Thursday, March 15, 2012

Population Growth: Is there any need to worry ?

It is an amazing thing to realize the fact that our world has a population of over 7 billion human beings with wonderful qualities and skills.

Just watch the dynamism of this population growth here !

When I was a school boy, this population was less than half. People had fears of over population at that time.

More than 600 Million individuals got added after me in my country alone. Some how that earlier fears no more seem to cause any worries to any one. [You should consider glancing at the official census report of the Government of India here ]

Perhaps things are improving ! After all, we believe in God who is the creator and the provider !

From simple observations on the resources and our potentials of innovative ideas, I personally believe that this world has the potential to accommodate much more individuals.

Demography scientists predict that the world population would stabilize some time in 2050 when the death rates equal the birth rates. ( Read all that here !)

Another 2-3 billion people are going to occupy our world in another 40 years time.

Should we leave everything to God or do something about it ?

At least doing some planning for those beautiful people who are yet to come !

God has some plans for natural stability of this world. That is why He has put a limit to our ages !

But to live that life time of 80 or so years in full is in our hands.

While living merrily, there is a responsibility to on each and every one of us, to care for those around us!

If all of us learn the art of caring self and others, we can make this a replica of heaven.

Is it so difficult ?

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