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The Relationship Between Your Zodiac and Your Personality Traits: Knowing These Could be Beneficial!

It took me decades to understand the possible reasons why I am quite different from the majority people around me, whether they are in my own family, classmates, professional colleagues,bosses, subordinates, friends or mere acquaintances. 

Right from my childhood, I used to wonder why people around me did not often agree to my ideas! 

I have been always with a vague feeling that many people around me are not so comfortable with me, even when there are no logical or explainable reasons for such a thing. 

At the same time, I have also found some people, though a very small number, are very fond of being around me always.

When my logic analyzes something as true, I have found the majority others finding it the other way.

My ideas and attitudes, I found as not in synchronicity with many others. 

I had been wondering all throughout my life about this phenomena. I have been an odd-man in this world full of people who are fully absorbed in things that are not so interesting to me. There are very few people around who are at least having some interests in those things which I am interested with. Indeed, I was an odd child, an odd youth, an odd adult and now an odd old man!

I have been wondering about this for decades. When many others are able to find many companions and friends who are comfortable among themselves, why the hell I am finding difficulty to find others who have similar thoughts as mine?

I had no idea. I had no teachers to teach me about the intricate details of life and the manner in which the secrets of life are woven up.

There was no other choice than to become a lonely explorer of truths my self. I could not discuss these with any one because there have been none who possibly had any interest in these issues which kept my mind in an unexplained melancholy always, while outwardly I looked normal and happy.

Then began my search for the meanings and purpose of life. I was not a man of spirituality or religion. Though I believed in God, my incomplete rational thoughts always used to convince me otherwise. I was rather confused. I had written about the beginning of my search for mystical realities , an year ago.

Soon I have found two things that perhaps made me different from others. 

The first possible difference was my blood group. My blood group, AB- was perhaps the rarest in this world.  While I am Rh negative, 99% of the people around me have been Rh positive! Is it a possible reason for the problems that I mentioned above?

Later I tried to study this and got much insights. I had written about my Rh negative blood group and the alienating situations that I have faced in life, earlier. 

Secondly, I found that I my zodiac sign is Sagittarius. My inexperienced but rational mind could not accept astrology and the effects of some stars and planets on human life. But later day experiences polished my rationality to practicality. I began to observe some astonishing similarities in the personality characteristics of some people which led me to read more about astrology and the zodiac. Reading some best selling books authored by Linda Goodman enhanced my interest in this topic.

While I read the personality characteristics that various authors have described about my own zodiac-Sagittarius- I wondered how some intelligent humans in the present and the past have mastered the subject. Many things written about my sun sign have been characteristically true. I got chances to study those around me whose date of births I have known. Due to certain characteristic personality traits within even those under Sagittarius, such as myself,  some astrology masters in recent times have proposed another zodiac sign now known as the Ophiuchus which many now accept as the 13th zodiac with characteristic personality attributes!

The truthfulness of the personality traits among people of the same zodiac has been observed as more or less similar to what the scientists consider for proving their scientific postulates by experimental observations! 

So I felt it logical to consider astrology as a science when it is all about grouping people with regard to their personality traits and some of their intricate relations with birth, death and diseases. Some research organizations trying to solve this mystery of astrology scientifically have been observing this to be more true than false! However, there are other studies which prove astrology not-so-scientific but pseudo.

Then came the truths of the fifth epochal revelation to my notice and I became a curious student of it. I learned about the evolution of human race on earth from it. It was logical and the ideas of natural evolution as proposed by Darwin got fine tuned by more added information introducing the concept of controlled evolution and divine over control on life. 

I had earlier wrote some aspects of human evolution and the colored races for the benefit of my readers, as I learnt it from this book of life guidance. 

But this revealed book of knowledge denounced astrology as a pseudo-science. But on closer examination I found that the book did not contradict all the concepts and beliefs of astrology, but has only fine tuned it by removing certain unfounded beliefs. The book was specifically denouncing superstitious beliefs of human beings which are essentially not correct either scientifically or spiritually!

The book revealed the relationship between a person's birth date and birth place and the future development of his or her personality with respect to them. In some earlier blogs in this site, I had written about it in some detail.

It became clear to me that a person's time of birth and and place of birth have some role in determining his or her unique positioning coordinates with regard to some universal gravity lines. This unique positioning during birth is so  unique that certain genetic changes get frozen or imprinted uniquely in the brain cells or genes of the person together with the biological characteristics that are inherited. Together these make up the person's frame work of personality. 

This frame work also determines to some great extent the quantum of life energy that the person gains which in turn determines the person's natural life span. The person's personality framework with regard to body and mind is thus founded during birth. It gets augmented during growth of the person to adulthood by learning, experience and by self creativity. Properly developed human mind is also a receptor of divine or spiritual communications. That is the way the Universal Creator has made up his universal laws for human personality development and progress, both individually and collectively.

Since every person's birth time and place of birth is almost unique, every person is unique. The uniqueness of a human being is imprinted both in body and mind. There are so many secret codes divinely inbuilt in our bodies and minds. Some we are able to discover with our own intelligence and some others we can not.

There are a number of universe energy lines that cause and fix the personality mechanisms of the brain. But there are also broad similarities and groupings. Thus the western astrologers have characterized human personality under twelve zodiacs while the Indian and the eastern astrologers made further subdivisions to make the grouping at about twenty four. Genetically we have almost double that grouping!

It is not my intention to go in to the depths of such human knowledge. Our personalities evolve based on a number of factors. Some are biological and hereditary while some get fixed at the time of birth. Additional aspects of personality refinement and development takes place when we grow. Our family, culture, environment, education, profession, etc all cause our inherent personality to further develop and refine.

The most important aspect of human life is our ability to judge good or bad by ourselves. We have also the reasoning power, the creative power and the self determination power. We can over come our negative traits if we so desire.

But most of us are reluctant to know and learn about ourselves. A good majority of us are lazy to learn and improve. 

Many of us are reluctant to satisfy our inherent curiosities for advanced knowledge. Most of us do nothing to change or know what nature or attitude of ours need to be consciously changed so that we live in harmony with others who are not in agreement with us. 

It is important to realize this. We react to various stimuli differently depending upon various aspects of our personality maturity at a given time. Our inherent personality frame work gets augmented and influenced by our environment, society, family, friendships, education, experience, training and vocation. 

We can have natural reaction to a stimulus and we can also have controlled or adjusted reaction to a stimulus. The more we are inexperienced, the more would be our natural reaction. The more experienced and developed we are, the more we learn to react wisely. Our actions and reactions not only affect us, but also affect others!

When more and more of us become experienced to discharge our reactions in a wise manner, we become matured individuals. More and more of such matured individuals tend to make up a matured society. A matured society would have less and less human induced problems!

A matured individual and a matured society would be broadminded and accommodating. They are likely to be sympathetic to others.

They would know the foolishness of arguing over their wisdom and knowledge. They would know how to tackle immature fellows among them with minimal use of the sticks and arms. 

They would know how to take care of their younger generation to grow and develop in to a more mature future society.

So, what is it that prevents us now to become matured individuals?

Would you consider giving it a deep thought? 

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