Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some Selected Free Online Story Links For Reading Good Stories!

While it is not a big problem for internet users interested in reading short stories online by searching through Google or other such search engines, such searches are bound to return many useless links where one might get lost. It is also not a good thing for youngsters and children to try search engine on the internet unless they are under the guidance of some responsible elders with sufficient knowledge about the world wide web.

Internet is good as well as bad, just as all human activities are.

Yesterday my daughter called me from her home a-thousand-mile-away for asking some guidance to get some good stories for our grand daughter. She is not a novice on computers. Yet, for many like her, googling does not always yield what they really look for. It is also not very easy for many to remember the website address and use it on the address bar.

So, blog sites like this keep helping people. I write this page today for those who are in the look out for websites with lot of good stories for the young and the old, both.

I have carefully gone through these sites and the stories. I feel they are good and so I give the links of those sites for the benefit of my readers. Please click the links below to reach the story site or page:

1. Inspirational Childrens' Stories
2. Inspirational Animal Stories
3. Inspirational Teacher Stories
4. Inspirational Love Stories
5. Inspirational Life and Death Stories
6. Inspirational Family Stories
7. Inspirational Friendship Stories
8. Inspirational Mix of Stories
10. Children's Online Story Books
12. Children's Online Hindi Story Books
14. Children's Online Comics Books

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