Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sharing Some Ranchi Photographs!

My present place of residence, Ranchi is indeed a place geographically blessed by God. I have written about the potential of this plateau to become a much developed tourist attraction in the near future. You may read that blog here.  

I had also shared some idea about the latest addition in Ranchi, the Bio-diversity park.

The capital of Jharkhand state has immense potential to become a much sought after tourist spot provided it is nurtured and managed well by the concerned authorities. Additionally, the perceived threat on account of the armed insurgency needs be settled using humanitarian approach rather than by force.

I leave that aspect to the wisdom of the concerned authorities.

Yesterday night I happened to visit the heart of Ranchi near the Church complex.

I share a few nigh vision snaps Ranchi for those interested readers of this site.

Beautiful isn't it? By the way I am just a novice in photography. These are amateur photographs taken by my low cost Spice Mobile phone about which I had written earlier.

Had I been a bit more patient, I could have captured many more beautiful snaps!

But, I was in a hurry! 

But when traffic blocks the movements in Ranchi, it is yet another beautiful scene. Time is no problem now.

These flowers that bloom on the balconies of Ranchi homes radiate brilliant colors:

Even these pigeons that live in these concrete human dwellings of Ranchi too are beautiful!

There is beauty all around!

We at times fail to recognize that beauty!

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