Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How Do I Overcome My Fears and Greed ? How Could I Lead A Meaningful Life?

Well, first of all let me congratulate you for finding this page. The fact that you found this page in itself is a sign that you have the feeble self recognition that some thing is perhaps not so desirable for you. It is indeed a good thing that you have the urge to transform you for the benefit of you yourself and also for the benefit of others around you.

There are millions and millions of human beings in our modern world now who are just living out their lives without really understanding the real purpose of their lives.

They do not bother to realize the precious purpose of their living in this world. They are just living it out! 

They might say they are living to enjoy life. Their enjoyment is eating and sleeping. And they also work hard to make their eating and sleeping more enjoyable! 

In between they might also do many such other things for gratifying many of their humanly desires and pleasures. 

In this process, all those which they perceive as hindrances to their self gratification become threats for them. Eliminating those threats also becomes a priority in life. They land up in the vicious circle comprising of eating-working-pleasure seeking-threat elimination-self glorification. They get confused with regard to their purpose of life or to do any meaningful thoughts about it! 

What is the purpose? 

Working for eating or eating for working? And what is work for them? Perhaps, they have not thought of it or did not have the time to think of it. Perhaps, they do not bother to think about such a thing. That is because, they know deep within them, that they are leading a purposeless life! They do not want to be caught by the probing of their own inquisitive mind!

They work for getting things for the future and hoarding them because of the deep rooted fear that they might not be able to get the opportunities for having the things that they desire always.

That was the situation when their great forefathers were gatherers wandering in the wilds. Regrettably, modernity has not made any inroads within their minds!

Last week I was watching a TV program which featured a rich man from my own land. He has been successful in making a big fortune by working hard with his business in a foreign land. His earnings are to that extent that he is able to make more and more with it by so many ways. His only thought is making more and enjoying the rest of the time surveying his massive earnings! One of the pastime now for him is to move around in those dozens of apartments that he now owns in the tallest building of the world in the middle east!

He is not alone. There are millions like him. There are also billions who are equally greedy of hoarding the one improvised meal that they just managed to get for the day. Both these kinds of humans are no different from each other!

I do not say that we should not work or eat or enjoy. We need to do all that. 

But why should we be fearful? Why should we be greedy? Why do we hesitate to trust those replicas of our own kind around us?
With Unreasonable Fear Due to Lack of Faith in Others
You Cannot Enjoy This Ride!

Every one around is like that, and so we too. You might argue!

But that is the way the wild animals without much of that thought faculties often do. Even they do not behave like us always. They do not harm their own kind so often as we do!

Take some time to observe them more closely! They are not so greedy. Are they? They are not fearsome about their own kind. Are they? Do they have a better intelligence than us?

Have you ever thought of your inner desire for having some better friendship and fellowship? There are people all around. Yet many of us really lack true friendship and companionship that we desire so much. Yet why do we fail to achieve it?

You understand within your heart that the companionship that you have now is not so reliable. You do not have the trust to trust that for ever. Why is it so? 

All that work that you have done, all that life pleasures that you enjoyed, all that achievements that you had and all the wealth you created are all going to melt away the moment you become weak in holding those. And such a time would likely come in our lives too. And many of us have that fear deep within us. Why?

But is it the way the human life to proceed in this modern era?

Is it the life meant for intelligent humans? 

It is definitely not. I would say. Yes, for all practical purposes, it is like that now. Each and every one of us humans in this world now live as greedy, fearful and purposeless, though perhaps in varying degrees.

But should we continue like that?

What should we do? 

There is a simple way for us to improve this situation.

We need to make some conscious efforts to trust others. But we cannot perhaps do that unless we really trust our unseen creator, our God and our Divine Father. When we learn to trust God fully, we naturally gain the ability to trust our fellow beings, wholeheartedly, justifiably and without errors. Remember, making an erroneous trust could prove to be a disaster in our world now which is full of immature humans. We need to have the righteous divine direction to do things properly!

When we develop the ability to trust our fellow beings wholeheartedly, we acquire the ability to love them selflessly. When more and more of us develop that quality, our world would begin to transform towards overall good.

When we acquire that ability, our fears start vanishing and we start enjoying sharing than hoarding. Our hidden fears would vaporize and we become more and more confident to discard our greed!

Our enjoyments in life get in to a more meaningful level. It is something totally different to experience!

It is possible for me and you. And we surely can achieve it.

Can you imagine the joy of life when we all lead a meaningful life?

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