Saturday, April 21, 2012

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72. Migrating from the Era of Negative Laws to an Era of Positive Laws: Need to Think Originally!

71. Competency, Character , Courage and Compassion -the 4 C's that Ensure Long term Success of a Leader!

70. Modern Democratic Diplomacy in Mutually Disrespectful Mode!

69. Indian Roads: Forgotten Fundamentals !

68. The Proposed Aranmula Airport of Central Kerala: A Typical Test for Democracy

67. Halfhearted Privatization in India: Making a Nation Stoop in Shame!

66. Ten Fundamental and Practical Rules of Management for Chief Management Facilitators !

65. Engineering Career in India : Some Aspects that are Often Overlooked !

64. Water Supply , Sanitation and Solid Waste Management : Why does India Fair Poorly ?

63. Uttarakhand Flood of 16th June 2013 : Would Good Engineering Practices Have Reduced the Losses ?

62. Why did the Plastic Carry Bags Get Banned in the Indian Cities ?

61. Understanding Project Life Cycle in Engineering Projects !

60. No Democratic Country Can Progress So Long As Its Administrative Services Are Resistive To Change

59. What Prevents Most Indian Business Men to Excel Globally ?

58. Low Cost Pre-fabricated Houses: Something For Indian Entrepreneurs to Try Seriously !

57. This Could Be A Way How We Could Reduce Corruption In India !

56. Topics Related to Engineers and Engineering !

55. Raw Water Filtration: Some Technical Tips For Major Users

54. Why Corruption Cannot Be Eradicated in Democratic India Now ?

53. Corporate Management: It's Time to Make Upper Ceiling to Salaries of CEOs & Managers

52. Doing Business and Managing Wealth-This Is How It Should Be Done !

51. Inhuman Land Acquisition for POSCO STEEL in Odisha: Is There a Better Way ?

50. Why did the Plastic Carry Bags Get Banned in the Indian Cities ?

49. City Management and Administration-A Lesson to be Learnt from the Canadian City !

48. Getting the Best out of the People: The Critical Area where Indians Fail !

47. Why do Project Contracts in India get Delayed Abnormally ? Any Solutions ?

46. Project Cost Estimation and Turnkey Contracts : Some Important Considerations !


44. Science, Research and Conclusions: It Can Happen Like this Too !

43. Why do Indian Public Sector Undertakings Fail to Perform Now ?

42. Rising Petrol Prices: What Should be Done ?

41. India Goes Powerless Again: Can We Prevent these Disasters?

40. Infrastructure in India : Talking Much and Doing Nothing !

39. Treasures,Talents and the PPM Process !

38. Professional Development of Engineers in India: Do We Need to Do Something ?

37. School Education: An Open Suggestion to the Government !

36. Modern Time Wasting Quality Management Systems !

35. My Love and Hate Relationships with Water !

34. Why Indian Employers Fail to Get the Best From Their Employees ?

33. Had I been the PM of India !

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