Monday, January 23, 2012

Best Way to Have a Freely Corrupt Society while Officially Fighting Corruption !

In our country we are in a peculiar situation - the more we fight corruption, the more the society seems to slip into corruption. Earlier we did not have the CVC nor the ever vigilant media putting their whole might to expose corruption at public offices. Why do we fail to create a just and transparent society? Are we not ashamed?

What is the root cause of this malady? Many are of the opinion that corruption is in the blood and genes of every citizen of this country. Is it really so?

I prefer to differ. The good majority of our citizens wish not to get into any kind of corrupt practices and be clean in their hearts. But unfortunately, they do not have much choice. They are simply prey to those who make and implement systems and procedures perpetuating corruption everywhere. The latter are not in majority. But they know how to fulfil their unjustified plans without the majority getting any clues.

In olden times thugs and dacoits wanted more people in their side to expland their nefarious activities. They used to trap ordinary citizens to commit crimes for the first time by force or tact and make the person a criminal with no choice other than to join their group for criminal activities for their life.

Now a days, the method is still adopted by the underworld and the terrorists. But the ways adopted by power and money greedy persons disguised in the attire of respected citizens are not directly recognizable. The first thing that they want to do after reaching influential positions of wealth and power is to ensure perpetuation of corruption. It seems they are getting more and more success in this regard year after year. Such people in power patronize persons of their character to subordinate positions of power to be elevated to higher positions .

Apparently such a gradual succession filling is taking place in public offices who in turn are instrumental for spreading the malady further.

Any comments?

[Reproduced from the Author's Blog at SiliconIndia]

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