Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Picture Preach Cheaters of Our Modernizing World!

Many of you may not have understood what I meant by the phrase picture preach cheater or ppc in short. But picture preaching is not a thing that is too strange a phrase after all. Picture preaching has been a common method used by Christian preachers and missionaries for the last several decades. I remember listening to such a preacher, preaching with audio visual projections of artistic images created on the basis of the book titled Pilgrim's Progress (the christian allegory of John Bunyan published in 1678), during my childhood.

But I am not going to write about such preachers.

I am going to write about another kind of picture preachers who essentially cheat the gullible public using all sorts of audio visual tools of modern era. They cheat every one very cleverly by their tactics, networks and cleverness. 

They are the picture preach cheaters of economics, trade and business of modern era!

They are the modern day opinion makers and social media glitterati who keep preaching with their artistic pictures and stereo voices about various aspects of human trade, business and economic policies of the governments. 

They are all paid preachers who are paid for disguised cheating of the masses. They are paid in millions, perhaps hundreds of times more than the average earning of any average income earner of modern era who toils hard to earn his livelihood.

But the preachers preach for their masters to make quick money in billions without much toils which in reality is a cut from the earnings of the millions of hardworking people of the world. And these picture preachers are nicely remunerated.

The modus operandi is simple. The masters first spend money to make some ordinary fellows with some preaching and teaching abilities and promote them as glittering personalities. They purposefully make the world know about the millions that these preachers earn per hour of their preaching so that the common man wonder and adore them for their super human abilities of knowledge and preaching. 

The common folks just cannot digest that someone could be paid such extravagant sums unless they have some superior abilities. The common folks are always ignorant of the clever tactics that the cheats keep experimenting on them! Though they are always victims of the so called advertisements, they can never understand how advertisements be-fool them!

That way the masters of the business world make the so called celebrities of the economic world, the picture preach cheaters, who keep trying to influence the common folks about business and economic dynamics of the modern world.

Their combined efforts make all the difference in the economic scenario of the nations. Their efforts could make a practically non existent mushroom company to be viewed as much more valuable than a company which has been consistently doing a good economic activity for decades creating much worth for its employees, clients and stake holders. 

This way hard earned wealth and the efforts of all hard working people are made worth less or futile within a short time with money flowing to worthless entities. The economic principles are thrown out in place of newly invented financial jargon as promoted by the picture preach cheaters.

The picture preacher cheats of economics and finance are the ones who make the modern day share trade to flourish in such a way that it sweeps all the money generated by hard working people in the farms, in the factories and in many other places. 

The modern era financial world now has become the play ground of the cheating masters and their cheating preachers. The masters acquire and sell companies and make profits in billions overnight with the help of the picture preach cheaters while the people of those companies work hard day and night to make all these possible without ever getting any benefits. Perhaps they are cheated and deprived!

It seems much easier for these picture preach cheaters to influence the governments to make their policies of economics, finance, trade and taxation favoring what the former want to achieve.

I have written about some aspects of this modern trend in some articles earlier too. [Read the article on plutocracy ]  


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