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Some Notable Knowledge Pieces about the Invisible Realities of Life !

"God is spirit.”

He is a universal spiritual presence.

The Universal Father (God) is an infinite spiritual reality;  He is “the sovereign, eternal, immortal, invisible, and only true God.”

Even though you (human beings)  are “the offspring of God,” you ought not to think that the Universal Father (God) is like yourselves in form and physique because you are said to be created “in his image”.

But a fraction of a spiritual replica of His image resides in you and that is the god in you. And this spiritual presence that is within you has the potential to lead you to the presence of God at some future time if your free willed mind make that choice. By that time you would be transformed  to an order of a spirit being having the ability and capacity to be in the presence of God.

Spirit beings are real, notwithstanding they are invisible to human eyes; even though they have not flesh and blood.

The Universal Father is invisible not because He is hiding Himself away from the lowly creatures of materialistic handicaps and limited spiritual abilities and qualities. It is because the glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine personality presence is impossible of approach by material beings like humans or even the lower orders of spirit beings (who are well above the material order of beings)

But it is not necessary to see God with the eyes of the flesh in order to discern Him by the faith-vision of the spiritualized mind.

God is not hiding from any of the orders of living beings that he has created or caused to be created including you the human beings of earth.

He is unapproachable to so many orders of beings only because he “dwells in a light which no material creature can approach.” The immensity and grandeur of the divine personality is beyond the grasp of the unperfected mind of evolutionary mortal beings like you or even the immortal spirit beings of the lower orders.

Today, and as you are, you must discern the invisible Maker (of the entire Universes) through his manifold and diverse creation, as well as through the revelation and help of his high order Sons (such as the local universe Creator Son who once lived among you as a man like you) or their numerous subordinates (such as the spirit being who lived among you visible to the people in the form of a human being )

The highly personalized Sons of God are clearly discernible by the lower orders of created intelligences, and so do they compensate for the invisibility of the infinite and therefore less discernible Universal Father God.

The farther down the scale of life we go, the more difficult it becomes to locate, with the eye of faith, the invisible Universal Father (God) .

The lower creatures — and sometimes even the higher personalities — find it difficult always to envisage the Universal Father in his Creator Sons. And so, pending the time of their spiritual exaltation, when perfection of development will enable them to see God in person, they grow weary in progression, entertain spiritual doubts, stumble into confusion, and thus isolate themselves from the progressive spiritual aims of their time and universe. In this way they lose the ability to see the Father when beholding the Creator Son.

Such problems have occured even for a few of  those immortal and invisible creatures that you have known as angels. Such invisible angelic personalities who are confused and isolated from the progressive spiritual aims are now living in some of the mortal worlds including your earth.

Such problems not only happen with you human beings, but also to immortal spiritual beings in lower levels of perfection.

But the invisible angels are around you for some purpose. And the majority of them have not deviated from their objectives and purposes. They are there to help you (their lower level cousins!) to progress in your spiritual abilities and capabilities.

Angels do not have material bodies, but they are definite and discrete beings; they are of spirit nature and origin. Though invisible to you (humans), they perceive you as you are in the flesh without the aid of transformers or translators; they intellectually understand the mode of mortal life, and they share all of man’s nonsensuous emotions and sentiments. They appreciate and greatly enjoy your efforts in music, art, and real humor. They are fully cognizant of your moral struggles and spiritual difficulties. They love human beings, and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them.

The strength of Islam (one of your major religions) has been its clear-cut and well-defined presentation of Allah as the one and only Deity; its weakness, the association of military force with its promulgation, together with its degradation of woman. But it has steadfastly held to its presentation of the One Universal Deity of all, “who knows the invisible and the visible. He is the merciful and the compassionate.” “Truly God is plenteous in goodness to all men.” “And when I am sick, it is he who heals me.” “For whenever as many as three speak together, God is present as a fourth,” for is he not “the first and the last, also the seen and the hidden”?

Human beings have learned that the motion of the invisible may sometimes be discerned by observing its effects on the visible; and we in the universes have long since learned to detect the movements and trends of Supremacy by observing the repercussions of such evolutions in the personalities and patterns of the grand universe.

The surest safeguard for the creature throughout the long struggle to attain the Father, during this time when inherent conditions make such attainment impossible, is tenaciously to hold on to the truth-fact of the Father’s presence in his Sons.

Literally and figuratively, spiritually and personally, the Father and the Sons are one.

It is a fact: He who has seen a Creator Son has seen the (Universal) Father (God).

Jesus is the spiritual lens in human likeness which makes visible to the material creature Him who is invisible. He is your elder brother who, in the flesh, makes known to you a Being of infinite attributes whom not even the celestial hosts can presume fully to understand. But all of this must consist in the personal experience of the individual believer.

God who is spirit can be known only as a spiritual experience. God can be revealed to the finite sons of the material worlds, by the divine Son of the spiritual realms, only as a Father. You can know the Eternal as a Father; you can worship him as the God of universes, the infinite Creator of all existences.

The supermortal brotherhood of  invisible spiritual beings which prevails on earth and in heaven, is the superhuman kingdom of God.

Error (evil) is the penalty of imperfection.

The qualities of imperfection or facts of misadaptation are disclosed on the material level by critical observation and by scientific analysis; on the moral level, by human experience.

The presence of evil constitutes proof of the inaccuracies of mind and the immaturity of the evolving self. Evil is, therefore, also a measure of imperfection in universe interpretation.

The possibility of making mistakes is inherent in the acquisition of wisdom, the scheme of progressing from the partial and temporal to the complete and eternal, from the relative and imperfect to the final and perfected.

Goodness, like truth, is always relative and unfailingly evil-contrasted. It is the perception of these qualities of goodness and truth that enables the evolving souls of men to make those personal decisions of choice which are essential to eternal survival.

Though human beings differ in many ways, the one from another, before God and in the spiritual world all mortals stand on an equal footing.

There are only two groups of mortals in the eyes of God: those who desire to do his will and those who do not.

As the universe looks upon an inhabited world, it likewise discerns two great classes: those who know God and those who do not.

Those who cannot know God are reckoned among the animals of any given realm.

Mankind can appropriately be divided into many classes in accordance with differing qualifications, as they may be viewed physically, mentally, socially, vocationally, or morally, but as these different classes of mortals appear before the judgment bar of God, they stand on an equal footing; God is truly no respecter of persons.

Although you cannot escape the recognition of differential human abilities and endowments in matters intellectual, social, and moral, you should make no such distinctions in the spiritual brotherhood of men when assembled for worship in the presence of God

A mechanistic philosophy of life and the universe cannot be scientific because science recognizes and deals only with materials and facts.

Philosophy is inevitably superscientific.

Man is a material fact of nature, but his life is a phenomenon which transcends the material levels of nature in that it exhibits the control attributes of mind and the creative qualities of spirit.

[Randomly quoted with minor adaptations from the Truthbook]

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