Monday, January 23, 2012

Ruling or Serving : What do we Seek ?

Is there an innate desire in man to rule over others ? I often wonder about this. I do introspect myself on this- do I have this desire to rule over others ? The answer would be in the affirmative. In nature we find this tendency in the animal kingdom. In the lower forms of life, there is a natural leader or king or queen. Insects, animals, birds and fish fight each other to establish superiority of one among it in the group. In a beehive, two queens cannot remain. In a herd of elephants, there can be only one tusker and head of the herd.

We are much more than the animals in our intellectual endowments and naturally we are all natural leaders. We too want to be ruling over others and would do all things possible to make it a reality. Poverty or richness is of no consequence. We want to rule over others, and aspire for it and scheme over it to make it true.

We won't let any opportunity go, if possible. We want to be the kings. What will happen if all of us are kings ? Where would be the common citizens ? That we do not want to waste time to think on such useless thoughts. Our aim is to control others, whether in family, society, office, workplace, anywhere and everywhere, if possible.

We are not bothered to follow the loving advices of great leaders like Jesus Christ about our insatiable ambition of becoming the kings. He had instructed us politely and set an example by himself on this very issue. He said ministering means serving and not ruling. Oh! we do not understand the difference !

We understand rulers as grave looking, non-smiling and serious rough-n-tough people who find sadistic pleasure in making the life of others around them miserable. If we can not make others cry, what is the use of such power to rule? We admire and like to worship great rulers, kings, presidents, prime ministers and the those down the hierarchy who posses such powers to kill, destroy and create havoc for the less powered. We just cannot admire those weak, graciously smiling or pious people who care for all and are compassionate. For us they are cowards!

At the most we may try to imitate the Jesus attire of peace and love till we capture the power! Then, we come to our 'powerful' true attire!

We use our religions, even if it is taught by Jesus himself, for the purpose of gaining the self importance. If we are not the leader our self for the time being, we would like to be with the powerful groups!

We don't agree with others, even when our inner self finds points for complete agreement in others views, because, we are afraid of losing importance and our opportunity for self ascertainment and leadership. Had we been agreement, we could have done great things! But we just don't care!

If we cannot be leaders in the larger group, we try to make smaller groups and try to be kings there. In any case, we need followers, not comrades nor equal partners !

Look at our religions. If our leadership aspirations are at stake with one god, we prefer to make as many gods as we like, or make as many postulates about god as we like to make our inner ambition realized.

Our governments, business corporates, enterprises, governmental and non governmental organizations all would go crumbling if we do not have this inbuilt desire of ruling others in our minds. If that is the case we won't have the politicians, the top officials and the tycoons to lead us. They won't do the tricks and the leg pulling they keep doing to reach the top ruling positions to lead the others!

There could be varying degrees of satisfying our instinct of controlling and ruling others. Some might go to the extreme of killing and exterminating and torturing his subjects to fulfill his desires. Others might be polished to a lesser degree, yet fulfilling the desire of ruling.

My mind keep asking me, is this natural instinct of mine be nourished ? Or is there any other way ? My inner self, tells me yes.

But I am yet to find a compassionate and caring brother or sister or human who has conquered and eliminated the compulsion for acquiring leadership without ego.

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