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I Love My Dog Very Much, But Does It Have a Soul ?

It is a good thing that our love for animals has increased many fold in the recent times unlike perhaps in the past centuries.

We have many human associations who work for the well being of both pet animals and wild animals.

Many of us love our pets more than perhaps our own fellow humans who are not so fortunate as we are.

There are many in the developed nations and many in the upper class societies who think that their pets are also personalities with souls who would be there with them in the heaven with them after death. Some may even say that they would not like to go to heaven if their pets are not there. That shows their deep rooted bondage and love that they have with their animals.

Many people in India and the eastern societies think that the animals that are with them are possessed with the souls of their dear ones or relatives who died earlier.

Some of us might be just curious to know whether our loved dog or cat or horse has a soul just as we ?

None of us are very sure of these things.

Only God knows the fact. And that is a fact !

But then God lived among us some time ago to tell us about such facts.

That was the human incarnation of the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of all the material worlds that belonged to our part of the universe.

The invisible super human authors of my favorite book categorically clarify that this Sovereign of our universe is the same Jesus who is depicted in the Bible and other such books.

These authors tell us so many interesting and hitherto untold events from the life and teachings of Jesus.

The book depicts details of a year long journey undertaken by Jesus as a language interpreter for a wealthy Indian business man named Gonod and his youthful son named Ganid.

This happened some years before Jesus took up his preaching in his own homeland in and around the present day Israel.

During this journey his Indian companions learnt that Jesus was an extra-ordinary youth having a masterly knowledge in many things that they began to love and respect him and were anxious to hear his opinions and views on various kinds of life experiences they had during their long journey.

And on one such occassion this incident happened where in Jesus was asked about the question of animals having souls by Ganid.

It was on an after noon on the course of their journey through the regions of the Roman empire.

That afternoon Jesus and Ganid had both enjoyed playing with a very intelligent shepherd dog, and Ganid wanted to know whether the dog had a soul, whether it had a will, and in response to his questions Jesus said:

“The dog has a mind which can know material man, his master, but cannot know God, who is spirit; therefore the dog does not possess a spiritual nature and cannot enjoy a spiritual experience.

The dog may have a will derived from nature and augmented by training, but such a power of mind is not a spiritual force, neither is it comparable to the human will, inasmuch as it is not reflective—it is not the result of discriminating higher and moral meanings or choosing spiritual and eternal values.

It is the possession of such powers of spiritual discrimination and truth choosing that makes mortal man a moral being, a creature endowed with the attributes of spiritual responsibility and the potential of eternal survival.”

Jesus went on to explain that it is the absence of such mental powers in the animal which makes it forever impossible for the animal world to develop language in time or to experience anything equivalent to personality survival in eternity.

As a result of this day’s instruction Ganid never again entertained belief in the transmigration of the souls of men into the bodies of animals.

The next day Ganid talked all this over with his father, and it was in answer to Gonod’s question that Jesus explained that :

“human wills which are fully occupied with passing only upon temporal decisions having to do with the material problems of animal existence are doomed to perish in time. Those who make wholehearted moral decisions and unqualified spiritual choices are thus progressively identified with the indwelling and divine spirit, and thereby are they increasingly transformed into the values of eternal survival—unending progression of divine service.”

It was on this same day that we (the authors)  first heard that momentous truth which, stated in modern terms, would signify:

“Will is that manifestation of the human mind which enables the subjective consciousness to express itself objectively and to experience the phenomenon of aspiring to be Godlike.”

And it is in this same sense that every reflective and spiritually minded human being can become creative.

The two Indians were learning a great truth from the Sovereign Creator of a universe of a few million worlds who was at that time travelling and helping them as an ordinary young man.

And they heard that truth together with all those invisible beings around them from the most authentic source who could have revealed it !

I have no reason to disbelieve this truth.

And what about you ?

[The bold paras are directly quoted from Paper-130 of my favorite book]

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  1. Online PhD Admission 2013 Said: Yes every one have a soul in this earth which made by the creators.
    Nice post and also learns us a lesson and say to love every one.


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