Saturday, August 2, 2014

Search for Dark Matter: Will it Finally Culminate in the Marriage of Science with Religion?

 Article in the Economic Times (Ranchi Edition) dated 2-July-2014

Today morning, while going through the business news paper- the  Economic Times - my attention was drawn to an article titled: 'The Search for the Dark Matter' (You can see the photo scan of the article above).

When I searched the electronic publication of this same news paper I found the same article titled as :'Scientists conducting experiments to detect dark matter'. 

I also find another article in the same e-paper related to the same topic: 'Astronomers may have seen dark matter strands for the first time'.

Then another related science speculation news: 'Earth may have dark matter disc around equator'.

I do not know how many of my learned Indian readers are interested in these latest scientific developments.

But I am and I have been for some time.

What exactly the world renowned scientists are now reluctantly but surely moving forward to conclude?

Their scientific logic and experiments have are now zeroing to some conclusions like this:

The whole of the universe is composed of some matter of which only 20% is visible matter such as we know as that exist in the stars, planets, dust and the elements. 

A much larger part of 80% is invisible energy or matter about which we know pretty nothing now. But it exists and exerts tremendous gravitational force on the stars, planets and such other visible matter.

Scientists now call this invisible reality as the 'Dark Matter'.

The dark matter is the causative agent for the formation of the visible matter. In other words, our atoms and the fundamental particles that we have been taught so far- the electrons, protons and the neutrons- are no more the fundamental particles. These particles themselves are made of the ' Higgs Bosons' or some thing like that the scientists have now proved using their Hadron Collider experiment in search of what some of them preferred to call as the 'God's particles'. I had earlier written about it: Why our scientists are so jubilant?  where I discussed about the 'Ultimaton' concept which had been in the published domain for the last 70 years. But this was not in the field of the formal science.

The invisible domain of the universe have been the basis of faith by the religions and the spiritualists. The spiritually oriented philosophers could conclude about its existence as a reality.

But the modern science its infancy was not prepared for it. They could not agree for some thing which cannot be detected by natural or artificial sensory systems. But now their understanding levels have crossed the threshold of knowledge that they are bound to accept this reality.

That essentially means that we are now approaching towards a situation wherein our spiritual faith and science begin to move together instead of working in isolated pockets.

Advanced science reaches to public acceptance slowly. It normally takes decades.

But I know that it will happen.

The next generations will definitely know about it and comfortable with it.

Spiritual knowledge and thoughts also would advance and perhaps get polished.

Human ignorance would slowly fade away.

When it happens, humans would no longer fight for religion and for their misconceptions in spiritual faiths.

I have been taught to be an optimist by my favorite book of revealed knowledge. I need not be impatient.  


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