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A Rare Request From a Friend Tired of Seeking God !

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from a distant reader of my blogs who resides somewhere in South Africa. He wanted me to tell briefly about the main gist of knowledge that is given in my favorite revelatory truth book on the basis of which I write many of my blogs in this site.

First I feel happy because here I find a person curious to know things and interested in finding God, a thing which is not a priority for a good majority of people.

He admits that he does not like long discourses and want to know  only the essence.

I do not know whether I would be able to make those of his kind satisfied.

Yet let me try.

For the benefit of those of his kind let me reproduce below the essential content of his question first:

"I am tired of reading long lengthy discourses , trying to find GOD. As an indian from  western influence & trying to stay from eastern mysticism whilst @ the same time keeping in mind the heaven & hell reality. Kindly briefly tell me about this knowledge from this book you are talking about."

I replied him the way it came into my mind. I am not sure whether he would be satisfied.

This is what I wrote him:

I presume that you had tried to read my blogs at :

I am inspired to write blogs based on the Urantia Book. The book is too voluminous. When you are tired of reading lengthy matter, this poses some problem.

The book is authored by many authors who introduce themselves as non-humans or invisible living personalities of celestial orders. When we can have no proof for the existence of such invisible beings non detectable to our material wisdom, it is indeed difficult to believe.

But when you analyse those information from another angle, it is not at all difficult. The grace, quality, authority , knowledge and logics are beyond human intellectual capacity.

Any way I have concluded to believe what the book says it is.

In short what the book says is this:

1. There is an intelligent, first cause who does not have an origin, but who is the cause of creation of every thing in this vast universe, which is a conglomerate of several universes. He is infinite and it is not possible for finite beings like us to comprehend Him. He is the source of everything including Energy, Mind, Matter and Personality. We can consider Him as our Universal Father God. There could be several orders of beings created by Him who are much superior to us. But they are all the children of God and hence we are all linked by a universal brotherhood.

2. We should love our universal father and if that love is genuine we should love all others who are children of the same God.

3. Every living personality in this universe has a job to do. And that job is to do service to others without selfishness and pride so that the universal organization of God progress steadily.

4. God wants us to experience each stage of our lives and enhance our experience and capacities for higher forms of responsibilities. It is not God's will to be static or non-progressive.

5. There is a fragment of God that lives in the minds of all normal human beings whose purpose is to orient us towards our Universal Father God. This fragment being a part of God is the god that lives in us. If we tune our mind to this fragment of God, all of us can know what is good for us so that we live according to the will of God. It is not necessary for us to search God in temples, churches or religious places or do some rituals to please God. Living according to the will of God pleases God.

6. Human form is one of the lowest orders of intelligent living beings who are capable of functioning according to the will of God. Every human being who lives mostly in accordance with the will of God is likely to live in another higher form in another world even after death. He or she does not forgo his personality or memories. In this manner, a human being who is living mostly in accordance with the will of God progresses steadily to higher forms to take up higher and higher responsibilities in the universe. Slowly his material limitations are removed and he or she would gather capabilities similar to celestial beings. These capabilities include immortality, memory power, power to communicate, power to sense other celestial beings and inter world travel at speeds beyond that of light.
And there are trillions of worlds for such an individual to explore in the future ages of his life.

Thus there are many re-births for such a human being. But the teaching, that we will have re-births here on earth again and again as animals or humans, has arisen out of wrong interpretations. Our advanced lives would be in worlds other than our earth and all those (worlds) for us are the heavenly bodies or abodes (for our future adventure)

7. Living according to the will of God does not necessarily mean an error free life. Errors are likely to happen. But we should not will fully and repeatedly do those things that are not approved by our inner self (the godly power within us) If we do that we are doing willfully against the will of God and that is sin.

8. When we keep on living with the least consideration to the will of God, we perhaps live a beastly life like animals. In that case we cease to get a future life after our death. The fragment of god that was within us leaves us and return back to its source (God) without our human personality essence (after our death). In other words we simply cease to exist after death. This (the return of our impersonal self to God)  is what the Hindus errorneously consider as Moksha. The book tells us that what returns back to God in this case is the part of God himself that He had given in our minds and not us. In fact He had given us this gift to ensure that we acquire immortality with our own humanly originated personality.

9. Our special capabilities as humans are nothing of great value for our future survival. If we have such advanced human abilities such as intelligence, wisdom, power, wealth, etc., those will have to be used with care and responsibly for the benefit of others who are not so fortunate (in this stage of life on earth). In other words, special capabilities and privileges might cause elation of our egos to such an extent that we forget to listen to our inner self for doing the will of God !

10. Our prime responsibility is loving God and that means living the way He wants us to live by being unselfishly good to all and also trying to gain useful experiences from our first stage material life. 

I hope you could understand what it means to find God.

Remember, the trials and tribulations of this world are not purposefully made by God, but they keep occuring under the course of progress of our world. There are reasons. You could learn about those reasons and appreciate those when you are ready to receive those reasons fully without any doubts.

Let the god within you illuminate you to live according to the will of God !

Rajan C Mathew, Ranchi, India.

I earnestly hope that this answer would be of help to a few others too !

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