Monday, April 23, 2012

Strategy They Adopted to Keep A Big Nation Humbled (Story)

At the global strategy room of the leading nation, the defense advisers to the President apprised him of the emerging trends in the world which are of consequences to them.

Until recently the nation had a competing nation which was giving them challenges in every field of science, technology, warfare and the like. This nation was so pre-occupied in making nuclear weapons and the like more than our leading nation that the rest of the world feared of an imminent war between the two making the whole world vanish of a nuclear holocaust.

Then the strategists of the leading nation tried some thing else that eventually made the competitor humbled even with their superior destructive warfare capacities !

Now both the leading nation and their immediate competitor are no more aiming their weapons at each other. They have access to each other. They have turned out to be friends of sort.

The world thought that it is time to relax. Word peace have at last come to this planet.

But not time to relax yet for the strategists of the leading nation.

There are emerging threats in the make out here and there. Small and big. The strategists are observing them and working out specifics as applicable to each of these.

They are today to apprise the President about this nation far in the east. A very populous conglomerate of many kingdoms made up as a federal nation as a result of the imperialistic ambitions of the leading nation before the world wars.

This nation had much more poor people than most of the other nations put together. But they also had much more rich people than many of the nations put together.

Though their public policy is peace oriented, there are also emerging trends and view points who want their nation to transform as world leader number one to avenge the slavish situation they suffered in the past.

The strategists now found some substance in these. This nation has the capacity to surpass all the other nations if they are managed well and if they get a good visionary government for some time. They have fertile lands, minerals, people and all the natural resources. They are self sufficient in the resources. What they lack is the infrastructure and the competence to manage their affairs well.

Besides, the strategists have found the people of the nation a bit lazy as compared to many other peoples in the world.

If the nation makes advances in science, technology and engineering and becomes self sufficient in these, perhaps it would become world number one surpassing even the present leading nation .

But there is a big 'if'. That is what the strategists have found out.

Their strategy was simple. Prevent the people of this developing nation to make advances in engineering and technology.

They formulated a simple strategy for that also. It was much cheaper than all the other options.

The strategy was to provide employment to all the young engineers in all the disciplines with such salaries that their existing government and public sector organizations are not able to pay due to various procedural constraints.

That time this developing nation had around 200 odd engineering institutions which churned out an average of 50 engineers per discipline per year. The prominent engineering disciplines in these institutions were civil, electrical, mechanical, telecom, electronics, chemical and a few other courses like architecture, metallurgy, mining, etc in a few. On an average less than 500 fresh engineers passed out every year. That is 200x500=10,000 per annum.

The highest salary a fresh engineer can get in this country at this time amounted ten times less than a janitor earns in the leading nation.

So spending even five times that on each and every fresh engineer of this developing nation was not a big deed.

There will be yearly rises in salaries and the number of fresh engineers passing out.

Even then, the amount to be spend for a decade or two would be much less.

The strategy was to pay all the engineers good salaries for doing such jobs not necessarily connected to core engineering and technology but understood as high technology by the common man, including those getting paid.

Computer coding related works could be now termed as Information Technology. In reality there is lot of work in this field. All the engineers of this country and all such countries can be effectively deployed in this sector for so many years that in another few decades, these countries would have no engineering expertise in mending their existing infrastructure and industries.

It is only needed by the leading nation to spend from the government side for a few years by giving big ticket IT contracts to their own IT companies who in turn would hire all the fresh engineers from this developing nation and perhaps a few like it in the future.

Later they themselves would become self sufficient in generating money through their IT activities.

The President listened attentively to the strategists.

He was fully convinced. It was not going to be a costly affair like fighting a war.

All the money that is drained out from his country to the coffers of the developing nation can be retrieved from them in the future by selling arms and ammunition , machines tools and other technology to them.

They can be totally made dependant. Even if they understand this game later, it would be much later and they have no effective means of coming out of it.

During this period, the best brains of the leading nations can be effectively employed in developing such technologies to make them still superior in engineering and technology. Mundane jobs are now effectively outsourced and there are large numbers of fresh engineering graduates with enough skills from this developed country to do those at much lower payments.

In a way both countries are benefited.

People are benefited.

Peace is ensured.

The President was fully satisfied. He gave the green signal to implement it.

Two decades have now passed and the plan has been working flawlessly.

But the strategists are now confronted with other threats.

It seems that they do not get a chance to rest !

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  1. Indian software work force has swelled and has invaded even the mentor nation. New problems are on the rise both within India and in the US which facilitated this.


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