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Mansion Worlds in the Universe: Do they Really Exist? What Purpose Do they Have?

For those of us who live in the current century having some contemporary knowledge in the advancement of science, it is not difficult to understand the countless numbers of stars , planets and planetary satellites that occupy the vast universe space. All these are said to be clustered in innumerable galaxies. The stellar distances are beyond our human comprehension and are measured in parsecs (3.262 light years) or light years (300000 x 365 x 24 x 3600 kilometers). Our current record of a manned spacecraft's speed is about 40000 km/hr. Such a spacecraft would take about 74 years to cover the distance traveled by light in an year. The nearest star other than our sun is Proxima Centauri which is about 4.24 light years away from us. Even if we travel by the impossible speed of light we would take 4.24 years to reach near that nearest star. Our fastest spacecraft would require 313 years to accomplish that! Incidentally our own sun is at a distance of 149.4 million km from us and its light takes about 8 minutes to reach us.

It is clear then that it would be impossible for us human beings to reach to even to the nearest solar systems in the future due to our age and speed limitations. Our scientists now estimates the diameter of the observable universe something about 93 billion light years. Obviously our current telescopes such as the Hubble space telescope provide us much insight to our scientists about the enormous size of our universe and the enormous numbers of stars and other stellar bodies which our universe contains. Scientists now estimate that there are at least 70 thousand million million million stars in the universe!

Our scientists have now come to a stage that they are finding it difficult to postulate any cohesive theories about the universe now. Things are becoming incomprehensible to their finite and limited intellects.

That is where the revealed cosmology that is given in my favorite book (the Urantia Book) becomes something of relevance. 

I am a student of this revealed knowledge and I keep pondering why such a revelation is provided to mankind in the 20th century? I do find logic and purpose in that.

Now consider the following which my book has revealed to humans way back in the early 20th century when our cosmic science was only in its nascent state. 

It says that there are about 7 trillion planets where intelligent material life exists. They are divided in to seven vast space regions called the super universes, with each super universe holding approximately one trillion material worlds more or less similar to our earth. The invisible author of Paper-15 of the book tells like this:

(Quote) The grand universe number of your world, Urantia, (earth) is 5,342,482,337,666. That is the registry number on Uversa (HQ of super universe number-7) and on Paradise (Centre of all the whole grand universe and the seat of the Universal Father God), your number in the catalogue of the inhabited worlds. I know the physical-sphere registry number, but it is of such an extraordinary size that it is of little practical significance to the mortal mind.Your planet is a member of an enormous cosmos; you belong to a well-nigh infinite family of worlds, but your sphere is just as precisely administered and just as lovingly fostered as if it were the only inhabited world in all existence.(Unquote)

All material in the form of visible matter and energy in the universe is produced from a source of invisible energy of the universe whose source is the Universal Father God. That is the primordial energy and force. There exists living intelligent beings in the primordial energy level and they have been in existence before the material forms came in to existence. Our scientists are wondering about the 96 % of invisible energy in the universe! The rationality of thought of our scientists have to make a paradigm shift if they intent to proceed further! Convergence of spiritual philosophy and scientific philosophy is going to be a reality in the near future due to this.

I have written about these and you can find those in various other articles in this blog site.

Now let me address the topic about what is known as the mansion worlds. 

Many Christians keep wondering about Jesus Christ's parting assurances to his disciples that is given in John 14:1 where he mentions about the many mansions that exist in his Father's (Universal Father God's)  house. 

What are these mansions? The Urantia Book now clarifies it by giving more explanations to this. It says that these are the mansion worlds- the transition training worlds for humans who survive their material death. 

The invisible author of Paper-47 of the book tells us like this: (Quote) The Creator Son (of God), when on Urantia, spoke of the “many mansions in the Father’s universe.” In a certain sense, all fifty-six of the encircling worlds of Jerusem (name given for the divine administration head quarters of the system of mortal inhabited worlds that includes our earth)  are devoted to the transitional culture of ascending mortals (mortal beings whose personalities are prevented from total loss and are provided the chance of immortality and personality progress) , but the seven satellites of world number one are more specifically known as the mansion worlds.

Transition world number one itself is quite exclusively devoted to ascendant activities, being the headquarters of the finaliter corps assigned to Satania (name of the system of worlds that includes earth). This world now serves as the headquarters for more than one hundred thousand companies of finaliters, and there are one thousand glorified beings (mortals who survived earthly death) in each of these groups.

Glorious Earthly Mansions!
What This Could Be in the Mansion Worlds?

When a system is settled in light and life (the pinnacle of material progress), and as the mansion worlds one by one cease to serve as mortal-training stations, they are taken over by the increasing finaliter population which accumulates in these older and more highly perfected systems.

The seven mansion worlds are in charge of the morontia supervisors and the Melchizedeks. There is an acting governor on each world who is directly responsible to the Jerusem rulers. (Unquote)

What we understand from the extensive information in this book is this: 

The mansion worlds are worlds specially made by God's administration for giving an opportunity to mortal beings such as human beings of earth to remove their negative qualities and traits and progress more and more towards divine qualities. These worlds are perhaps several light years away from us and it would not be possible for us to travel to those by our materially invented means of transport.

Death on earth and other similar mortal worlds serves two purposes essentially.

Firstly, it weeds out those who do not have the essential characteristics to gain immortality and divinity.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity for God's administration to de-materialize the screened human personalities and transport them to far away celestial places and again materialize them in bodies that are superior to material forms (such as the morontia form). Thus, all humans with survival characteristics (as judged by the celestial administration) take a kind of re-birth in the distant mansion worlds. There they are taught and trained in all those things which they ought have learnt while on their material existence but failed to do so due to various reasons. The mansion world life make the imperfect human personalities more and more perfect in divine standards and equip them to advance further to higher forms of divinity to reach the presence of the the ultimate power and glory of God.

The Urantia Book authors remind us that while God is love, mercy and justice, the human life is not some thing which is a purposeless accident of the universe. It has a definite purpose determined by the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe. And human beings are not helpless and abandoned orphans who are destined to float aimlessly. All of them have a purpose and they all have responsibilities while they live their short life in their respective material worlds.

When they ignore their respective responsibilities beyond a certain limits they tend to live a life which is characteristically erroneous and evil and they also tend to reject the love of God. Life of such individuals reduces to that of plants and animals which has only local relevance and no future perspective. Their life and life purpose ends when they die.

On the other hand, all those who essentially lead a life fulfilling certain basic characteristics that respect divine love and justice tend to become prospective candidates for immortality and personality survival even after material death. This is true even for those who commit certain circumstantial errors in life, but not repeating those willfully. They are essentially good and pious people who recognize the love of God.

Yet, survival of death to gain immortal personality survival is not so simple and easy for inherently vicious people. No spiritual rituals or beliefs could perhaps change that. For example, the bread and wine ceremony of the churches would not possibly ensure salvation as Christians commonly love to believe. As God sees the human mind, God judges every one according to his or her true standing regardless of their apparent appearance and acts in the society!

We need to give a serious thought to all these! 

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