Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Linked List of Blogs on Contemporary Issues

80.Why did the Plastic Carry Bags Get Banned in the Indian Cities ?

79. No Democratic Country Can Progress So Long As Its Administrative Services Are Resistive ..

78. What Prevents Most Indian Business Men to Excel Globally ?

77. Allopathic Medicine Labelling : Forcing the People Swallow the Wrong Pills !

76. Low Cost Pre-fabricated Houses: Something For Indian Entrepreneurs to Try Seriously !

75. This Could Be A Way How We Could Reduce Corruption In India !

74. Horse Racing, Cricketing, Betting and the Indian Mind !

73. Applying and Getting the Indian Voter ID Card Online

72. How Do We Make Collective Decisions Against Our Own Convictions ?

71. About Creating Hell or Heaven in India !

70. Unni and the Boys of Aranmula

69. Unscrupulous and Greedy Businessmen and Business Women

68. Institutionalized Christianity : Experiences that Sadden Me !

67. Why Corruption Cannot Be Eradicated in Democratic India Now ?

66. The Tragic Tale of a Retired PSU Officer of India !

65. Doing Business and Managing Wealth-This Is How It Should Be Done !

64. Would It Be Possible To Introduce A Practical and Workable Health Insurance System In India ?

63. Hypocrisy Is In My Indian Genes; I Can't Get Rid of It !

62. Inhuman Land Acquisition for POSCO STEEL in Odisha: Is There a Better Way ?

61. Enhance Your Awareness Before You Buy Flashy Homes and Flats from Indian Real Estate Developers !

60. Education Service through Societies: A Non Profit Service With Huge Potential Gains for Some !

59. Earning Money While Hobbying and Learning Using Internet !

58. Some Ridiculous Income Tax Provisions of India !

57. "Juvenile Justice Act Has Failed Miserably.....We Cannot Hold the Child Responsible For a Crime..." !

56. School Education System in India: Systematic Undermining of the Constitution !

55. More Than the Heinous Crime It is the Insensitive Leadership that Makes Us Worried !

54. India's Capital : Why is It Full of People With Malice Towards One and All ?

53. Do My Blogs Have Any Impact on My Readers ? An Analysis !

52. Do We Indians Have A Leg-Pulling Nature In Our Genes ?

51. Walking Dead Bodies of India : Should I Weep or Laugh ?

50. An Unsolicited Advice to all 'Aam Admi Parties' of India !

49. Finally Aadhaar ID is Downloadable-Here is How You Get It !

48. Penny Wise Pound Foolish Air Travel Business of India !

47. Gold and Land : the Two Great Detrimental Forces of Indian Economy !

46. Air India : Sad Story of A Great Legacy of India !

45. Treasures,Talents and the PPM Process !

44. The Emperor's New Clothes and the Neo-Indian Bourgeoisie !

43. Infrastructure in India : Talking Much and Doing Nothing !

42. Would it be Ever Possible for Ranchi to be in the Tourist Map of India ?

41. How Do They Cause Bloodshed in Democratic Protest Marches ? An Eye Witness Account From India !

40. My Love and Hate Relationships with Water !

39. My Experiences and Encounters with Modern Medicine !

38. India Goes Powerless Again: Can We Prevent these Disasters?

37. Saluting Aamir Khan and His Satyameva Jayate Program !

36. God's Particle Discovery : What Caused Our Scientists To Be So Jubilant ?

35. Rising Petrol Prices: What Should be Done ?

34. Why do Indian Public Sector Undertakings Fail to Perform Now ?

33. Science, Research and Conclusions: It Can Happen Like this Too !

32. Who was the Real Villain in this Real Life Incident ?

31. Strategy They Adopted to Keep A Big Nation Humbled (Story)


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