Monday, January 23, 2012

Escaping from the 'God-dog' Syndrome !

A person inducted as a responsible link in any organisational set up would immediately land in to a very complex behavioural situation. He or she is boss and subordinate to some one all at the same time ! An organisation regardless of its objective and purpose, is made up of an endless chain. But most people fail to understand this 'endless' characteristics of the organisation. What is apparent in an organisation is a powerful head with many weak tails, linked together by links of varying strengths and powers.

Human psychological trait is a mix of master-slave behaviours. Though both characteristics are essential for our survival, there is a danger of people forgetting this in built mechanism.

In an organisation when people are entrusted with various kinds of powers, they assume the role of the master or God. Those entrusted within their command then have to assume the role of the obedient servants. Some play their role as servants too well with unquestionable loyalty to their masters. In an organisation where a boss happens to have subordinates showing abnormal dog like loyalty there is a danger of the boss getting elevated to a pseudo psychic level of a god. The boss starts thinking as the god of all that he or she surveys!

The danger starts from this. Organisational career growth is a lure built in the system to exploit the ambition of people to move from the servant to master levels. But it works for only immature people who are so gullible and foolish into forgetting their real individual nature when someone praise them meaninglessly or award them with a temporary title of a 'higher' post.

So for all individuals in an organisation the 'god-dog' syndrome develops to varying degrees. For those at the top levels the god characteristics most prominent infront of those below. But unfortunately for this 'god' to maintain his or her  status as 'god' a higher level of 'dog' nature has to be exhibited infront of his or her boss. Thus the god-dog trait has to be highest at the highest levels. Such a situation makes these unfortunate fellows at the top organisational levels always in a pseudo mind set which makes them forget about their true self.

Many such pseudo gods face the 'fish-out-of-water' situation when they are out from the organisation by retirement or retrenchment.

Their life becomes pathetic at some point of time due to their earlier acquired pseudo god status with no 'dogs' to serve any more!

This syndrome is everywhere. But in the governmental organisations where 'gazetted' powers are more, the syndrome is more damaging. Damaging the true self of the individuals.

Organisations are made for the benefit of all individuals in the society and are groupings of conveniences for societal order and development.

As the society develops with all people contributing to a common cause, all individuals will become part of some organisation or many organisations at the same time.

They will have to play the roles of the master and the slave all at the same time.

But role plays should not change the true self.

But for immature individuals it is very difficult to realise the realities of life.

If they learn to escape from pseudo life situations such as the god-dog syndrome, it will do much good to them, to their family and the society all at the same time.

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