Saturday, March 22, 2014

Enhancing Employment in India Should Be the First Priority for Indian Politicians!

What should we Indians expect from our successful political leaders who chance to become our heads of governmental functions in our central and state governments?

How are we going to evaluate their performances?

In an election year, how would we decide whom to vote? There are so many candidates forced on us by the numerous political parties all with highly ambitious chiefs who are interested in getting in to the seats of political power and governance.

They are spending millions and millions of rupees from their individual and collective coffers to reach out to the Indian voters. All parties get the money to spend on their party leaders and for election propaganda by what is known as donations from the Indian people or the Indian business organizations who make money by various economic activities.

So the circle is like this. The individuals gain money by doing various economic activities. Some of them get paid for their work as employees of some organizations of people formed for doing making profits from various economic activities. These economic activities are numerous. Any activity of human beings which is carried out for some cash benefit is an economic activity. 

So activities related to agriculture, mining, production, manufacturing, transport, communication, entertainment, health, sports, education, administration and governance, insurance, accounting, auditing, policing, politics, law making, law practice, tax collection and administration,  research and development, software development, quality control, etc, and even religious activity are all economic activities. Some of these are economic activities directly involving production of goods and materials while a large number of other activities involve some kind of service. In short economic activities are all about goods and services by people and for people all done for some kind or remuneration or advantage or profit.

Food, clothing, shelter, health, entertainment, security, justice, spiritual comfort are all essential for human beings and as humans progress in body and mind, his requirements and aspirations also increase. Food is the primary requirement of a person who is hungry. But when hunger is resolved, he needs clothing and shelter. When these are also fulfilled, he wants to improve and aspire for other comforts and entertainment.

No human can be self sufficient. God has created humans to exist and prosper under mutual dependence.

Modern economic activities with money as its measuring unit is one of the greatest evolutionary achievement human beings have made. Human progress of any nation is measured by the sum total of the value of the economic activities of its people that our economists define as the Gross Domestic Product or GDP.

The more the GDP the more likely the country's prosperity. Alternatively, the more the people are engaged in economic activities, the more the country's GDP. So, GDP grows when more people are involved in economic activities and their individual gains also keep growing.

Organizations of people help in organizing the economic activities of individuals and to gain collective synergy.

If these organizations make more money than they spend, they make profits. If they make profits, they can afford to enhance their economic activities by employing more people by paying them salaries or even enhance the salaries of their employees. Such business organizations are legally known firms or companies. The companies pay salary to their employees and divide profits among their share holders and promoters. The companies, their employees and their share holders all pay taxes to the government and the governments also get money when business firms progress. 

The money generated through small and big business gets further distributed to people as money never gets accumulated any where, but only accounted. So if some one makes lots of money it will be reflected in his bank accounts but the banks in turn lend that money to some one who uses that money elsewhere for some other economic activity and in turn help others to engage in more and more economic activities.

Thus the more the economic activity, the more the people get opportunities for getting involved in some kind of such activity and gets paid in some manner. Only when economic activities increase, then only employment opportunities enhance. Enhancing the economic activities should, therefore, be the primary concern of all people who come to occupy the seats of decision making in governments.

People occupying governmental positions have many functions. They have to first get money for themselves through collection of taxes and by promoting other economic activities. Then they have to spend the money for various purposes such as defense, policing, infrastructure development, health, education, etc. All functions are important. Income generation and income distribution are all important.

But the primary thing to remember is this: if the income is less then expenditure would be affected and the government would not be in a position to give attention to all of its functions and responsibilities properly. This kind of government would soon become a problem for its people and the nation suffers because such governments would try to do foolish things that kill economic activities. Employment opportunities in the nation come down when the governmental authorities take foolish decisions under stress, ego, incompetence or immaturity to visualize the effects of their decisions wisely.

In my opinion, all business men should be honored because they are the agents and key-drivers of economic activities and employment generation. Businessmen and women are driven by the passion to achieve and move against the odds. The greatest thing they do is tapping the small potentials of individuals to contribute in in a larger way in economic activities under the companies and firms they have created and nurtured. 

So, the Ambanis, Adanis and the Saharas of India have done greater contributions in India by fighting the odds to create large business organizations that employ thousands of Indians. In the process they might have influenced many in the decision making hot spots of the Indian governance and administration by various means. But that is essentially that they do and what makes them different from others. That is why they are business leaders.

It is foolish for any one to kill the organizations that they have created by accusing them of corruption or breaking the rules. It is not good for any country to put such businessmen behind bars for any so called economic offenses. Economic offenses should be deemed as only business errors and it is not fair to equate business errors with felony. It is not good for any democratic country, whether it is the USA or India, to make and implement laws that kill the enthusiasm of people to to do business and enhance economic activities. 

In my opinion, punishment for economic offenses or errors should be only fines payable to the government and such fines should not be such that it would kill the organization for ever. People who violate the laws by taking willful decisions should be taken to task. But that should not kill the organizations that they had created. That would be sheer injustice to the employees , the shareholders. and clients.

In my opinion, it is not at all harmful to the country if any Ambani or Adani or Sahara has achieved huge profits for their companies. Through their companies and their employees the country has made billions as taxes of various kinds. Their businesses have made great dynamism in the economic activity scene of India directly and indirectly. That is what all businesses are doing. If they make profits it is good. Viewing that with jealousy is not good.

Remember, none of these businessmen and women are not going to take all the wealth that they have created with them when they die. The money and the systems that they had created would remain in the country for reaping economic benefits to the people of India.

That is the reason why I adore the visions of Mr Narendra Modi more than that of Mr Arvind Kejriwal. Mr Modi speaks of economic development through companies while Kejriwal speaks of corruption by companies. Modi stresses more on growth while Kejriwal stresses more on putting some breaks on economic growth by trying to cleanse the economic systems from possible violations of rules.

While I do honor and respect Mr Kejriwal for his honesty and spirit of principles, I do have doubts about the practicality of his visions in a country like India where the people are not essentially idealists nor mature enough in mind and body. I think he and his associates are wise enough to understand this and make corrections.

There is no point in talking idealism to people who are deprived from earning a livelihood by involving in some kind of economic activity. Generating economic activities to the maximum should, therefore, be the first priority of any politician who comes to occupy the hot seat of decision making in India.

Let economic activities grow first so that all Indians are gainfully employed and earn a livelihood. 

Other priorities can follow later.

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