Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why I Consider Narendra Modi a Better Choice as the Next Indian Prime Minister?

India is anxiously waiting to know about the person who would take the mantles of its government in just a couple of days ahead from now.

There are many ambitious politicians out there who may do any thing to fulfill their dreams to sit on the chair of the Prime Minister of India. There are several political outfits who are all making all out efforts to attract the people of India to support them and their leaders. None of them are confident to get an absolute majority as the people are a confused and divided lot. So the final game plans would only be known after the final tally of the winners gets declared by the election commission of India.
The media and their promoters are doing all efforts to carry out opinion surveys to know the outcomes in advance so that it becomes some help to some of those to whom such information would make some difference. But the common men and women from whom they try to know the moods of the people have become wary of them and are in no mood to express their real thoughts honestly any more.

As of now there is only one projected Prime Minister candidate and that is Mr Narendra Modi- the controversial Gujarat Chief Minister and the charismatic and vociferous leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). All others from other political parties have not yet got the courage to declare their PM candidate. They seem to be in serious doubts about their success to get in to the prime chair! From their inner hearts they know the handicaps of their potential candidates. They would only open it up only when they get some confidence!

Mr Arvind Kejriwal appeared in the political scene quite dramatically and with an appealing mission for fighting corruption in India. I have no doubt about his character and mission. However, what I now feel is that he has lost his initial mass appeal due to some of his impractical and adamant ideologies. The country is not yet ripe enough to accept his ideas! A corruption free society may be a desire for most Indians but that is not their primary concern as of now. Corruption may be the reasons for many of the ills of the Indian society, but sending all those businessmen who had created billions worth of job creating assets in India, by being practical in India is not a practical approach which the Indian public would accept. Indian youths are more concerned with employment and their livelihood and are not that concerned with the commissions that exchange hands while businessmen of India try setting up their companies. Mr Kejriwal is undoubtedly a highly educated and qualified person who took up politics with a sole purpose. Unfortunately, the time is not ripe for such politicians in India for the time being!

Mr Rahul Gandhi, is no more appealing to the Indian people. The Indian National Congress has become a party of nominated leaders who have no direct responsibility to the people of India. Indians no longer can accept this practice of a party gaining political control taking advantage of the family charisma of some aristocrat and then rule them with the help of unpopular faces who show their arrogance to the 'cattle-class' too often! The crocodile tears of Congress party high command is now having the teargas effect on the people!

So Mr Narendra Modi has obviously become the only NaMo or worshipful leader of the Indian people. He has shown a determination and is making all efforts to tell the people about his practical vision that he has about his country that he would try to implement for the people of India as their next Prime Minister. How far he would succeed to become the PM is still not very clear as there are some congress like mindsets in the BJP who might not like the the emergence of such a popular leader. But he has emerged anyway as the  potential and only practical choice not only for the BJP but also for India as a whole.

I have been a listener of many of the campaign speeches of Narendra Modi. From a very humble background he has emerged as a knowledgeable leader and an efficient state chief minister. He might have done some wrong decisions in the past, but such wrongs do happen when people are in public positions! And for that matter, there is no successful politician who could be deemed a holy saint in India! And a saint cannot be a good administrator for a complex country like India with so many contrasts in all walks of life!

Narendra Modi categorically expresses his vision statements about India. He stresses on development and progress. He talks about positive changes in governance such as tax reforms. He talks about employment creation and a government that takes decisions. 

To me a leader who gives top priority for job creation is the one who is needed for India at this juncture. And job creation cannot take place when all development plans of the government are marred by delayed decisions and lack of appropriate laws. I had written about this in a blog earlier. Narendra Modi seems to understand this well. Besides, he is bold and brave to speak and act!

Narendra Modi is well experienced and with little family encumbrances that would deter or deviate him in serving his nation. The chances that he would be interested in making money for himself is also very remote. He now knows the complex nature of the people of India. Incidentally I remember something a metropolitan bishop of an influential Christian church of Kerala told me personally a couple of years ago-Narendra Modi was the first and only Chief Minister who had shown the courage to extent courtesy to this bishop to welcome him as a state guest in Gujarat! Apparently, Mr Modi is not a hardened minority antagonist as some people believe that he is!  

The outgoing PM of India, Dr Man Mohan Singh, has commented about the negative roles of the watch dog agencies in pulling down developmental activities. But I think it is not proper for a PM to comment like that. It is the prime duty of the leader of the government to make laws accordingly. He should not weep about laws and rules that got created during his time or earlier. Of course, he cannot make any appropriate laws that he might desire when he is not the person in real command! Perhaps that was what happened in his case! The Man Mohan Singh regime is a typical case which proves the ineffectiveness of highly qualified persons as top leaders in India! Aristocrats of India are handicapped in understanding the people of India of the present times even while they might have been a be a bit successful in dividing the people by exploiting their weaknesses for many years in the past!

India needs a future PM who has a vision and determination to move ahead. Narendra Modi has got it. At least he is the best practical choice for the Indian people for the time being.

While I was typing this blog, I stopped for a while to watch Amir Khan's Satyameva Jayate TV episode-5. I do support the issue that he has dealt in this program. It is high time that Indian voters use their franchises properly to discourage known criminals to get elected as peoples' representatives. 

But at the same time we need to be practical. Let not our votes go as wastes to make a fragmented outcome with no party getting the decisive majority. A fragmented peoples' choice is the best scenario for many of those corrupt politicians who are waiting to pounce upon India to make their kill. Let us not make such a thing happen!

It is for all of us in this country to decide now! 

Added on 26th April 2014

As days pass, Narendra Modi keep showing his leadership qualities. The following are two of his views that have been reported in the media that reflects the man he is.

First he dismisses his communal biases:

Narendra Modi says he is not going to appeal to any community but to the Indians!

He justifies his links with corporate India:

There is no harm if the Political Leader is Supporting the Industry for the Overall Economic Growth of the Nation!

And finally he discloses his religious and spiritual convictions- Narendra Modi asserts that we are all children of God-the Immortal Spirit (I fully agree with him) and he also asserts that it is not the religious rituals or the affiliation to the religious places that makes a person near to God, but his ability to move according to the spirit of God that resides within him or her! No other politician of India presently has such a conviction!

Wide experience has taught him the true reality of God!

Yes, as a citizen of India, I earnestly feel that it is time that India needs a leader like Mr Narendra Modi at this crucial juncture.

I wish him succeed to give the much desired direction to this nation to progress materially and spiritually.


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    1. Thank you! It is indeed a very nice thing to give appreciation when you find some thing good, even if it is so insignificant. More and more we develop this culture, more and more we benefit from human friendship and fellowship. People have found more good now in Mr Narendra Modi as a leader and that's why he is now going to be the Prime Minister of India.

  2. Thanks for such an analysis of the probable PM's in advance.
    As Now, it is clear that Modi is becoming PM, it seems people of India have also accepted your views.


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