Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Online Income and Income Tax Calculator for Salaried Indian Individuals!

At last I could find a relatively simple, no frill on line tax calculator supposedly made by the Indian Income Tax Department (ITD) for the first time for the use of the income tax payers of India. Unlike their complicated online tax return filing systems created earlier, this one I find simple and efficient.

You may try it for yourself using the link below:

This online system is simple to understand and use, at least for those tax payers whose incomes are from straight sources such as salaries and business profits. The calculator can also be used to calculate your taxable income from the gross incomes.

If they had given some help menus for the users to know the relevant provisions of the taxation rules in understandable language, it could have been much appreciable.

Let us hope they would do it soon.

Let us also hope that they would soon do steps to improve upon the tax return filing system that is more user friendly and not create situations such as that I covered in some blogs earlier (Read it here!)

Last not the least, let us also hope that the Indian rulers would create systems that would encourage people to pay taxes honestly instead of scaring the people away from it.

When intelligent and honest youngsters occupy the seats of governance in the future, such things would happen.


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