Friday, April 27, 2012

Had I been the PM of India !

I would never be the PM (Prime Minister or Chief Executive ) of this country and that would be true for 99.9999% of the Indian citizens.

But one or two of the 1.2 billion would become its PM now and then.

So this is purely an imagination.

But my country India is a democracy and every citizen has a right to dream or to have an aspiration on how its PM ought to be.

While watching the present and past PMs at times such thoughts forcefully come into the minds of some citizens of this country.

I am no exception. Such thoughts do come to my mind as well.

I would like to share some of my present thoughts on how I would behave, had I been the PM of this country.

Had I been the PM of India, then :

- The first thing I would decide is that I would not become the PM for another term, because I hold the values of democracy high and would not use the power and position attained to cling on to it for ever. This way I make my self free to decide upon issues fearlessly and without bias.

- I would do all I can to see that I  push and pass such laws that make it impossible for immature, characterless and incompetent persons get a chance to be the PM after me.

- I would push and promote economic policies that would promote unemployment levels in the country to come to naught and the average incomes at the lowest levels to reach sufficiently high for the people to lead a decent life as a dignified citizen. I would encourage and honour all business entities who help the nation in this aspect.

- I would push and promote such laws and rules that honour the rights and privileges of each and every citizen of the country, honestly. I would ensure that the ministers discharge their responsibilities earnestly and are accountable for their actions.

- I would ensure that governments are doing only those activities which are for non-profit and welfare of the nation. All profit making businesses shall be controlled by companies set up in accordance with the companies act. Government owned companies shall be run on a no-profit no-loss basis and such companies or organizations shall be only in those areas where it is not desirable and feasible for non-government  entities to operate.

- I would push and promote laws that ensure education services a business as well as a governmental responsibility, depending upon the demographic situation. The laws and rules shall be such that no eligible citizen is denied education for want of money. All educational institutions that are making surplus funds shall be required to share 90% of their surplus for promoting education for the underprivileged.

- I would push and promote a differential corporate taxation system that ensure lower taxation for those companies that spend their substantial profits towards business expansion, research and welfare measures.

- I would establish a law that makes it the government's responsibility to ensure free and essential education, medical treatment and funeral for all wanting citizens whose incomes are below the national average.

- I would reduce bureaucratic controls on business to the lowest and push a law that prevents the states to pass laws that are detrimental to business growth.

- I would facilitate the rules that would make the distribution of national income between the centre and the states in accordance with an acceptable economic formula.

- I would give utmost priority to enhance infrastructure and other facilities to all government offices and establishments including the courts.

- I would ensure that the defence spending of the country is limited to a percentage of the GDP not exceeding that of the first 5 most populous countries of the world. I would also ensure that imports on defence technology , production and procurements is a minimum and on a declining trend.

- I would push and establish such laws that make it mandatory for all private and public establishments to publish their key performance information on their websites accurately and consistently.

- I would ensure that the laws regarding land are revised to enable all round progress in a reasonable time frame. Together with this rural and urban land ceiling would be implemented universally on a pan India basis adopting logical standards. I would also promote modernization of countries land records with modern technology which would eliminate litigations and enable smooth transactions. I would also make such laws that empower the government to take control of all excess and unutilized land and promulgate a development oriented land use policy.

- I would take up law reformation on top priority to simplify the Indian jurisprudence benchmarking it with the best in the world.

- I would ensure that me and my ministers are available in our respective offices for at least 75 % of the time and will not undertake tours and globe trotting unless it is extremely essential.

- I would ensure that all the MPs are made board members of national statutory organisations for better peoples participation in governance and would push to pass laws to this effect.

- I would make it a point of hearing the peoples voices on a regular basis by reading the news papers and the media and never ever depend on my advisers to screen what I should hear and read.

There are much more.

I am sure many of you from this country would also have such thoughts on how your PM or government should function or how your PM should prioritize his / her actions.

Would you like to share some ?

At least that might help a PM in the making !

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  1. Becoming PM of this country means digging your your own grave, What ever we do opposition will be there. Every one is thinking of their own benefit. Its all about talking "If I were a PM", Get out of your room and do something for our country.

    Many risks are evolved, but someone has to do it. Please be practical and come down to real world. Immature, Non-practical people come to existence because mature and practical people are afraid to take action.

    Good day !!!!

    1. I can understand the frustration in your words. Yes, this could be the situation with the majority of the citizens of this country. It may not be practical for ordinary citizens to come forward to leadership without great struggles and sacrifices. But at the same time, those who dare to take up such challenges and appear successful keep failing later for want of ideas to push through. At least these are just ideas, just in case some one wants to listen !


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