Monday, June 22, 2015

Sharing Some Supernal Statements for Some Simple Superior Souls!*

Spiritual growth is mutually stimulated by intimate association with other religionists. 

Love supplies the soil for religious growth.

While religion produces growth of meanings and enhancement of values, evil always results when purely personal evaluations are elevated to the levels of absolutes.

Some persons are too busy to grow and are therefore in grave danger of spiritual fixation.

The chief inhibitors of growth are prejudice and ignorance.

Year-by-year progress through an established educational regime does not necessarily mean intellectual progress.

Enlargement of vocabulary does not signify development of character. 

Live loyally today — grow — and tomorrow will attend to itself.

The quickest way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live loyally each moment as a tadpole.

Religion cannot be bestowed, received, loaned, learned, or lost. It is a personal experience which grows proportionally to the growing quest for final values.

The evidence of true spiritual development consists in the exhibition of a human personality motivated by love, activated by unselfish service, and dominated by the wholehearted worship of the perfection ideals of divinity. And this entire experience constitutes the reality of religion as contrasted with mere theological beliefs.

Spirituality enhances the ability to discover beauty in things, recognize truth in meanings, and discover goodness in values.

The goal of human self-realization should be spiritual, not material.

Religion is not a technique for attaining a static and blissful peace of mind; it is an impulse for organizing the soul for dynamic service.

Human likes and dislikes do not determine good and evil; moral values do not grow out of wish fulfillment or emotional frustration.

Values can never be static; reality signifies change, growth. Change without growth, expansion of meaning and exaltation of value, is valueless — is potential evil. Values are always both actual and potential — not what was, but what is and is to be.

The supreme value of human life consists in growth of values, progress in meanings, and realization of the cosmic interrelatedness of both of these experiences. And such an experience is the equivalent of God-consciousness. Such a human, while not supernatural, is truly becoming superhuman; an immortal soul is evolving.

Man cannot cause growth, but he can supply favorable conditions. Growth is always unconscious, be it physical, intellectual, or spiritual.

Love thus grows; it cannot be created, manufactured, or purchased; it must grow. 

Evolution is a cosmic technique of growth. 

Social growth cannot be secured by legislation, and moral growth can not be  by improved administration. 

Man may manufacture a machine, but its real value must be derived from human culture and personal appreciation.

Religious living is devoted living, and devoted living is creative living, original and spontaneous. 
New religious insights arise out of conflicts which initiate the choosing of new and better reaction habits in the place of older and inferior reaction patterns.

The highest happiness is indissolubly linked with spiritual progress. Spiritual growth yields lasting joy, peace which passes all understanding.

You can best discover values in your associates by discovering their motivation. If someone irritates you, causes feelings of resentment, you should sympathetically seek to discern his viewpoint, his reasons for such objectionable conduct. If once you understand your neighbor, you will become tolerant, and this tolerance will grow into friendship and ripen into love.

You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will. Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments.

Genuine religion takes nothing away from human existence, but it does add new meanings to all of life; it generates new types of enthusiasm, zeal, and courage.

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