Friday, April 13, 2012

Do You Want Power and Money ? It's Easy, Just Bow Before Him !

There is a story in the Bible about Jesus facing the testing of Satan. In one of those tests Satan tells Jesus that he would just leave the control of earth to Jesus' if Jesus acknowledge him as the boss by bowing to him.

In other words, Jesus had to make a small compromise for achieving a big success !

Restating this in our modern political management concepts it would mean just saying 'yes sir' to Satan whenever an occasion comes so that Satan the boss becomes too pleased.

The pleased boss would entrust all the wealth and power portfolios to his obedient subordinate or subordinates !

In the satanic ways of management it is this simple !

Just be ready to say 'yes sir' or 'yes boss' always to the one above to acquire power and position !

Then the boss would be pleased to elevate you to important positions, even when you do not have the capacity to discharge the responsibilities associated with those power positions.

You are entitled to enjoy status, position, perks and the like so long as the boss is pleased with you.

For pleasing the boss the primary requirement is keep saying yes to whatever the boss wants. Boss wants to be adored and he likes all those who keep adoring him. Even if those adorations are false he would not mind. After all he knows that he is not God.

Even when your own judgement is not in agreement with the boss you have to simply shake your head in agreement with the boss. In hindi language this is known as Mundi Hilao Management (MHM) or Head Bow Management (HBM)

For the onlookers it appears as a very easy and simple thing.

Satan knew the inherent qualities and power of Jesus. Perhaps that is the reason why he made it simple for Jesus. Jesus was required only to acknowledge the superiority of Satan to gain the control of earth.

Any way Jesus did not compromise. He admonished Satan reminding him about the fundamental requirement of all creatures in the universe. All creatures including Satan and human beings are to bow only to the Universal Creator God. No one else !

But Satan keeps trying with others.

He wants to make an independent system in the universe where he can be the god.

Even if it is some thing smaller than the God's Universe, he does not care !

So long as he is adored and worshipped like God in his smaller domain, he is pleased.

He is also ready to share his spoils with those willing to make compromises.

He is ready to make all those willing to be in his line and accept him as god as smaller gods in their own domains.

The requirements are not very difficult and the rewards are very appealing and quick.

You have to say yes sir to the boss and of course be willing to work against the universal law of love and mercy that God has given to His creations.

So requirement number one : be ready to bow to any one not necessarily only the Universal Creator God.

Requirement number two : work against God's plans.

So if God says you be merciful to all your fellow creatures and human beings, you should now twist it a bit saying that it is wise to be good only to your own near and dear ones. No one else !

If God wants you to be compassionate and honest  to your subordinates, you can twist it a bit by saying that 'those under me are my slaves, I can treat them the way I like'. The boss is entitled to mistreat his subordinates !

If some one is not showing respect, you can teach him or her a lesson till he or she bows to you. After all you are also a smaller god. Those below you should necessarily acknowledge that !

If a person is not agreeing and saying yes sir, you can crush him or her. That is justified.

If some one is showing sycophancy you are entitled to enjoy that to the full and reward the sycophant adequately with undue favours. Boss means demigod after all !

Satan is in the look out for people who do not mind acknowledging him as the master for gaining money and power.

Thousands are doing that and really gaining money and power.

But in that process they are trapped by Satan to live according to him and not according to God.

Knowingly or unknowingly Satan has become their god.

So what ? Any way there should be a god. I have chosen this one as my boss or god and it is serving my purpose and getting me money, power and the joys of life in this world. That is the logic of those who follow the unseen dark powers that exist in this world.

Success, fame, money, wealth, power, ego satisfaction, mass following and the like are easily accomplished by those who are willing to accept satanic principles.

But Satan does not guarantee good things always.

Perpetual happiness and well being are not fully guaranteed.

Risks of losing health and life are always there.

Not only the the material life of this world, but also the much more rewarding life in a higher form of existence that God has promised to all those who conduct their life according to His laws.

And to seek God's laws it is not necessary to run here and there.

For it is written in the minds of all men and women.

They are only required to look in to their own minds and be willing to conduct themselves in accordance with those inbuilt laws.

God has given you the power to chose.

He will no way interfere as He is not like the other boss who delegates power and works against it.

I have experienced this: acquiring money and power is very easy.

But I have also experienced this: It is not worth to acquire those by bowing to Satan and his associates !

You are likely to lose much more precious things in life !


  1. The world where we are living is a materialistic world with high level of competition. every one wants to be something ...evrybody atleast dream of being number one or have fame. i don`t feel it to be wrong in earning more money or tasting the success but one needs to differentiate good and bad needs or set of action for achieving it. Even in one of the parable ( Bible) , master took talents from his servants and given all the talents to one of his servant who worked hard and earned more.

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