Thursday, February 7, 2013

If God Created Us, Who Created God ?

Let me admit this frankly. This is the question that I asked my parents, my self and those whom I considered more knowledgeable, right from my early childhood.

Now I know that many like me keep on asking this question and perhaps they will never ever find an answer.

Since there was no answer to this question some of those questioners preferred to become atheists with no belief in an entity called God. Some of those proposed the theory of evolution to counter the theory of Creation by an Intelligent God.

But that theory too failed in the sense that they could not find an answer to the evolution of materials or even energy.

It has become a complex riddle for both the theists and the atheists.

Science is puzzled and scientists are puzzled.

Those hardcore atheistic scientists are also not very sure, even while they keep spending their energies in pushing forward their arguments !

Neither those hardcore religionists are not so sure of the existence of God. Even if they believe, they have little understanding !

And that equates them to their atheistic scientists.

None of them can possibly prove their theories and beliefs.

Why do we land into such a situation ? I kept asking to myself for many years.

Until I find my favorite guide book.

The book that answered those questions the scientists could not answer with all those decades of research.

The book that answered all those questions the religionists could not answer so far with their centuries of theological studies based on holy writings from the past and the present.

And what does this book say in short ? In what way it is different ?

It tells that both the scientists and the religionists are partially true and have not reached the full truth.

Because it is not possible for them to find the full truth !

Because they are finite entities with finite minds !

Because they are either trying to define an incomprehensible process or to define an infinite entity with their limited minds.

But even with that limitation, what they tell about creation and evolution are both right in some manner.

The universe that we see as composed of visible energy and matter are all created by an Intelligent and Infinite entity existing beyond the realm of both visible energy and matter.

That is the primordial force which is non responsive to our senses. But that primordial force is responsive to a pre-existent mind that was co-existent with it.

These two were the the pre-existent realities. An infinite existence of a primordial force under the control of an infinite mind !

And that infinite mind worked over the infinite primordial forces infinitely to start the process of the fundamental evolution and fundamental creation in the invisible pre-material realms.

That was during the eternal times when time and space, as we realize now, did not exist !

And creation is not an instantaneous process or a magic.

It does take time. Time in trillions of years !

And that process is evolution.

But that evolution is not automatic.

It is under the control of the Infinite Mind acting on the evolutionary process. We may call it the Supreme Creator because the act of mind in itself gives rise to Personality.

This creation is not without any purpose. The Creator has definite purpose for all these.

Personality and mind are two things that are important features to be understood in this whole process.

My friend, it is mind boggling ! This knowledge !

But it is quite satisfying and refreshing to know all these !

My existence has a purpose and that is true for you as well.

But there is also a chance that we miss that purpose and fail to fulfil it.

It is difficult for me to explain all those in a few lines.

Just as I have found it in detail, you too can find it.

My favorite guide book is not a secret hidden from any one !

Best wishes !

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  1. The word 'creation' has no meaning in a non-material world - until the first thing is created. And, the theory of evolution answers everything pretty well since that point. For me, I am at least equally happy to live with the idea of super-primitive substances in the beginning than a super complex God in the beginning.

    1. For decades I have worked as a designer of process plants and equipment. And that experience has taught me that nothing purposeful can be created randomly without the application of an intelligent mind. Even a random creation of a non-purposeful form cannot be repeated even if we assume that such a thing is ever possible. When we look around, all living forms reveal purposeful design and application of intelligence and logic. So the theory of random evolution or automatic evolution cannot explain everything.

      Whether you are happy of living with any of these ideas is purely your choice and you are free to move forward with that choice because the Creator has somehow chosen it that way. It is the Creator's will that he had bestowed a free will in his creatures existing in the material realms or even in the non-material realms.

      If I am a designer of a robot, it is my prerogative how I decide the robot to function !


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