Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reasons for Marital Discords : Understand these if you want to live in the heaven on earth !

A man is physically and psychologically different from a woman, though both belong to the same species of homo sapiens. Though there is an instintive natural attraction between the two, that attraction is for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of the species, and that alone cannot guarantee a cordial relation between the two kinds.

A man wants the company of a woman and vice versa. Without that they are ruined and feel lonely and desparate.

Yet when they are together for a long time, most of them cannot live in peace !

When separated for long, they want to be together and when together they want to be separated !

Is it not something difficult to understand ?

If the husband and the wife keep on living the way they loved and cared each other during the initial days of their courtship or marriage, all through out their earthly lives, how wonderful it would have been?

But why these two initially loving creatures become furious and annoyed at each other on some occassions even to the extent of killing or damaging each other and their near and dear ones including their own children?

They are intelligent, wise, caring, educated, respected, spiritual and what not.

But when they start the fight, they are none of the above !

Why do such a thing happen between the human couples ?

When they fight, they are least bothered about their reputation and self respect.

They are worse than those who have lost their consciousness to intoxicants.

Sometimes they do patch up after some time and regain the previous status of love and care, only to be retrograded to the state of fight and discord later !

Why such a thing happen in human species ?

Remember, they are intelligent and wise. Still this happens !

They don't even feel the shame at that mood !

Their blood pressure rise to such hights that if things are not okay, their vessels might burst !

When this happens, they keep thinking of killing the other or self. The same self or the mate who is so dear at other times !

It has happened with me too. I am not hesitant to admit.

I kept pondering over this issue for quite a long time.

Then I found that it is me who is at fault, and not my wife.

Because, my views on certain things are naturally different than hers.

We cannot agree on those because it is naturally in built in our system.

That is why I am a male and she is a female !

If we have to live in peace always, I have to train my male ego to adapt to her female ego.

For a male it is easier, than for a female.

Because, the Creator of these species had put up some genetic codes in that manner.

But once learnt the trick of adapting my male ego to the tune of my female companion, these discords seldom take shape.

That is what I have learnt.

But if both the male and female have learnt the trick, then I tell you, they should be the happiest pair on earth.

For the female is complement to the male and vice versa.

They are like the molecules of the active gases, like oxygen or hydrogen !

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