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Some More Clarifications to the Distant Friend About the Urantia Book !

The day before yesterday I had reproduced the relevant portions of an e-mail correspondence that I had with a distant reader of my blogs from South Africa, titled: A Rare Request From a Friend Tired of Seeking God !

Today I got a reply from the same friend which read some thing like this:

Brother Rajan

Your response to my email is thought provoking. However the very thing i was trying to avoid age philosophies, hinduism/buddhism etc. seems to be a large unspoken part of your response. I am by no means an expert on anything. I am "tired " of reading non essential literature or something that does not draw me towards GOD. Also it is frustrating trying to read small print on a mobile phone. I seem to recall that you mention somewhere that you did attend church, so in light of this,Is there anything in the book you speak about that gives clear information on Heaven or Hell or the devil etc.?I must admit it is a little frightening to read or digest this  The book is authored by many authors who introduce themselves as non-humans or invisible living personalities of celestial orders.


I thought it dutiful for me to reply him with some more inputs which I did today. I might not have covered all the issues to his full satisfaction, I do hope that he gets enough inputs that could satisfy his anxious mind. Since these clarifications might find some use to a few others of my readers I am reproducing the content of my reply to him as below:

Dear Brother Amaranandan,

I agree on one thing what you admit frankly about getting tired of reading non-essential literature. Yes, many people, especially the pseudo elitist intellectual class, seem to go after such philosophical literature being produced by similar kind of Gurus or spiritualistic leaders.

If you logically analyze the reasons for the existence of such literature, it is not difficult to find out that it is the quest for fame and publicity and the motives for many other such returns that people resort to such things. Ofcourse there could be some exceptions here and there.

In otherwords, God in our current society has been degraded as a saleable commodity. It is the people who define God who is otherwise undefinable on account of His infinite and incomprehensible nature and attributes. With our limited comprehensive capacities, it is quite possible that we make gross errors in understanding this infinite entity.

If you are color blind, would it be possible for you to know about colors by reading an essay on the subject ?

All philosophical, religious or scientific literature that we have today are humanly authored. Ofcourse, some of them might be inspired by inputs from the invisible realms. That means that what information we have today are essentially a mixture of truths mixed with untruths , errors and imaginations.

But if human race is progressing on an evolutionary path, then this is nothing serious. It is bound to happen.

Now coming to the Urantia Book.

You said it is frightening to read or digest this book reportedly written by non-humans from the invisible realms.
I consider it the other way, though. It re-assures me of the existence of the realms invisible and superior to us thereby re-assuring me of the existence of the Supreme command of the Invisible God.

In fact, this book is exactly doing that. It is trying to explain to us about those things which are real but are not so convincing to us. It also explains why the book was given to human beings of earth for the first time in human history in this manner.

This confusion happens due to many things. Firstly we have been proceeding in water tight compartments when it comes to human development with regard to religious, philosophical and scientific knowledge. Our scientists feel ashamed to openly admit their convictions regarding their conclusions that point towards the existence of a realm which is beyond visible matter and energy. Ofcourse, we live in an age where this reluctance is slowly melting away.

Authors of the book explains that the book is given to human kind at a juncture when atleast a few of the humans are capable of understanding the book. The manuscript of the book was given during the 1920's and it got published in 1955. This period was the time when some people in the scientific community were advancing towards scientific knowledge and discoveries hitherto never happened in the history of mankind. The authors of the book discuss such discoveries and even explains certain aspects yet to be discovered and even instigate humans to direct their energies to find the answers to such problems themselves.

The book explains the structure and governance of the universe as being conducted by God and His real super human administrative organization to the extent it is appreciable to humans (at least to some of the higher intellectual types)

It is not necessary that we know all the details of the vast and complex administrative or creative set up of the universes. But it thrills those who are of the inquisitive types.

For others it is very re-assuring to know that such a reality exists. It is very refreshing to me to read about these realities every time as told by some of those personalities about whom we had never known earlier so vividly.

The book also explains God's purpose. As the book's purpose is to remove the errors that have crept in the minds of human beings, it has many re-statements which contradicts the present religions and beliefs. But I find those explanations very much satisfactory to my mind. But it may not be so for the majority people of this world for the time being. Unless they gain the mind capacity to analyze and accept certain aspects for which they are biased at present, it cannot happen.

The book's purpose is not to open up another religion. Its purpose is to provide guidance to those willing humans belonging to any class or religion the necessary inputs to live their lives according to the will of god and be eligible to progress to higher realms of life even after their deaths.

Its purpose is not to give some pleasing anwers to life's questions when such pleasantries are not existing or are not factual.

For example, the book categorically tells that Jesus Christ had lived on this earth and it is a fact. In fact the fourth part of the book is entirely devoted to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and that too in so matter of fact and in so much details that it has never ever appeared in any books including the bible so far. The authors of this part of the book are a group of invisible beings who are said to be permanent residents of earth. The authors tell us that we should consider them as our senior immortal cousins. They are beings who are midway between material beings such as humans and spiritual beings such as say, the angels. They are capable of making themselves visible to human sensory mechanisms as well as making effects on material things. They have an origin and are immortal for ages. As they are witnesses to the events that happened during the times of Jesus, the story of Jesus is now retold in their words with due approval from the higher authorities in the super human invisible celestial realms. The approval is because, they do not do this kind of a thing every now and then. God's intervention takes place as if of a miracle (miracle to humans) only on extreme rare occassions.

The Jesus story is retold because the God's administration felt that it is the appropriate time to reveal it truthfully to humans. Jesus is in fact the merciful and loving creator son of God who is the creator and sovereign of our part of the universe. The authors tell us that what the Christians of today are doing is following a 'religion about Jesus' and not the 'religion (or teachings) of Jesus'. I am fully convinced of this after reading this.

The authors categorically tells us that there is nothing called God's wrath. God is loving and love always. The Universal Father God never wanted his creator son to take a human incarnation just for becoming a blood sacrifice for the sins of humans on account of the first sin of Adam and Eve. This, the book says, is an erroneous concept got into the human belief system during the past thousands of years due to various admixture of thoughts and histories.

But God operates through universal laws made by him. He had also created perfect and imperfect beings both having   free will minds. The perfect beings, though with free will, are not likely to take decisions against God's laws. But for imperfect beings, in the process of experiential perfection, such a thing can happen. Human beings and many lower order celestial beings are imperfect and are expected to progress towards perfection through their own free will choices.

For those following the universal laws of God, the reward is an everlasting life full of adventure and scope for advancements.

Those who consistently and willfully do not obey those laws, the end result is deprivation of such a life, again on the basis of the same laws.
Now for mortals such as human beings who are not created with immortality as such, this is what happens. They will not become immortal beings if they keep working against the laws of God. It is wrong to say that they are going to be in Hell after death.

But there is a possibility of Hell like situation for those who are of the immortal kinds who keep breaking the laws of God. As I understand from the book, it is not some thing of an everlasting fire and torture. But it could be a deprivation of their further advancements and progress and possible detention in some place, just say a situation similar to our prison life for a life convict.

The advancing life opportunity that those obeying the laws of God gets is the progressive life adventure other than in our world of origin. And that is the heavenly life. But the heavenly life is not limited to one place. It is innumerable extending to say millions of years until we transform ourselves in capacity and ability to be in the presence of God. The book assures that at some distant future such human beings of earth would definitely 'see' God.

A mortal being such as the human being of earth has the potential to be in the presence of God as a perfected being who attains the status by experientially evolving. Such a perfected and experiential being would then be assigned the task of some adminstrative work in the trillions of worlds in the outer universes which are currently in the process of creation.

My friend, this is the content of the book which is depicted in much more details for those who have the capacity to understand.

Unfortunately there are only very few people who have the capacity to understand the book and get enthused and attracted towards reading it, in this current age. The authors of the book tell that it might take many ages for a good majority of people to come to that level. So those few like me who are readers of this fabulous book are already forewarned not to be highly enthusiastic about preaching the content of this book to those who do not have the capacity to understand.

Serious readers of the Urantia Book really believes in one of the statements that the book highlights for our guidance : ' Give advice only when it is asked for'.

I have written this much since you had shown the inclination to know more.

As this may find useful to a few of the internet browsing community, I presume your permission to publish the content of this e-mail (with minor editions) as another blog of mine in blogspot.

I hope this would give further inputs to instigate your thoughts and actions in the right direction.

You may feel free to ask me any thing in this context.

In the near future, I hope that you would be sufficiently elevated in mind to explore the Urantia Book and digest its revelatory knowledge.

With Best Regards.

Your brother from India. 

Before I could publish this today came his reply wherein he has acknowledged the receiving it and the time that he might need to understand and digest it. Additionally he had expressed his desire to interact with me personally on the 'interesting subject of Urantia' for a week whenever I visit South Africa. I am glad that he found 'Urantia' interesting and hope that we could someday interact in person.

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