Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Urantia Book- A Brief by a Fascinated Indian Admirer !

The Urantia Book is a fabulous book comprising of a Foreword followed by 196 subject papers depicting various topics covering the controlled creation and evolution of the universes, the stellar and planetary bodies, life, living worlds like earth, intelligence, religion , science, philosophy and spirituality, life after death, life in non-material forms, spirits and angels, God and deities, nature, atributes and qualities of God, our relationship to God, the purpose of life and all such things about which human beings have been curious to know for generations and for which no satisfactory answers have been forthcoming.

The book is indeed very voluminous. It has over 2200 pages. It is written originally in English and first printed in the year 1955.

The Urantia Book explains in detail the great saga of creation of the Universes under the Supreme governence of the First Source and Centre called the Universal Father God who is Infinite beyond time and space. This Universal Father God is the source for everything in this vast grand Universe, whether living or non-living, seen or unseen, finite or infinite, perfect or imperfect and He is the Creator and the Benevelant Maintainer of all that He has been creating.

What is the process, principles, routines and the systems by which He does these activities ? To understand that is something beyond the capacity of finite mortal minds such as that of the human beings. However, this loving God also strives to make His creations towards perfection, power and goodness as He is, by various plans that He finds most appropriate.

The intelligence and the thinking power that we have are the gifts of God, so also are all other things we have. They are the 'talents' that He has endowed with us. He wants us to use these 'talents' and strive to enhance those inorder to achieve experiential wisdom and knowledge.

The Urantia Book tells us the details of God's plans, methods and policies about the creation and development of the millions and millions of worlds in the Grand Universe that came into existence due to Him or are still evolving. The depiction of the knolwedge is limited to our present day capacity to assimilate that. He wants us to use our intelligence to analyse and accept Him as our Unseen Creator Father and reciprocate His love by chosing a living that is in accordance with His plans, even when we are not in a position to see Him.

The Urantia Book does not contradict the present day religions, philosophy or science. It only tries to polish the concepts with divine wisdom commensurate with modern day knowledge that has been acquired by human beings.

The Book gives a great assurance to human beings about the wonderful and adventurous life after death after the initial few years of material life on urantia ( Urantia = the name given to identify our world, earth )

Urantia Book gives us an authentic picture of the history of earth and the mankind, beyond our present day historical or geographical knowledge, which otherwise we should have possessed. It tells us the background in which we had lost the culture, civilizations and historical truths about our home planet earth and reminds us about the existence of great civilisations that existed thousands of years earlier but lost track of those.

This marvellous book tells us about the development of religions and the fundamental reasons for evolution of religious beliefs and systems on earth. It narrates the evolution of the present day religions of Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Saurastrians, Parsis, Budhists, Jains, Sikhs and the Tribal animists and the fundamental guiding force behind the development of religious concepts and desire in the human mind.

The Book tells us about the wonderful spiritual gift of God to the minds of men and women of the worlds recognized by most religionists of the earth. The Indians recognized its existence and called this the 'Antar-atma' or soul or 'Mana-sakshi'. The Urantia Book defines and gives the authentic details of this fragment of God that resides in human beings as the Thought Adjuster or Thought Controller or Mystery Monitor and tells us in detail about the nature and purpose of this gift from God.

According to the Urantia Book, all human beings are brothers and sisters by virtue of the Fatherhood of the Creator God and should reflect God's prime character of Love in our actions and deeds for our spiritual and eternal development.

God wants us to be good, kind and compassionate to make our world of material origin a better place to live, for all of us, during our short lives as materially made mortals. He wants us to  learn experientially to develop as important personalities with good qualities driven by compassion, love, goodness , courage and knowledge capable of assuming higher responsibilites that he may assign us from time to time in our material life here on earth as well as on the lives that are awaiting us as a potential reward, in an everlasting and endless career even after our earthly bodies gets destroyed after our physical death here on our starting planet, Urantia or Earth as we know it. All those who lived according to the guidance of the inner consciousness or Thought Adjuster are going to have a glorious future life full of adventure and enriching experiences to transform as glorious finaliter personalities with capability and power to be in the presence of our Father God and to further live as His sons with some administrative authorities or functions to carry out in the worlds that are in the process of making in some future time.

The exact authorship of the book is a matter of debate. But the authors of the various subject papers of the Book either introduce themselves or give us some information about them. They tell that they are not of our mortal order or humans but are invisible but real divine personalities of various orders. This is something unbelievable to most people. But the content and presentation of the book vouch for its supernatural origin. Humans cannot have written or revealed such knowledge. Atleast this is the view expressed by many learned men who attempted to read this wonderful book. I myself, having studied the book in great detail have come to that conclusion. Human beings just cannot have this kind of ability to write such a book which is a huge knowledge compilation fortified with invaluable pieces of revealed knowledge from superior minds!


  1. UBtheNEWS documents how new discoveries and scientific advances increasingly support The Urantia Book's account of planetary history. See the dot com by the same name.
    In harmony,

    1. Thank You Halbert. I really have no words on the great works and research you and your colleaques have been doing in this context and being published online at www.ubthenews.com website.


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