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How Our Earth Came Into Existence ?

The following is the manner in which our earth came into existence. This short matter of fact description is adapted from the detailed information authored by living and invisible personalities who have been witnessing those stages of development of our planet and are part of its varied aspects of creation, develpment and progress, as organizational members of the vast host of personalities who exist for the fulfillment of the wish and commands of God and His immediate associates.

About 875,000 million years ago, the designated power personalities of God gave permission to initiate materialisation process in an appropriated location of the universe where inherent energy potential had been built up in the pre-material phase. This caused the initiation of nebula number 876926 now known as the Andronover nebula which began forming as an enormous swirling formation of primary gaseous materials and material energy.

The initiation of this process was done by a living force organizer and his associates entrusted with this task. They did this on behalf of the Godly authority delegated with the prerogative of control of material creation.

About 600,000 million years ago, the swirling nebula attained its peak energy mobilisation level. The living team of God entrusted with the task of fine tuning of the material-energy evolution kept doing their part of the work in this enormous universe space. With this the nebula began to get its spiral form and the energy wheel kept expanding till the equilibrium is reached for it to contract causing the formation of gobular hot gaseous conglomerates within the spiralling energy wheel.

Thus about 500,000 million years ago the first sun or star of Andronover nebula came into formation. Many such stars began forming and they began forming their own independant gravity rotational systems or solar systems within the gigantic mother swirl of material energy formation.

Near about 400,000 million years ago, the designated material Creator head of God was delegated for this space site to take control.

This nebular space that he took control began to be referred as Nebadon and its Creator head, an order of personalities of God delegated with this responsibility came to be referred as the Michael of Nebadon.

Immediately there after, he ordered the creation of the specially designed spheres to function as his head quarters within the centre space region of this swirling nebula. All these specially designed planets called the architectural worlds of Nebadon were completed in a time span of about one million years after Michael of Nebadon took charge of the space region.

About 300,000 million years ago, the non-material living staff of Michael of Nebadon occupied the architectural worlds and began establishing their creation and governance activities in Nebadon region of space with active support from the superindending support system of God that prevailed.

About 200,000 million years ago, some natural planets cold enough to sustain material life had already evolved in the Nebadon space region.

About 5000 million years ago the nebula began stabilizing its solar systems. Nearly 876926 sun systems came into existence in this nebula by this time.

By about 600 million years ago, the Andronover nebula within the space administration of the Nebadon government got nearly 1,013,628 sun systems including some solitary suns.

Counting by the order of formation, our solar system is number 1,013,572 in Nebadon.

About 500 million years ago, our sun was a relatively isolated blazing globe of super hot gases.

About 450 million years ago, interaction with another approaching space body caused the sun to elongate and break away causing the formation of the planets that revolves around it.

About 250 million years ago the planet formation almost got complete with our earth also forming within our solar system . At this period the earth's mass was only around 10% of its current mass.

Earth's mass grew subsequently by capture of surrounding smaller meteoric masses.

About 150 million years ago earth got nearly 75 % of its current mass. The moon got nearly its current mass. Earth's gravity being higher, pulled out the gaseous atmosphere of moon in totality by this time.

Earth's crust began to cool and the great volcanic era of earth began. It was a great molten mass and the heavier metallics began to concentrate in its centre.

Its atmosphere was a dense mixture of hot gases comprising of water vapour, CO, CO2, HCl, etc but with little free N2 or O2. Great meteors still kept bombarding the earth surface.

Then further cooling began causing the water vapour in the atmosphere to condense. For thousands of years during this time, the sun's rays could not penetrate the dense dark atmosphere of earth.

The continuous precipitation caused the large blanket of water cover over earth with its thin layer of cooling crust. The atmosphere was without oxygen then.

About 100 million years ago, our earth attained a size which is near about its current size. Hence, we can consider this time as the realistic birth of earth.

Continued cooling of the earth's crust aided by continued precipitation of water vapour in its atmosphere made earth's crust fully covered with water with an average depth exceeding a kilometer.

This primitive ocean was not salty. In those days most of the chlorine was combined with the metals. But some was in the form of HCl that the water at that time was mildly acidic.

The first continental land mass emerged from the all covering water as a result of the compensatory adjustment of equilibrium when some of the molten crust went down elsewhere due to water pressure.

95 million years ago, earth became comprised of one continental mass and one ocean, the present pacific.

Volcanic activity reduced and the period of severe earthquakes began.

90 million years ago, earth was visited by a team of 24 celestial personalities comprising of various orders who came to explore the possibility of material life implantation on this new planet who reported favorably to their higher ups.

Between 75-65 million years ago, the one continental land mass that was previously formed began to crack and separate out into the present day continents.

About 60 million years ago, the celestial group of personalities responsible for design of material life began their preparatory works for initiating preliminary forms of material life on earth.

For this planet they had obtained approval for initiating the sodium choride pattern of material life. This meant that all the material life initiated in this planet would have their cell protoplasm to be essentially be composed of a solution of sodium chloride.

And their efforts produced the primitive vegetable marine life on earth some 55 million years ago.

They would further watch and control the life development evolution for some another about 54 million years to finally get the first humans evolved on earth nearly one million years ago.

Their mandate for doing further modifications of life experiments on this planet ended with that event. Mankind and the rest of those life forms evolved have to progress of their own under the watch and ward of the creators.

Representatives of those celestial personalities who created material life on earth are still resident on earth invisible to us. They are here on behalf of the Sovereign Creator of Nebadon, the Michael of Nebadon.

The above is adapted from Papers 57, 58, 59, 60 , 61 and 62 of the Urantia Book authored by a Life Carrier who is resident on Earth and who was a member of the team which was responsible for designing material life on earth on behalf of their superiors.

For those interested in science and are capable of understanding scientific material should consider reading these papers. It would make them understand the role of God in Science.

For those interested in reading my blogs based on the Urantia Book, this index page would be of help.

If you are capable of digesting all these, I assure you, you would start realizing your relationship with God and your purpose of life.

It is much more rewarding and adventerous than you have ever imagined !

And there is nothing much to be depressed or worried by the trials and tribulations of your present life in this world.

Even in this life, when you mature later in your adult life, the pit falls and foolishness of the childhood or adolescent days are things to remember and laugh !

Best Wishes !

Rajan C Mathew.

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