging to the era of our old parents and their parents. Earlier than that only those explorers with the blessings of their royal rulers ventured into the seas to explore, risking their lives.

In the recorded history of man kind as we know it today, there is no record of people making long distance travels using easier and efficient means of transport. Perhaps, the most they used were their horses, mules, their sailing ships, etc. Most people never ventured to travel beyond their villages. Those ventured never returned back, only exploring and settling down in the strange places that came in their way. Perhaps those traders and the more adventurous lots among people traveled to explore the unknown places. Some of their travelogues gave much insight to our present day historians to understand the lives from the past.

But even such information that we have do not cover a time period beyond say 5000 years. When human existence is scientifically postulated to be as old as a million years, this 5000 year old historical evidences in fractured pieces is nothing praise worthy for the human race as a whole.

Against this background, I often used to wonder how the descendants of  Adam and Eve could have covered all the continents of earth from their original land of origin somewhere in the south-west Asia!

I hoped for some scientist of modern day come up with some theories that is logical and satisfying the curiosity of mind. But, neither the scientists, nor the theologians could answer things properly.

When learnt about the many mysterious wonders of the world, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, the remnants of the Mayan civilization in South America, the Nazca Lines of Peru, etc my curiosity to know more about our past ancestors grew many fold. How could have they done all these?

The Nazca lines are specially of importance and curiosity because, these terrestrial arts that cover scores of square kilometers can only be appreciated from a high altitude in the air. In fact the Nazca lines and distinctive forms are made in an area of about 500 square kilometers. It is quite obvious that the ancient people of those regions have made it deliberately by making marked changes in the slopping desert surface. But how could they form those clear images which become so distinguishable only when one views it from a high altitude? Obviously those are made for some others who used to view it from high above in the air. [More such mysterious lines are getting noticed from other parts of the world such as China. Read this blog from the world-mysteries site.]

Perhaps they were flying in the air. They were travelling on some huge birds? It should be true, because one of the image is named the candor, the now existing huge bird of the America belonging to the vulture family. But candor cannot fly carrying people.

But the Nazca ancestors have drawn the image of a huge bird which possibly could have carried people who could view the image while in flight. Click this to watch the aerial photograph of the Nazca image now called the candor!

The Indian epic of Ramayana ( Read it online in English Here) gives some details about the transport bird called the Jatayu. Jatayu is believed to be the vehicle of the giant king of Sri Lanka during the time of Sri Ram, the hero of Ramayana. Ramayana also informs us that Jatayu was a bird that could talk with humans.

Incidentally, a sculptor named Mr Rajiv Anchal from my home state, Kerala, has been in the process of building a huge theme park on the top of a 1000 ft high rocky hill near Chadayamangalam near Trivandrum city. The main attraction is the huge sculpture of Jatayu, the mystical bird of Ramayana. Inside the huge sculpture of the bird is a 4-D theater. A theme park with many attractions for the travelers are also getting completed. (Read the news about this project here!)   

The Nazca image and the descriptions in the Ramayana are indications that the humans were in the company of intelligent birds that helped them to travel to great distances by flight. These birds were the bio-planes of the ancient past. They have some how become extinct.

Human beings unfortunately could not keep the records of their progress and advancements over the past many millenniums because they were so jealous and suspicious about others around them that they destroyed all evidences by mutual annihilation techniques. Remember, even we, the modern humans of the 21st century are also not free from such negative traits that hamper our progress!

My favorite book of life guidance, about which I had written many times in these columns, gives much insight about the transport birds ancient humans had been using. The authors named these birds as fandors, a name somewhat synonymous with the present day condors. Let me quote a few statements from this book:

"It was in these days that carrier pigeons were first used, being taken on long journeys for the purpose of sending messages or calls for help. Bon’s group were successful in training the great fandors as passenger birds, but they became extinct more than thirty thousand years ago."

"From the large passenger birds — the fandors — Adam and Eve looked down upon the vast stretches of the Garden while being carried through the air over this, the most beautiful spot on earth."

"These enormous birds were able to carry one or two average-sized men for a nonstop flight of over five hundred miles. These birds were of great service since they possessed a high order of intelligence, often being able to speak many words of the human languages. These birds were most intelligent, very obedient, and unbelievably affectionate. Such passenger birds have been long extinct on earth, but your early ancestors enjoyed their services."  

So, there was a time in the distant past when some of our ancestors took the help of huge, intelligent birds to travel long distances and to do aerial surveys of the vast lands.

The Ramayana of India and the Nazca images of South America gives us the clues regarding our lost history. Adding to those legacies is the present day revelation from reliable non human sources in the form of the Urantia Book (look out for its online reading link on the right panel bottom)

When we are able to link all these together, the great mystery of life would slowly unfold.

That is what I have learnt.

Those who have the time and money should visit Peru and Kerala.

Nazca lines of Peru would be a great thing to visit.

The Jatayu Rock Sculpture and the theme park of Kerala too! 

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