Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Have you ever wondered why the kings of the olden days wore heavy ornamental attires and crowns, even when they were not so comfortable? I would say they were immature in those days and they believed that such attires made them appear different from the common masses and made them adorable.

But in reality, what was the case? There used to be clever fellows around them who used to make the actual rules and some how made these kings to believe that these were the realities.

These kings used to be mostly immature people with low IQs. So, the intelligent and clever fellows around them could get them dance the way they wanted. The king-makers were in reality the clever fellows behind the scenes who actually managed the show keeping the show-piece ruler in public view!

The general public also used to be immature. So they believed that the kings are enjoying life fully and aspired to be like the kings. In fact, neither the kings, nor the public were intelligent enough to see the clever and intelligent fellows who manipulated them, invisibly most of the time.

Immature and unintelligent people want to be followers. Just like the flies and insects that fly to the fire for their instant burning death without ever knowing about such an eventuality!

Not realizing the dangers involved, they dream to become like the showy leaders and those holding high authorities fascinated by the charms and outwardly display of power by these immature kings. They keep thinking about those in power as looting and enjoying life pleasures all the time, even though the realities are far away from their imaginations.

So those among them, with a higher level of ambition, try hard to achieve such positions by hook or crook, even when they do not have the qualities required to lead for betterment of themselves and the masses.

In an intelligent and matured society, leadership is a voluntary service. Both the leaders and the followers know it. Those who volunteer to become the leaders truly work for the betterment of all and might even sacrifice their personal comforts. Those who are not the leaders support the leaders in all possible ways that the leaders' efforts become fruitful for all.

Matured leaders would never try to display their power and they would be as humble as possible in accordance with the true meaning of the word 'minister' . And not like the immature kings of the old!

Is there any scope for the majority Indian society or those societies like India to become mentally matured in the near future?

Let me quote a famous truth which the wise men in minority understand well " Affectation(deliberate pretention) is the ridiculous effort of the ignorant to appear wise, the attempt of the barren (lifeless) man to appear rich." (From the Urantia Book)

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