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We live in an age where majority nations in the world are populated with peoples who call themselves Christians- a name commonly used to denote those who follow the religion of Christianity- the name in itself originating from the name of a man named Jesus Christ who lived in the Jewish homeland in Asia coming under the Roman Empire some 2000 years ago.
A Christian might say that he is a follower of Jesus Christ. But if you ask a Christian what exactly is that teaching of Jesus which he likes to practice as a Christian, then perhaps he would re-state his definition of being a Christian. If he is not a ‘name-sake’ Christian he would re-state his definition to something like this: “Jesus is my God and Savior”

The rest of that story need not be elaborated further. Both Christians and non-Christians know it pretty well. Thanks to the widespread preaching missions undertaken by the umpteen Christian churches in the organized and unorganized sectors worldwide!
I myself belong to one such organized church of ‘Indian’ origin. I am not in a mood to criticize these churches. That is not my intention of writing this blog.
Christianity essentially teaches and stresses the atonement theory of salvation through Jesus Christ rather than stressing the core value what he taught!
The Bible contains the essence of the teachings of Jesus. But, that is not the central theme of Christianity as a religion. Christianity, in reality, is a religion ‘about’ Jesus Christ and not the religion ‘of’ Jesus Christ.
Jesus introduced God as his Heavenly Father and taught his followers to view God as a Loving Father to all human beings. He taught that ‘God is Love’ and not a vengeful deity as what had been taught earlier. That, he said, was the ‘new law’ that he was teaching and stressing. He told many parables to make those points clear to the people.
Those are all in the Bible. But yet, that is not what the Christian religionists stress.
He taught that all human beings are children of the loving God. That way all human beings are brothers and sisters. They have to love each other and not to hate or kill each other!

So the crux of the message of Jesus was about the Universal Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
Most regrettably that is what most Christians, even those who are not name-sake Christians, do not realize.
So, if I profess to be a Christian, I should follow the teachings of Jesus. That too the core teaching!
I should recognize first the reality of God as my Father in Heaven and the reality of all human beings as my brothers and sisters and learn to love both my Father and all my human brothers and sisters, unconditionally. In making myself to extent that ‘unconditional love’ there is no question of hate, enmity and jealousy to spoil and tarnish my mind.
If I cannot do that, then perhaps I am not a follower of the religion of Jesus Christ.
If that is the case, I cannot be deemed as a Christian.

Just by being a member of a Christian Church does not make me a Christian.
At least that is what I personally feel.
[To anyone who agrees to my views as above, I suggest some further reading in this link: You will find it refreshing. Click Here]
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  1. I like everything you said and it all has it proper place. I would have hope that you would had explained how salvation is obtain. The cross, the cross, the cross! If you shall confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth, and believe with all your heart that God has raised him form the dead, then you shall be save. We all have this same grace, but once recieved, never abandon that bible quote. That is our only justification and claim to salvation that's acceptable before the eyes and ears of our heavenly father.

    1. My friend !

      It is a remarkable thing that you are concerned with 'Salvation'. But then, what do you mean by this word ? Saving your soul ? What exactly it means ? Living a life after death ? An everlasting life ?

      If it is that, do you think that by living a life full of errors and confessing to Lord Jesus would ensure that?

      My friend, I think that this notion is an erroneous concept. Did Jesus teach such a thing? Perhaps some of his followers did that later.

      Human life is not free from errors and errors are bound to happen in our life. But committing willful errors repeatedly, especially those against the will of God, amounts to living a purposeful sinful life.By living such a life, we may lose the chance of 'saving' our soul (living a life beyond the physical death)

      What God wants is that we live a life here on earth which is essentially guided by good values motivated by our love and consideration to our fellow beings while recognizing the love of our Universal Father God always.

      Rest all comes automatically !


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