Wednesday, July 2, 2014

15 Most Critical Problems that Force India to be a Nation of Imbalanced Progress and Development!

There many public problems that remain unresolved in India, but could be resolved to practically acceptable levels if there is some competency, character, courage and compassion (the 4Cs)   in the minds of the concerned people who occupy responsible positions in all levels of governmental organizations in this country.

If these issues are resolved, India would become a developed nation from that of a perpetually developing nation.

In my opinion, the following are the fifteen most important Indian Public Problems that need to be resolved on priority:

1. Problems Due to Improper Land Reforms and Property Laws.

2. Problems Due to Improper Urban and City Management

5. Problems Due to Regressive Taxation Laws

6. Problems Due to Improper Social Security Systems

7. Problems Due to Lack of Compassion and Trust in Laws

9. Problems Due to Improper Electoral Reforms

10. Problems Due to Improper Judicial and Law Enforcement Systems

11. Problems Due to Complex Administrative Approval Systems for Business

12. Problems Due to Complex Contract Settlement Mechanisms

14. Problems Due to Neglect of Competency and Character of Individuals in Work Teams

15. Problems Due to Neglect of Planning

But in general all these problems together make India a unique nation of irrational logic and a mysterious economy among all the nations of the present world.

It causes this nations to become more and more imbalanced as it makes every step towards progress and development.

Would that imbalance topple the nation later?

It is time to think and act!

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