Friday, March 23, 2012

Paradise is not an Imagination; It is Real !

The celestial authors of the Urantia Book papers very categorically tell us about the abode of the Universal Father God and His divine associates. The word which has been in use for so many centuries is again used as the nomenclature of this eternal dwelling place of God. It is called Paradise.

Paradise is not an imaginary place. It is a real material body, which existed in this universe even before the rest of the heavenly bodies in the universe came in to existence.

Paradise is unique and is made of a single material substance not to be found elsewhere in the universe. It is the largest material object in the whole universe, much larger than any of the stars or such heavenly bodies.

Paradise is the centre of the Universe. All heavenly bodies in the universe is attracted towards this nucleus and they all move around it in one way or the other.

Paradise is the only stationary object in the whole universe. All other heavenly objects are continuously on the move-moving under gravitational force lines ultimately originating from Paradise.

Again, paradise is not spherical. Its shape is unique.

We never knew about all these things in the past. Now these things are all revealed to us.

More of that revealed knowledge about Paradise may be read in Paper- 11 of the Urantia Book titled: the Eternal isle of Paradise.

It is quite a readable paper of the Urantia Book.

Now what difference it would make if you know about this ?

To me it gave the greatest assurance that God is real. And I have all the reason to believe in the reality of God and live according to His will.

And His will is also a reality and not some one's imagination ! 

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