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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rajan C Mathew's Blogs List : Urantia Book Related





Would it be of any Benefit to Pray to God ? What Should Be Remembered When You Pray ?

92. The Kepler Space Mission Findings of 2013 and the Urantia Book Revelations of 1955 !

91. Why Is It Difficult To Follow the Good Way of Living on Earth Now ?

90. Let Not Your God Gifted Free-Will Reject the Love of God !

89. The Essence of the Religious Concepts Framed by the Indian Companion of Jesus !

88. The Three Ways of Resisting Evil !

87. Some Interesting Information About Our Sun That Even Our Scientists May Not Know !

86. What Is Meant by ' the Kingdom of Heaven' ? Who Is 'the Father in Heaven' ?

85. What is Morontia Material and Morontia Life ?

84. Doing Business and Managing Wealth-This Is How It Should Be Done !

83. The Story of the Young Woman Who Desired to Marry Jesus !

82. How and When the Solar System and Earth Came into Existence ?

81. The Summary of the Personal, Political, Social, Economic and Religious Teachings of Jesus !

80. How Did Jesus Resurrect After His Death On The Cross ?

79. Jesus' Thirty Six Hours in the Tomb: What the Bible Didn't Say !

78. Death of Jesus on the Cross: A True Non-Biblical Narration !

77. The Trail of Jesus after the Trial and the Lessons: A True Non-Biblical Narration !

76. The Trial of Jesus by Herod and the Dilemma of Pilate: The True Non-Biblical Narration !

75. The Trial of Jesus Before Pilate- the True Narration !

74.The Trial of Jesus by the High Council of the Jews : A True Narration from A Non-Biblical Source !

73. If Any of My Blogs Initiate a Thought Process in You, I am Rewarded !

72. The Great Indian War (Maha Bharath Yudh) According to the Urantia Book !

71. If God Created Us, Who Created God ?

70. I Love My Dog Very Much, But Does It Have a Soul ?

69. What is the Supreme Experience of Living as a Human Being ?

68. Why Do People Get Attracted to Fetishes, Charms and Magic ?

67. How Often You Do Like This Knowingly Or Unknowingly ?

66. The Last Hour of Jesus on the Cross: The Superhuman Narration from the Urantia Book !

65. Some More Clarifications to the Distant Friend About the Urantia Book !

64. A Rare Request From a Friend Tired of Seeking God !

63. The Lucifer Rebellion : The Event that Changed Our Destiny !

62. Partnership Between Man and Woman : This Is How It Actually Is ! 

61. Some Notable Knowledge Pieces about the Invisible Realities of Life !

60. Deity, Divinity and God : Fundamental Concepts According to the Urantia Book !

59.The Bread and Wine Ceremony of Christian Holy Communion and Its True Meaning !

58. How is the Urantia Book Different from Other Mysterious Books ?

57. How Does Culture Develop Among Human Beings ?

56. I Feel Like A Helpless Alien with My Rh Negative Blood !

55.Jesus' Discourse on the Evolution of the God Concept among the Jews !

54. An Introduction to the Seven Absolutes of Infinity !

53. Beastly Behaviour of Man : What the Urantia Book Taught Me !

52. What Will You Do If It Happens in Your Life ?

51. Do You Cherish to Possess a A Civilized Nature ?

50. My Body Is Getting Old, My Mind Is Not !

49. What Makes You Consider (You, Me or They) As the Most Fortunate ?

48. Ellanora: The Story of the Woman who Valiantly Resisted Lucifer !

47. Some Secrets That I Know Now [Part-1]

46. Some Urantia Book Quotations that Keep Intriguing Me !

45.God's Particle Discovery : What Caused Our Scientists To Be So Jubilant ?

44. What is the Content of the Urantia Book in Brief ?

43. Can You Come Out Of Your Suspicions and Anger ?

42. God ! Forgive Them As They Know Not What They Are Doing !

41. Astrology and the Urantia Book !

40. The Urantia Book : Why I Believe It While Most Christians Don't !

39. About Civilization, Social Values & Population Growth : Some Facts You May Find Difficulty in Digesting !

38. Are Ghosts Real ?

37. How Our Earth Came Into Existence ?

23.God Is No Respecter of Persons : A Universal Truth from the Bible and the Urantia Book !



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