Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Green Camcorder Pictures From Ranchi!

More than an year ago, I purchased a camcorder online from Flipcart. I am not a photography enthusiast or hobbyist. But I do like good pictures. Incidentally, now you can do that from world renowned online suppliers, Amazon too, in India.[Search for camcorders in Amazon search box on the bottom right panel]

In fact, good color photographs actually enhance the visual appeal of any natural scene. When natural events keep passing before our eyes routinely, we forget to notice and appreciate the beauty of our planet!

In the past, color photography used to be an expensive affair. With the advancement of digital photography technology it has become affordable to common folks like me. 

We should really appreciate our scientists and engineers working in the leading consumer product companies of the world whose brilliant minds make all these happen for us.

I could not get enough time to experiment the possibilities of my camcorder all these days. It was lying almost unused for several months.

A couple of days ago, I remembered about it. I thought I should do some thing with it. At the least, I should learn how to use it for taking pictures and videos.

The easiest thing to learn was video recording. There is another wonderful feature too. This camera has an amazing 67x optical zoom. 

It was really amazing to find the distant objects smoothly and effortlessly coming clear on the view finder. The technique the cinematographers use with their expensive cameras! It was a joy to find that I could also do it without being a cameraman! 

This small camera has innumerable functions and I might take so many days to master all those effortlessly. That may not be possible because I am not addicted to any thing.

The camera being a camcorder is firstly for taking videos. But it has facilities for still pictures as well. But I find that taking videos and making stills from the videos using my PC software would be much easier for a layman like me.

My learning experience was on the roof top of my official residence in Ranchi where my wife has attempted creating a green space including an yielding kitchen garden. It is a different kind of joy for both of us when we make some delicious dishes out of the vegetables we grew ourselves in our roof garden.

Here you will see some green shots, both of and from, our roof top in Ranchi.

All these are still jpegs from the Sony Camcorder video clips, including zoom clips.

Hope you would tell me your opinions!

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