Friday, March 28, 2014

What is Amazon Kindle and How to Get it in India?

To be very honest with you, I have never heard of anything called Kindle until very recently. I noticed about it only recently. This could be true with many of my Indian counterparts!

And that is exactly the reason why I am writing this blog. It is a good thing to share some thing I learnt with at least a few others like me.

Now, Kindle is nothing but an electronic book reading device. Now-a-days, inexpensive tablet computers have flooded the Indian market which are available in price ranges of Rs. 3000 to 30,000. A Kindle is some thing similar to a tablet PC. Perhaps something superior with regard to its features as far as book reading is concerned.

I have been using desk tops, laptops and mobile phones for reading printable digital files (pdf) , MS word files and other digital texts for quite some time. No doubt they are good but I have always felt that they could have been something better.

For example, to use my PC or laptop for a convenient book reading, it is just not possible. I have to be in one predetermined position and place where these devices are placed and connected. Even the lap top is a heavy thing which blows hot air always and not fit to place on the lap as people think.

So reading a book with hundreds of pages at leisure and convenience of the bed or the sofa is out of question. Besides, these devices would never ever give the feel of the book and its white pages. The glare and the font sizes are all at odds and you have to try many things before you can make it in some comfortable mode.

I had always dreamed of a small hand held device which is light weight and could work for hours without those charging botheration and could also store all my digital books. My android touchscreen mobile phone does this for me but its small 5 inch screen is not sufficient for me to view and read a full page in one go. When I try to enlarge the page, the page goes out of my reading range and I need to pull it right-left and up-down for quite a number of times. This really kills my reading pleasure.

The tablet PCs could be better, but I have not tried it so far. People who have used those cheaper versions do not give a good report. Perhaps the expensive models could be better, but they are indeed too expensive.

Now this Kindle is a proprietary e-book reader specially designed and marketed by the international leader in book publishing, Amazon . Amazon is perhaps the largest book publishers and book sellers in the world who are also one of the largest electronic commerce company in the world. It is an american company with its head quarters in the US. Amazon has become international with its presence in many countries in the recent years. And now Amazon is in India too. You can see their logo on this page itself and click it to visit Amazon India website.

Kindle is designed and developed specially by a subsidiary unit of Amazon with special attention to the needs of book lovers. So all the problems that I have mentioned should have been addressed properly by them.

There are many models of Kindle e-book reading devices and all are reportedly sold as hot cakes whenever they had launched them earlier in the USA where many people love reading books. 

I have not yet purchased a Kindle. I think I would go for it shortly. I would be in a position to share a much more detailed feed back with user experience then. I would request people who are already using Kindle devices to share their experiences using the comments facility at the bottom of this page.

Since Amazon is now in India, it is quite easy to get this device from their on-line shopping facility. It is acknowledged as one of the pioneers and one of the best in the world. 

Amazon named their e-book reader as Kindle because kindle means lighting the fire. It is indeed for lighting the mind fire of people by encouraging new generation to read more and more to ignite their intelligence to burning heights!

But let this be specially noted. Kindle is not a tablet phone. It is not used for internet browsing or telephony or messaging services. It is also not a general purpose multimedia player, though it can play some limited music, video and picture formats. Its main purpose is for storing and reading books with a reading experience matching with that of reading a paper book. The multimedia is for adding some additional electronic life to the electronic texts. It is another electronic gadget addition to the many other electronic devices one may have already.

Those who are interested in knowing the technical specifications of the various Kindle models may use this link.

Kindle is for those who love reading books. It is for those who might think it right to curtail cutting trees for making paper books to some extent. There are now millions of books in digital formats compatible with Kindle, all supplied by Amazon.

It would not be surprising to see many Indians with Kindle in their hands in the coming days!

Hopefully, I too would be among them!

Let this electronic book kindle the fire of knowledge thirst among the masses of India too!

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