Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some Selected Info Compilation For Car and Bike Enthusiasts!

Carscoops is a website that gives much information about latest trends in the global auto markets. The New Cars page of Carscoops features latest cars as offered by renowned auto makers of the world. Other interesting pages of this website are spyshots featuring photographs and news about new models about to be launched in the market by the auto makers, Concepts which gives information of future concept cars, Future Cars which gives some insight in to the future cars that could be launched by the global auto companies in the near future, etc. The right panel of all pages gives a list of hyper linked names of almost all renowned automakers of the world. By clicking the names one can get specific news about the models those auto companies and their various designs. But carscoops does not give much information about the Indian automakers and the Indian trends.

For that the Indian Auto Blogs is a good site. 

In my opinion all automobile or car enthusiasts should have some insight about automobiles including the history of the automobile industry. Obviously, the automobile page of Wikipedia is the best place for that. 

Youngsters may be more interested to know about motorbikes and the latest trends in the two wheeler industry. Again the Wikipedia page on motorcycles should be given a look before venturing into other sites. But the scooter page of Wiki should not be overlooked. Even if you may not be able to afford one, it is a good idea to have some idea about the fastest motorcycles that are available in the world from

But talking about automobiles of the world, one cannot ignore these most expensive cars of the world and also the most expensive motorcycles of the world as of now. 

But the most expensive cars need not be the nicest cars. Auto enthusiasts have varying opinions. But this reviewer gives those considerations for the selection of the top 10 nicest cars of the world.

But expensive or nicest cars are not for the common people. For the common folks of the world, the experts have selected the best 10 cheapest cars of the world gives a list of the cheapest motorcycles that are available in the world market that are legally certified for common use. 

For the Indian car enthusiasts, provides the list of all cars that are available in the Indian market with their showroom prices. The site also gives facility to filter the various makes and models with regard to their prices and also compare the various models with regard to their specifications and features. Similar facility is offered by is another such site for the Indian enthusiasts of autos, both cars and motorcycles. 

There are some rich auto enthusiasts in the world who are willing to pay anything to grab any old and classic autos to their collections as they are passionate auto collectors. So if you keep your car or motorcycle well maintained for a few generations it could become something more expensive than gold. The Wikipedia gives some insight into some of the most expensive old car auctions that had happened in the past.  Old is gold becomes literally true for cars and motorcycles too!

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